The Universe

The 32nd Path



The letter V
The Order: 22 The Value: 21
The Title: Great One of the Night of Time
The Intelligence: Administrative

The final 32nd Path connects the 9th Path, Yesod - Foundation, with the 10th Path, Malkuth - Kingdom, upon the Qabalistic Tree of Life. The Hebrew letter attribute is the 22nd and last letter Tau, valued at 400, which means Cross, or Tau Cross. The Astrological assignment is the Planet Saturn.

Meditations upon the shape of the letter V:

The averse Pentagram.
The down-pointing Triangle of the Hexagram, especially when superimposed over the first letter A.
The Alchemical symbol of the Elements Water or Earth.
Two horns.
Two fingers.
A nail.
A pointed tooth.
A funnel.
The Nadir, or Astrological point directly underfoot or "below".
An arrow indicating the position of a point in time or space.
The top of an hourglass.
A furrow in the Earth, ready for seed.
A heavy pendant or necklace, or an arrow indicating weight or gravity.
Two lines.
Three points.
The Triangle (see A).
The sign of Apophis, with arms upraised and outstretched.
The Roman numeral 5.

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