The Star

The 28th Path



The letter R
The Order: 18 The Value: 17
The Title: Daughter of the Firmament
The Intelligence: Natural

The 28th Path connects the 9th Path, Yod - Foundation, with the 10th Path, Malkuth - Kingdom, upon the Qabalistic Tree of Life. The Hebrew letter attribute is Tzaddi, valued at 90, which means Fish-hook. The Astrological assignment is the sign of Aquarius.

Meditations upon the shape of the letter R:

An aquatic bird, such as an Ibis, with its head submerged catching a fish.
An ostrich with its head in the sand.
The bearded profile of a Pharoah, or of the Sphinx.
The sign of Hoor-paar-kraat (one leg forward and withdrawing with finger to mouth).
A broken letter B.
The complete Udjat Eye (see O, P, and Q).

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