Stephen Hunt as Matt Hancock

Matthew, 19, is the oldest boy in the Hancock family. He is older brother to Chris, Leo and Emily. He is an intelligent young man, though not without problems when it comes to applying himself to study. When he first arrived in Ramsay Street, he has been accepted into a university course - Arts - but has deferred for a year. His parents - Evan and Genevieve - despair about his future, but are also proud of his looks and wit. Girls like Matthew, although he lacks the maturity to keep up with most of them. He has a good relationship with Evan, a prickly one with Genevieve and regards his step-mum Maggie as a good mate.

Stephen Hunt is a newcomer to acting, although he has enjoyed significant success in the sporting arena. In particular, his strong point is swimming, and he made the qualifying trials for the 2000 Olympic Games. He grew up in Sydney - attending the same high school as co-star Daniel MacPherson (Joel) - and moved to Melbourne to appear in Neighbours.


Here are some of Stephen Hunt 's answers to emails sent to him:


Sarah writes:

What was it like doing Elvis and did you enjoy working on that project with Holly Valance?

Stephen writes:

It was fun and Holly's a good mate now.

Darren Beckinsdale writes:

Could you send me your autograph?

Stephen writes:

I'll try and get one off in the post.

Michelle writes:

What's it like working with the other Hancock members, and are you like your character in real life.

Stephen writes:

I love working with them. I'm very little like Matt - he tends to be a bit of a loser, don't you think? I went to London in January this year.

Adele Owen writes:

Did you have fun doing the Elvis-o-grams or was it embarrassing?

Stephen writes:

Both! Once I got the courage up it was really fun.

Sara asks:

You are the hunkiest boy on Neighbours - have you got a girlfriend?

Stephen writes:

Not yet.

Deanna writes:

You are the greatest person I have ever met - I hope you can come to Sunbury again some time!

Stephen writes:

Thankyou so much. I enjoyed Sunbury too - it was a blast.

Stacy Fisk writes:

Do you have a website or a girlfriend?

Stephen writes:

No girlfriend or website, as far as I know.

Sophie writes:

You are the fittest person in Neighbours. Face it, you're the new Jesse Spencer of Ramsay Street!

Stephen writes:

Thankyou so much - I'll do my best!

Ruth asks:

Do you have a girlfriend? Which cast girl do you think is most attractive?

Stephen writes:

Not at the moment. Probably Carla Bonner.

Brenton Roberts-Thomson writes:

How long have you been acting for? Did you start when you were 3 or something?

Stephen writes:

No. I did little bits at school but mainly concentrated on music. I started seriously when I left school, in 1999.