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CamStudio v1.8 Launched


CamStudio v1.6 Launched with new website


CamStudio v1.22 Launched


CamStudio v1.1 Launched


Camstudio v1.0 Launched

Source Code

Source Code License :

CamStudio is an OPEN SOURCE product.  You are free to download its source code and customize it for your needs. If you create a product that contains code derived from CamStudio, you may distribute it for any purposes, including commercial purposes.

However, your product must include an acknowledgement that mention it contains code from RenderSoft CamStudio. A simple statement like "Part of this product is derived from RenderSoft CamStudio" in the AboutBox will do.
You are not obliged to reveal the source code of your derived product but are encouraged to do so.

( Please do not email us technical questions  related to the source code )

Source code for CamStudio 1.25 Internationalized / Japanese Version (VC++ 6/NET)

contributed by Iwasaki Teruyuki

vscap125-1.zip (615 KB)

The source code for the internationalized version contains changes to the original sources with many of the hard-coded message strings being taken out and put into a string table. The original text in message boxes are replaced with LoadString(nID) or Format(nID) of string resources. This greatly eases the localization of the resources and facilitates translation into other languages.

We will like to express our sincere gratitude to Iwasaki Teruyuki who, not only only provide the translation into Japanese but also generously allowing his code to be shared.

Source code for CamStudio 1.25  Original Version 

(VC++ 5/6/NET)

vscap125.zip (517 KB)

To compile, please select the vscap -- Release configuration.

Bug Fixes and Improvements in version 1.25
Support for the DivX Codec (for certain image dimensions).
Recording with audio in default settings will no longer give a huge filesize.
You may now specify the interleave factor of audio of video in milliseconds instead of frames.
You may now indicate the X and Y values of a fixed region before the recording starts.


Source code for CamStudio 1.22  (VC++ 5/6/NET)

vscap122.zip (411 KB)

Changes in version 1.22
CamStudio 1.22 supports the saving of user settings on exit. These settings will be loaded the next time CamStudio is launched.
The user can also customize their shortcut keys to start/pause/stop/cancel the recorder. Previous implementations of shortcuts only allow users to stop the recording.
An improved Video Options panel with automatic adjustment of frame rates. Furthermore, a Configure button is added for users to further customize their compressor settings.
A new Toggle View button is added to the toolbar.
CamStudio now minimizes to the system tray instead of the taskbar.
A slightly enhanced Audio Options panel.
A new setting for improving CamStudio's performance at the expense of other applications (Recording Thread Priority).
Changes to the logo, icon, and toolbar graphics of the recorder.
The Player will now play only once instead of looping continuously.


Source code for CamStudio 1.1 (VC++ 5/6)

vscap11.zip (497 KB)

Changes in version 1.1

Version 1.1 allows recording of audio through a microphone.
A pause function is added.
Bugs fixed
System will no longer freeze if the /Windows/Temp directory is not present.
For 256 colors display mode, the logo is no longer hidden and the text colors are adjusted to use the system colors.

Source code for CamStudio 1.0 (VC++ 5/6)

vscap.zip (518 KB)

Open Source Advantages

The advantages of Open Source has been advocated widely in many literatures. Having the code makes it easy to resolve many problems, like you do not have to depend on only one vendor to fix problems of the software. You can also enhance the software yourself if you think the features are not exactly what you need.

In general, the advantages of the software as a result of its openness is that it becomes more stable, adaptable, better in quality, more frequently innovated, secure and free !

For more information on Open Source, please visit the site : Opensource.org

Copyright 1997-2002 Rendersoft Software. All Rights Reserved.


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