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    30-Year Artist Index

    Doyle Bramhall II: The stellar solo artist and sideman (Eric Clapton, Roger Waters) concocts his ideal tone with a '64 Strat and a Marshall 1967 Super Bass head. From Oct. 2001.

    Vernon Reid: The passionate tech head and hybrid stylist talks politics and guitar tone in his classic October 1988 Guitar Player interview.

    Big Wreck: Discover how Ian Thornley and Brian Doherty recorded one of the year's most massive guitar-o-ramas. From Sept. 2001.

    John Lee Hooker: In fond memory of the voodoo boogie king, we offer his classic August 1992 interview from the Guitar Player archives.

    The Cult: Billy Duffy discovers dropped-D tuning and uses it to intensify his already savage riffs. From August 2001.

    Jimmy Page: The maestro of the Yardbirds and Led Zeppelin talks about tone, tunings, and majestic riffs. From July '77.

    Larry Carlton and Steve Lukather: Two friends -- who happen to be brilliant guitarists -- tour Japan, rent a mobile recording truck, and make a thrilling live album. From July 2001.

    Paul McCartney: Sir Paul raps about post-Beatle bits, guitars, songwriting, and legendary friends. From July '90.

    Tool: Adam Jones, one of modern guitar's most influential players, talks about the guitar strategies behind Lateralus. From June 2001.

    Steve Lukather: Back in April 1984, when Toto was topping the charts, Steve discussed his session work, his technique, and how to write hits. From April '84.

    The Offspring: Noodles details his punk-guitar methodology and discusses the making of Conspiracy of One. From May 2001.

    Johnny Winter: The Texas blues guitarist talks about his start in music and his equipment, and offers advice to young musicians. From Aug. '74.

    John 5: John Lowery on dressing up Marilyn Manson's Holy Wood. From April 2001.

    Roy Buchanan: Once dubbed "The Best Unknown Guitarist in the World," Buchanan divulges his playing tips. From Oct. '76.

    Everclear: Art Alexakis casts tougher guitars on Songs from an American Movie, Vol. II: Good Time for a Bad Attitude. From March 2001.

    Steve Morse: On practicing, playing fast, and life with the Dregs. From Aug. '82.

    Collective Soul: Ed and Dean Roland and Ross Childress burn through their new release, Blender. From Feb. 2001.

    Angus Young: AC/DC's frontman talks about the band's history, songwriting, getting serious on guitar. From Feb. '84.

    Green Day: Billie Joe Armstrong crafts new sounds for Warning. From Jan. 2001.

    Keith Richards: QQQ. From Apr. '83.

    Eric Johnson: Guitar's over-the-top tone scientist relaxes his studio obsession to record a real live album. From Dec. 2000.

    The Wallflowers: Michael Ward reveals how he colors Jakob Dylan's rootsy compositions and details their new release, Breach. From Nov. 2000.

    Allan Holdsworth: A perfectionist who loves to experiment, Allan explores his music and he uses his unusual equipment to produce the textures that make his style so distinctive. From Dec. '82.

    Juliana Hatfield: Hatfield's split personality comes through on her two new releases Beautiful Creature and Total System Failure. From Oct. 2000.

    Randy Rhoads: One of rock's most acclaimed guitarists at the time of his death, the Ozzy Osbourne guitarist is remembered by his family and friends. From Nov. '82.

    Oasis: Noel Gallagher talks about discovering new amps, the power of Pro Tools, and orchestrating guitar textures. From Sept. 2000.

    Albert Lee: Lee reveals his roots, talks up his Gibson Everly Brothers flat-tops, and explains how to play blazing lines using synchronized echo. From May '81.

    King's X: Ty Tabor uses his mutant guitar chops to fuse tradition and experimentation. From Aug. 2000.

    Frank Zappa: Zappa talks about the guitar, making records, and surviving the music industry. From Feb. '83.

    XTC: Andy Partridge falls into the role of primary guitarist on Wasp Star. From July 2000.

    Eddie Van Halen: An exclusive interview with the young Van Halen as he discusses his technique, equipment, and the recording of Women and Children First. From April '80.

    Filter: Guitarists Geno Lenardo and Richard Patrick reconcile passion and technique on their new release Title of Record. From June 2000

    Eric Clapton: The History. As part of our Special Eric Clapton issue, GP details Clapton's life -- from his upbringing in England through his '85 release, Behind the Sun. From July '85.

    Joe Satriani: Discover why Satch banned mics and cabinets on Engines of Creation. From May 2000

    Eric Johnson: With his debut release, Tones, the once-underground legend hits the mainstream. From May '86.

    The Cure: Robert Smith washes Bloodflowers in an orgy of guitars. From Apr. 2000

    Carlos Santana: After more than three decades in the music business, Santana revitalizes his music with Supernatural, the comeback album of the decade. From Aug. '99.

    Counting Crows: Guitarists David Bryson and Dan Vickrey break with convention for their new release, This Desert Life. From Mar. 2000

    Stevie Ray Vaughan: The Triple-Crown Bluesman Talks Technique, Equipment, and Soul. From Oct. '84.

    Third Eye Blind: Guitarists Stephan Jenkins and Kevin Cadogan detail their tone recipes for the band's new album, Blue. From Feb. 2000

    Eddie Van Halen: GP's first interview. From Nov. '78.

    Foo Fighters: Dave Grohl downplays distortion pedals and cranks up the amps. From Jan. 2000

    Steve Vai: The Seeker talks about passion and technique. From Dec. '99

    311: Fusing styles, dueling leads, and tag-team rhythms. From Nov. '99

    The Return of Mr. 335: Larry Carlton drops his Strat-style electric and gets down with an old friend. From Oct. '99

    Post-Modern Americana: Bill Frisell digs into roots music. From Sept. '99

    Dynamic Duo: Jim Hall talks about the making of Jim Hall & Pat Metheny. From Aug. '99

    Vintage Freaks: Wilco's Jay Bennett and Jeff Tweedy use vintage gear to make modern pop sounds. From July '99

    Altered State: Ani DiFranco sheds her solo-artist persona and forms a band. From June '99

    Beck 2000: Jeff Beck talks about gear, technique, and why you should listen to techno bands. From May '99

    Back In Blonde: Chris Stein drives the Blondie reunion. From Apr. '99

    Flying High: Lynyrd Skynyrd's Gary Rossington reveals his "Free Bird" slide secrets. From Mar. '99

    Passion and Purpose, Tuck Andress and Patti Cathcart detail the recording of Paradise Found. From Feb. '99

    The Cardigans reveal how they recorded their new release, Gran Turismo, without amps in Bizarre Guitars. From Jan. '99

    Legends of the Paul: Thirteen players who defined the Les Paul's classic sound. From Dec. '98

    Swing Kids: Discover how Big Bad Voodoo Daddy, 8 1/2 Souvenirs, Cherry Poppin' Daddies, Royal Crown Revue, and Steve Lucky & The Rhumba Bums make their guitars jump, jive, and wail. From Nov. '98

    Six + One = Heaven: Steve Vai, Howard Alden, and Korn's Brian "Head" Welch explain why seven strings are better than six. From Oct. '98

    Pop Architecture: Songwriting tips from Neil Finn, Robbie Robertson, Liz Phair, Rick Nielsen, and others. From Sept. '98

    Charlie Hunter reveals the glories of his 8-string ax. From Aug. '98

    Jimmie Vaughan: Wildman Vaughan talks about his new album, Out There, and his tough Texas tone. From July '98

    Ani DiFranco: Sonic alchemist DiFranco reveals the formulas for her alternate tunings and big bad acoustic guitar sound. From Apr. '98

    Union Jacks: An excerpt of the 20 most influential Brit Pop Guitarists. From Mar. '98

    Bob Weir talks about life after Jerry and the Grateful Dead and his new band Ratdog. From Feb. '98.

    B.B. King: Duets with Eric Clapton, Bonnie Raitt, David Gilmour and others on Deuces Wild. From Jan. '98.

    Leading Tones: A sampling of the 30 tone recipes featured in Dec. '97.

    John Frusciante: After hitting rock bottom, an ex-Chili Pepper reaches for higher ground. From Nov. '97.

    Lightnin' Hopkins: Mojo hands and barrelhouse boogie. From Oct. '97.

    Ben Harper: Playing in praise of Jah. From Sept. '97.

    First Rays, Second Sight: Jimi Hendrix's unfinished masterpiece finally comes to light. From Aug. '97.

    Mali Hatchets: In search of West Africa's master axmen. From Aug. '97.

    Paul Burlison: The Rock and Roll Wildman Rides Again. From July '97.

    Changes 2.1: Digital Stimulation from David Bowie & Reeves Gabrels. From June '97.

    LIVE: New Depth and Daring from Chad Taylor & Ed Kowalczyk. From May '97.

    The Keith Chronicles. The entire 1992 interview, a Guitar Player Online exclusive. Part 1: Distortion and the meaning of music. Part 2: Keith, Muddy and Wolf. Part 3: Richards on Songwriting.

    Bill Frisell & John Scofield. Two jazz masters discuss the art of improvisation. From July '92.


    Combo Carnival: Party down at our Combo Carnival with Spirit's Studio Pro, Tone King's Comet 20, and Traynor's Custom Valve 40. From Oct. 2001

    Warp Drive: The DigiTech GNX1 serves up two amp models and lets you warp the timbres to sate your wicked little desires. From Sept. 2001

    Solid Deal: A true-blue PRS for just $738-including gig bag? Believe it! Check out the marvelous Santana SE. From August 2001

    Class A Acts: Two Class A amps that boast hand wiring, high-quality components, and low wattage: the Carr Hammerhead and Kingsley Deluxe 30. From July 2001

    Tonal Consciousness: With its proprietary Dynamic Sector Modeling, the Hughes & Kettner zenTera represents a quantum leap in the world of digital amps. From June 2001

    Super Solids: Dean Tonic S, Fernandes Revolver Pro Sustainer, and Yamaha RGX420S Drop 6 guitars reviewed. From April 2001

    Hybrid Hero: Marshall Valvestate 2000 AVT150 reviewed. From March 2001

    Going Pro: Line 6 Pod Pro reviewed. From Feb. 2001

    Floor Show: The DigiTech RP100 reviewed. From Jan. 2001

    Godzilla-Era Electrics: Yamaha SGV300 and SGV800 guitars reviewed. From Dec. 2000

    Fingertip FX: Danelectro Innuendo. From Nov. 2000

    The Power of 7: Brian Moore i9.7 and Ibanez RG7420 7-strings. From Oct. 2000

    Pro Tools Comes Home: The Digi 001 -- an affordable Pro Tools system for Macs and PCs. From Sept. 2000

    Seven Wonders: Five Affordable 7-Strings. From Aug. 2000

    Surf Survivors: The Fender Jaguar and Jazzmaster. From July 2000

    Acoustic Guitars: A time of exploration: Take a peek into the new acoustics of 2000 (direct from this year's NAMM show). From June 2000

    Fuzz Faces: Two takes on modern fuzz: the Lovetone Ring Stinger and Z.Vez Fuzz Probe. From May 2000

    Ferocious Fenders: Four new spins on the Fender Telecaster: the American Deluxe Telecaster, Deluxe Nashville Tele, Tele-Sonic, and U.S. Fat Tele. From Apr. 2000

    Sterling Steel: Alvarez-Yairi FY-200, Takamine F-360SS-MT, and Yamaha LS-500 high-end acoustic guitars. From Mar. 2000

    Thin Is In: Six hollowbodies from DeArmond, Epiphone, Gibson, Hamer, Tommy's Special Guitars, and Yamaha. From Feb. 2000

    Vox Hunt: Vox Mark III, Mark VI, and Mini XII guitars. From Jan. 2000

    Digital Dynasty: New modeling amps from Crate, Johnson, Line 6, Rocktron, and Yamaha. From Dec. '99

    Wide Bodies: Six archtops from DeArmond, Guild, RainSong, Samick, Tacoma, and Washburn. From Nov. '99

    Acoustic Energy: Fender Acoustasonic Pro, High Cliff Soundboard, SWR Strawberry Blonde, and Trace TA100R amps. From Oct. '99

    Tiny Terrors: Fender Pro Junior, Gibson GA-15, and Orange AD1510 mini amps are rated. From Sept. '99

    Alnico Taste Test: Fifteen 12" speakers are rated this product roundup. From Aug. '99

    Cheap Chic: Eight budget guitars from Danelectro, DeArmond, Epiphone, Godin, and Musicvox. From July '99

    Gear Wars: Acoustic Guitars. From June '99

    This Year's Model: The Line 6 POD. From May '99

    Custom Effects in a Box: The Lexicon MPX G2. From Apr. '99

    Slide Zones: Mini-buyer's guide of slide-friendly guitars and fabulous slides. From Mar. '99

    Practice Made Perfect: Mini-amps from Crate, Danelectro, Epiphone. Fender, Ibanez, Marshall, Peavey, and Vox. From Feb. '99

    Blues Tools: The gear you need to play the blues in the '90s. From Jan. '99

    Great Gibsons: The Les Paul Historic '58 and Les Paul DC Standard. From Dec. '98

    Combo Plate: Egnater TOL 100 and Marshall TSL 122 amps. From Nov. '98

    Guitar Teacher: The Optek SmartLIGHT. From Oct. '98

    Flyweight: The Parker Fly Concert. From Sept. '98

    Hot Rod Mods! Four D.I.Y. projects to super-charge your Strat or Tele.

    Blues Cruiser: The Speedster Deluxe amp. From Aug. '98

    Solidbody Tone Secrets: A Headstock-to-Endpin Guide to Buying the Right Guitar.

    A Little Piece of Jimi: The Fender VooDoo Strat. From July '98

    Signal Processors: Firepower Meets Flexibility. From June '98

    The Twang Heard 'Round The World: The history of the Telecaster. From May '98

    New Dogs, Old Tricks: The Kendrick Black Gold 35 and Groove Tubes Soul-o 45 amps. From May '98

    Digital Stompbox: Eight low-cost power pedals from Korg and Zoom. From Apr. '98

    Blues Masters: New guitars from Gibson, Guild, PRS, and Terry C. McInturff. From Mar. '98

    DSP-based amps: from ART, Peavey, and Rocktron. From Feb. '98.

    Pedal Pushers: New multi-effect pedals by DigiTech, Zoom, and Boss. From Jan. '98.

    Bargain-Priced Acoustics: New guitars from Larivée, Martin, Seagull, and Tacoma. From Dec. '97.

    The Year in Gear: The best and brightest electric guitars. From Nov. '97.

    From the Testosterone Zone: New half-stacks from Marshall and Ampeg. From Sept. '97.

    Trickle-Down Tubes: Retro recording tools at home-studio prices. From Aug. '97.

    Affordable Archtops: Guild's Starfire II and III. From July '97.

    New Electrics from Carvin and Kendrick. From June '97.

    Stompbox Stampede! The User's Guide to Vintage Effects. A Music Journalism Award winner from June '95.

    Treasures & Turds. A bong-head's guide to gear of the '70s. From Feb. '94.

    Setup Secrets of Fender, Gibson & Martin. Duplicate factory specs! From March '93.





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