The 22nd Path



The letter L
The Order: 12 The Value: 11
The Title: Daughter of the Lords of Truth
The Intelligence: Faithful

The 22nd Path connects the 5th Path, Geburah - Strength, with the 6th Path, Tiphareth - Beauty, upon the Qabalistic Tree of Life. The Hebrew letter attribute is Lamed, valued at 30, which means ox-goad (or Teacher, esoterically). The Astrological assignment is the sign of Libra.

Meditations upon the shape of the letter L:

The sign of Isis (one arm straight up, the other outstretched).
The Masonic Square.
An Egyptian Flail.
A leg and foot.
An abrupt turn.
A right angle of 90 degrees.
A reversed number 7.
The Roman numeral for 50.

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