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From providing schools with refurbished computers to creating quality Canadian content for the Internet, SchoolNet's programs are dedicated to helping Canadians reap the benefits of new technology and the Internet. Our programs represent Canadians from the private sector, the volunteer sector, government agencies and individuals working together to prepare themselves for the third millennium.

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 Connectivity  -
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Connectivity Research Connectivity Research
Investigate some of the research that SchoolNet has done or commissioned to study connectivity in education.

Connectivity Solutions Connectivity Solutions
Looking for a solution to your school's connectivity issues? Consult reports and studies on advanced connectivity options and models.

Computer for Schools Computers for Schools
Channeling surplus computer equipment from businesses, governments and individuals into classrooms and public libraries. Find out how Computers for Schools is helping youth acquire the skills of today.

Office of International Partnerships
Office of International Partnerships
SchoolNet’s Office of International Partnerships (OIP) has been established by Industry Canada to provide a single point of access to the best of Canada's information communication technology skills and products for any country or foreign organization seeking to build their own electronic learning network.

 Content/Knowledge  -
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Government of Canada Innovation Strategy Government of Canada Innovation Strategy
Innovation is everybody's business. Its about finding new ways to do things better or faster. It's about having skilled people who can put those new ideas to work.

On February 12, 2002, Industry Minister Allan Rock and Human Resources Development Minister Jane Stewart launched Canada's Innovation Strategy with the release of two papers that highlight the goals, milestones and targets that will improve innovation and skills and learning in Canada. Achieving Excellence: Investing in People, Knowledge and Opportunity is one of two papers released as part of Canada's Innovation Strategy and can be obtained at http://www.innovationstrategy.gc.ca or by calling 1-800-O-CANADA (1-800-622-6232). Copies of the other paper, Knowledge Matters:Skills and Learning for Canadians can also be obtained at the coordinates listed above.

Canadian Strategy to Promote Safe, Wise and Responsible Use Canadian Strategy to Promote Safe, Wise and Responsible Use
This resource is meant to equip Canadian Internet users with the tools and information that can help them have a positive online experience. The Strategy outlines a five-point plan on Internet safety that is built on: supporting initiatives that educate and empower users on the Internet; promoting effective industry self-regulation; strengthening law enforcement in cyberspace; implementing hotline reporting systems; and fostering international collaboration.

First Nations SchoolNet First Nations SchoolNet
Access unique First Nations learning resources in English, Cree and Syllabics, browse through cultural collections, and network with other First Nations schools and communities - all through First Nations SchoolNet.

Aiming to provide Canadians with affordable access to the Internet through our public libraries, LibraryNet is promoting the use of the Internet in libraries for lifelong learning, community and economic development.

Canada's Digital Collections Canada's Digital Collections
Developed by young people hired to work with businesses, institutions and other organizations to create uniquely Canadian material, discover this vast digital resource of Canadian history and culture on the Internet.

SchoolNet's Online Educators' Forums SchoolNet's Online Educators' Forums
SchoolNet's Online Educators' Forums provide educators across the nation with the opportunity to participate in forums focused on the most important issues affecting education in Canada. Sign up to be a member of SchoolNet's Online Educators' Forums today - have your say!

Prime Minister's Awards Prime Minister's Awards for Teaching
This Program recognizes the efforts of outstanding teachers in all disciplines who provide students with the tools to become good citizens, to develop and grow as individuals, and to contribute to Canada's growth, prosperity and well-being.

Generations CanConnect Generations Can Connect
Linking youth and seniors through information technology, Generations CanConnect allows youth to interview seniors about their life experiences for posting on the web site. Incentive funding is available - find out how.

SchoolNet Multimedia Learnware and Public Access Applications Program SchoolNet Multimedia Learnware and Public Access Applications Program
Strengthening Canada's new media learning and Internet applications industries, this program matches the investments of partners for the production of commercial learnware and public access applications for the Internet.

CanConnect CanConnect
Helping develop the information and communication technology (ICT) skills of Canadian youth, CanConnect is rallying Canadian businesses, organizations and communities to help address the ICT skills shortage.

SPACE SchoolNet and the Canadian Space Agency's SPACE
Students, parents and educator alike will benefit from this dynamic online learning resource dedicated to the science of space exploration. Created in partnership by SchoolNet and the Canadian Space Agency, this website includes on-demand Web videos and live webcast events hosted by Canadian astronauts, with opportunities for youth participation and links to quality online resources.
 Multimedia Skills Development  -
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SchoolNet GrassRoots Program SchoolNet GrassRoots Program
Teachers and students are building the Information Highway by designing and implementing their own online projects. Earn money for your school by creating an innovative, interactive project on the Internet.

SchoolNet Network of Innovative Schools SchoolNet Network of Innovative Schools
The Network of Innovative Schools showcases schools demonstrating leadership, commitment and success in integrating information and communication technology to improve learning. Could your school be a member?

 Youth  -
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The House Youth Connection The House Youth Connection
Interested in learning more on the ins and outs of Canadian politics? Then SchoolNet's and CBC Radio’s The House Youth Connection web site is for you! This web site, featuring weekly discussion topics, links to useful web sites and access to “The House’s” radio archives, will not only be of interest to Canadian youth, but also to teachers looking for current information on our national political system.

SchoolNet Homework Helper SchoolNet Homework Helper
The newest Degrassi is well under way, and so is its online component! Created as a joint project between Degrassi and SchoolNet, the SchoolNet Homework Helper is bound to make students’ lives a little easier. Packed with great learning resources for kids aged 10-15, this site is sure to help! It can be found under the Guidance section of Degrassi: the Next Generation, and features a monthly selection of educational resources!

SchoolNet Youth Advisory Board SchoolNet Youth Advisory Board
The SchoolNet Youth Advisory Board comprises innovative youth, ages 10 to 18, from across Canada. These young people discuss the future of ICT, the effects technology has on learning and what they feel is needed to ensure equal access to technology for all. Canada’s SchoolNet uses the recommendations the board makes to establish the priorities for its youth services.

SchoolNet News Network SchoolNet News Network
By contributing to a monthly online newspaper, K-12 students learn valuable journalism skills and see their work published on the Internet. Sounds like fun? Check out the site to get involved.

SchoolNet Youth Employment Initiative SchoolNet Youth Employment Initiative
Helping youth acquire valuable employability skills during work terms in schools and libraries through SchoolNet's participating organizations, the Youth Employment Initiative is preparing our youth for a limitless future.

Toile scolaire francophone Toile scolaire francophone
Thanks to this project, young Canadian professionals travel to countries members of La Francophonie to initiate and train teachers, students and youth in schools and community centers on the use of information and communication technologies.

NetCorps Canada International NetCorps Canada International
Offering young Canadians the opportunity to participate in exciting information and communications technology internships in developing countries. NetCorps aims to support developing countries enhance their ICT capacity, while providing Canadian youth with valuable work experience.

francomania.ca francomania
Francomania is an Internet site which reflects the concerns of young francophones accross the world and is a perfect showcase for their projects. The site provides resources, tools and facts to young people that project the national and international francophonie. This site is only available in French.

 Employment/Volunteering  -
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SkillNet.ca SkillNet.ca
Canada's fastest growing network of job and career information web sites. SkillNet a partnership of integrated recruitment services, is a one-stop shopping site for jobs and career-related information.

Apply to Teach Network(ATTN) Apply to Teach Network (ATTN)
Delivered by Industry Canada and the Centre for Education and Training, the Apply to Teach Network (ATTN) is an online teacher recruitment database connecting teachers directly to Boards of Education and other employers in the education field. Teachers can apply directly to positions online, and Boards of Eduction can quickly and cost effectively access candidates who meet their human resources needs.

SchoolNet Support Parents SchoolNet Support Parents
SchoolNet Support Parents is a program designed to encourage and support parent volunteers to become active in classroom Internet activities. It offers Internet training for parents while providing trained volunteers for schools at the same time!

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