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This page was updated on 17th February 2002.


This is the homepage dedicated to the Mini Camper Van known as the       Wildgoose

I have collected information and details that I have published here as an archive for people to refer to.


Model : VEB ( Vertically Extending Body)


"Wildgoose: Wildgoose (Worthing) Ltd. Tremendous ingenuity has been used in turning the Minivan into a practicle motor caravan which at the same time is not too bulky for use on the road; it still retains much of the likeable character of the Mini. The key to the design is that the rear (or caravan) section is in two parts, the upper part overlapping the lower in road trim. When in camp it is a quick and easy process to wind up the rear section, giving standing height in the caravan compartment. Sleeping accomodation is provided for four adults, and a two burner cooker and sink unit are built in. The price is £799.00, or customers' own Minivans are converted from £435.00." - Autocar 12th March 1965

Model: Popular - Autocar 2nd May 1968


    *  Autocar Road Test - July 1964

    *  Wildgoose in the Downs - Autocar August 1964

    *  The Practical Motorcaravanner - John Hunt

    *  Performance and Data

    *  Sales Brochures

    *  Mini - Mark Steward

    *    Links to Known Remaining Geese - See the Pictures !!!   

    *   International Mini Meeting - Gaydon 1999

    *     Mini @ 40 - Silverstone 1999

    *  Classic Car Show 1999 - NEC Birmingham

    *  Interior Shots

I will be adding details and photographs from the original period publications about the Wildgoose on this page. Also information from the original sales brochures and details of the remaining geese I find.


Email me                 Rachel.Harness@tesco.net if you are a Wildgoose owner of have any further information that could help me on my Wildgoose Chase.


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