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UPN-44 Programming December 9-16,2002

(Red Font=Programs not regularly scheduled in time period)
Some Programs may be changed due to satellite or technical problems.

TIME Monday
December 9
December 10
December 11
December 12
December 13
December 15
December 16
6:00AM Pax Programming U.S. Farm Report Min. Bus. Rpt. Pax Programming 6:00AM
6:30AM Global Business 6:30AM
7:00AM Tarzan Bus. Wkly TV Buzz Lightyear Tarzan 7:00AM
7:30AM Digimon Hometime Recess Digimon 7:30AM
8:00AM Recess Amr. Advtr Digimon Recess 8:00AM
8:30AM Buzz Lightyear Every Woman Tarzan Buzz Lightyear 8:30AM
9:00AM Pax Programming B.Smith w/style P. Smith's Garden Pax Programming 9:00AM
9:30AM Rebecca's Garden Beautiful Homes 9:30AM
10:00AM The Other Half Main Floor Famous Homes The Other Half 10:00AM
10:30AM High Q Housecalls 10:30AM
11:00AM Life Moments Awesome Adv. Today's Hmownr Life Moments 11:00AM
11:30AM Amer. Athlete This Old House 11:30AM
Noon Jenny Jones Micah's Christma UPN Weekend
"Swan Lake"
Jenny Jones Noon
12:30PM 12:30PM
1:00PM Judge Hatchett Spunky's Christmas Judge Hatchett 1:00PM
1:30PM Judge Hatchett Alabaster Song Judge Hatchett 1:30PM
2:00PM Rob Nelson The Christmas Lamb Jack Hanna Rob Nelson 2:00PM
2:30PM Jacob's Gift Wild/Animals 2:30PM
3:00PM We the Jury Masters of Illusion Wild Moments We The Jury 3:00PM
3:30PM EntStdios.Com Critter Gitters EntStdios.Com 3:30PM
4:00PM Jenny Jones Sat. UPN44 Movie
Jungle Book
Animal Rescue Jenny Jones 4:00PM
4:30PM Outdrsman 4:30PM
5:00PM Access Hollywood CBS Spts Spect.
Ski Classic
Access Hollywood 5:00PM
5:30PM Pyramid Pyramid 5:30PM
6:00PM Hughleys Hot Ticket Lighting of Rich's Great Tree Hughleys 6:00PM
6:30PM Hughleys Pyramid Wkend Hughleys 6:30PM
7:00PM Cops Access Weekend Maximum Exposure Cops 7:00PM
7:30PM Celebrity Justice Celebrity Justice 7:30PM
8:00PM Parkers Buffy Enterprise WWE Smackdown! UPN Friday Movie
Star Trek IV
The Voyage Home
Indiana Basketball
(RCA Dome)
Crime Strike Parkers 8:00PM
8:30PM One on One State Police One on One 8:30PM
9:00PM Girlfriends Twilight Zone One On One Outer Limits Girlfriends 9:00PM
9:30PM Half & Half The Parkers Half & Half 9:30PM
10:00PM First News @ 10 Profiler Weekend Enterprise (UPN) First News @ 10 10:00PM
10:30PM Shipmates Shipmates 10:30PM
11:00PM Cops (B) Celebrity Justice Starhunter Cops (B) 11:00PM
11:30PM Rob Nelson Rob Nelson 11:30PM
12:00AM She Spies Beastmaster 12:00AM
12:30AM Access Hollywood Access Hllywod 12:30AM
1:00AM EntStdios.Com Heartland Wrestling Lost World EntStdios.Com 1:00AM
1:30AM American Collectibles American Collectibles 1:30AM
2:00AM Kickin' It Entertainers Weekly 2:00AM
2:30AM 2:30AM
3:00AM American Collectibles On Main Street 3:00AM
3:30AM WHIO Reports 3:30AM
4:00AM American Collectibles 4:00AM
4:30AM 4:30AM
5:00AM 5:00AM
5:30AM 5:30AM

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