The Hanged Man

The 23rd Path



The letter M
The Order: 13 The Value: 12
The Title: Spirit of the Mighty Waters
The Intelligence: Stable

The 23rd Path connects the 5th Path, Geburah - Strength, with the 8th Path, Hod - Glory upon the Qabalistic Tree of Life. The Hebrew letter attribution is Mem, valued at 40, which means Water. The Astrological assignment is the Alchemical Element Water.

Meditations upon the shape of the letter M:

Waves, or wavy motion, especially water.
Two mountains and a valley.
Top half of an hourglass.
A collapsed roof.
A heavy pendant object supported by two pillars.
A funnel.
The open mouth of a bird, or of a reptile, such as an alligator.
The upper points of the averse Pentagram.
Two arrows indicating the position of two points and the space between.
The number 3 fallen on its left side.
An inverted W.
Four lines.
Five points.
Two adjacent Pyramids.

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