There was no State Crest or Coat-of Arms before 1916, but later in that year, Sultan Mohamed IV ordered that a crest and Coat-of-Arms be designed to consist of the crescent and star, 2 spears, 2 unsheathed daggers and 2 cannons and bearing the inscription "Kelantan is entrusted to God".

Some years later, the late Sultan Ismail directed that a crown and 2 barking deers to be included and these made up the present Coat-of Arms which has been used ever since.

The Crown symbolised the sovereignty of the Sultan.

The Spear and Daggers represent the strength of the Kelantan Malays; the cresencent and Satar is the symbol of Islam, the state religion.

The 2 cannons indicate that the state is ever prepared to face any challenges.

The barking deer recall the ancient history of the State when Cik Siti Wan Kembang, the Queen of Kelantan kept a pet barking deer of which she was so fond of that she ordered the figure of the animal to be stamped on golden coins. All the articles in the State Coat-of-Arms are represented in yellow.