Line Dance Fun ©2002 Doris Volz CA,USA Crush Country Line Dance Festival Report - History of line dance
The 2001 Las Vegas Country Western Dance Finale, primarily known only has a couples event, Rhonda Shotts - line dance coordinator, kicked off for ~ 125 line dancers on Thursday evening at 8pm with a welcome 'early bird dance' (which turned into a sometimes oldies marathon fun to try and remember the hits of yester years!). Friday noon began the line dance workshops (~36 different ones) ...with workshops ending Sunday at ~ 4pm. Most hourly time slots had either one or two linedance workshop choices going back to back with couples two step, night club two step, cha cha, west coast swing, and/or waltz given by top couple instructors (including MR. Hold Your Horses - AT Kinson). The line dance instructors included Max Perry, Kathy Hunyadi, Doug Miranda and Jackie Snyder, Michael Barr and Michele Burton, Michele Perron, Mark Cosenza, John Robinson, and Donna Caudill who also taught 'technique'. Use the google toolbar to search for all dance sheets mentioned.
Flling the social dance floor: Jo Thompson's Splish Splash, Dizzy and brand new No Bridges, Max Perry and Michele Perron's Sorrento, Do Your Thing (Max Perry w/others), Now or Never and Weak In The Knees (Kathy Hunyadi), City Limits and Some Girls (Yvonne Anderson), Chomping at the Bit, Checker 'er Out, Rhumba Ride, Kick n' Drag and Hootchie Dance (Larry Bass), American Pop (Michele Burton), Mony Mony (Maggie Gallagher), I Said I Love You (Teresa Lawrence & Vera Fisher) Paradise Cha (Michelle and Mandy Bain), Simon Ward's A New Day Has Come and Larger Than Life, Michael Barr and Michele Burton's Midnight Rendezvous , S.X.E. (Rob Fowler), Cowboys and Switches and Swing Time Boogie (Scott Blevins), All My Heart (Bill Bader), Hold Your Horses (Kinson/Mickers), Mambo #5 (Machado/Lee), Too Funky For Me (Mark Cosenza w/others).

AND We wanted Joni Harms singin' Two-Steppin' Texas Blue when we danced John Robinson's BackTo Bein' Blue ...his C'mon, C'mon, Jive Walkin', Feel The Rush and Honey What?! filled the floor. AND John's Shame On You went over big time but we wanted him to play the slower music ...Shame On Us!

Doug and Jackie Miranda led us in their Circle Of Life, Tiggeriffic, Queen of my Heart, Sugar, Sugar, Dreams to Share, Jacaranda and their brand new energetic Seal Our Fate. Their dances can be found at

JP Potter, our weekend all request DJ (his purple & black hat was a fashion hit) danced his Deja Vu & Candlelight with us. His website:

Dynamite packed into a small package ...Canadian Michele Perron lead the jam packed floor with her brand new Morning, Noon, and Night (reminds me of her SMASH hit Madly Off In All Directions), Sorrento (co-created with Max Perry) and MJ Moves & TGIF (co-created & even danced on Saturday nite with Jo Thompson) AND we all did sing along with her while doing her Singalongmysong! Michele publishes all her dances at My highlight ...watching her duo dance S.X.E. with John Robinson (he had to reach down more then she ever reached up!) ...and WCS 'ing with Tim Szymanski ...He did bring Jo along to surprise us and we Splish Splashed with her til we were all dizzy! The energy on the dance floor was so high at 11pm ...most dancers were pulsing in the darkness ...yeah, John brought those blinky lites to his table again!

Bottom Line: Event Directors Jame Strough & Lynn Martinez selected a great line dance coordinator. The huge floors were wood, the workshops instructors were fabulous and the Vegas weather was perfect. This event happens every first weekend in December the event for 2003 information. For information concerning Sunday's competitions, etc ...check Jeremy and Jodee's website

newest original steps + streaming mp3
Austin - Paul Snooke/Samantha Dixon/Kelvin Dale
Back To Bein' Blue - John Robinson
Boogie The Joint - Michele Perron/John Robinson
Bridge Of Hope - Michele Perron
Feel The Rush - John Robinson
Heeeerrre's Johnny - Michael Barr and Michele Burton
It's Alright - Rachael McEnaney
Kiss The Girl - Doug & Jackie Miranda
Seal Our Fate - Doug & Jackie Miranda
Shakatak - Kate Sala

Shame On You - John Robinson
Sorrento - Michele Perron/Max Perry
Walking The Floor - Terry Hogan
Weak In The Knees - Kathy Hunyadi
West Texas Waltz - Terry Hogan (now filling the SF bay area floors)
You're Not Listening - Larry Bass & Yvonne Anderson (being requested now on SF bay area floors)

Next TGIF Campbell happens Dec 13; Send your top 3 requests to Shirley Keller
New Year's Eve Line Dance Celebration Inquires to Mike Sliter  flyer & map
Benicia Clocktower Hang Over Ball (Jan 4) w/DJ's John & Gina Inquires to Gina Mello

Jan. 15 - 22, 2003 Irene Shiroma and Doug & Jackie Miranda host Aloha Line Dance Experience! 
M. Barr & M. Burton host Boogie Til The Cows Come Home ~ March 22 flyer & registration
C. Skeeters hosts Golden Gate Classic - Oct 3-5 preliminary flyer
-> beginning Oct 12 A 7 day line dance cruise to the Mexican Riviera w/Terri Slemmons & Simon Ward preliminary flyer ASAP

Line Dance Lessons: Instructors by CA City  
Line Dance Clubs:  Boots'n Buckles -> Cactus Corners -> Country Hustlers -> Country Quick Steppers
Socials:  Heart Dance -> Keep on Dancin' -> Menlo Pk Lodge -> Moose Pacifica -> TGIF Campbell -> Y

Classics that fill San Francisco Bay Area honky tonks & social line dance floors in 2002: All are original steps, most are vintage signed sheets!  The Fireman (George Davis), Fat Sally Lee (Arthur Smith), The Cowboy, (Kole Dunn), Ain't Going Nowhere - Mudslide Boogie & City Slicker ( Lori Wong), Conrado Cha Cha ( Rob "I" Ingenthron), Mambo #5 (Pedro Machado/AT Kinson), Cruisin' - Cha Cha Lengua - Linda Lu - & Hot Tamales (Neil Hale), Bar Room Romeo (Ron Holliday), Midnight Waltz, (Jo Thompson), Baby Likes To Rock It (Hillbilly Rick), Got To Be Funky (Dawn Beecham), You Sang To Me - Hurricane - Desert Sands Cha Cha - Chevy - Dancin With You & Ooo Aah! (Sal Gonzalez), Boot Scootin' Boogie (Tom Mattox & Skippy Blair), Black Coffee (Helen O'Malley), Smokey Places (Michele Perron), Alley Cat (Donna Aiken), Norma Jean (Donna & Dena Wasnick), Cannibal Stomp (Lisa Firth), MMMBop (Kelly Kaylin) and Uno Dos Tres - aka 13 MWZ (Sherry McClure), Boot Scootin' Boogie aka Vancover BoogieCowgirls' TwistOphelia (Bill Bader), Waltz Across Texas (Lois & John Nielson), Swing Time Boogie & Ride That Train  (Scott Blevins), signed Swamp Thang (Max Perry), and Honey Suckle VineFly Like A Bird - Shipwrecked - Prairie Strut - Still The Same - Younger Men & Love Letters (Hedy McAdams), Rodeo (Dale White), Tornado (Michelle Stremcha).

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Michael Barr - Boogie - March 22, 2003 Midnight Rendezvous, Dancing Hearts, A Waltz In Time, Backroads, Whatever, Vern Is Vern, This Woman, This Man, Black Dresses, TTS Boogie, Hey Bruce, What's Your Name, Listen, Mad Love, Join The Queue, All-Right-A, Give It Up, Cooin' & A Wooin', Off To The Races, Lonesome Blues, Green Green Grass, October Nights, Dreamin', Dance, Dance, Dance, I Love It, Out Of The Blue, Poor Boy Shuffle Mixer, Triple Threat, Stuck On Hold, Whiskey Brush, Midnight Rendezvous (partner), Dreamin', Soul Man, No Bad News, Bar Isn't It, Heeeerrre's Johnny

Bob & Trish Boesel Finally Friday, Teacher and The Preacher, Lemon Tree, My Home, MDBC, You Gotta Dance, If That Ain't Country, Only Dreamin'

Michele Burton - Boogie - March 22, 2003 Midnight Rendezvous, Callin' From The Heart, Ohhh Behave, Let's Do Lunch, That's All She Wrote, 8 to 8, I See It Now, Vern Is Vern, This Woman, This Man, One Cherokee Boogie, Hallelujah Junction, Ace 10, Poor Boy Shuffle Mixer, The Next Step, You Can Do It Too, Eight To The Bar, Dance Tyme, The Derringer, Scootin**Tyme, Bargain Boogie, Midnight Rendezvous (partner), Soul Man, American Pop, No Bad News, Heeeerrre's Johnny

Charlotte Skeeters - Golden Gate Classic Oct. 3-5, 2003
River of Dreams, Heal The World, Voila, Just BobFill My Life, Because Of You, Pencil Thin Mustache, Too Hip Got To Go, Hollywood, Begin The Beguine, Line of Pearls, Reaching Out, Looking Glass, Mama's Lil' Baby, Huey Lewie, Does Your Mother Know?, Going, Going, Gone, Nevertheless, Tuxedo Junction, For Keeps, Hasta Manana, Here I Go Again, Strangers In The Night

Doug & Jackie Miranda - Gotta Dance Jan 31 - Feb 2 ~ Cool Country March 14-16, 2003 ~ Bonanza Bash Memorial Day Weekend 2003 ~ Cool Country October 2003
Tiggeriffic, Enya's Time, Queen of my Heart, Sugar, Sugar, Dreams to Share, Ever After, No Matter to Me, Sometime When, What A Night, Jacaranda, The Believers, Reaching For You, Burning Up!, Ain't That A Kick,
Circle Of Life, Seal Our Fate, Kiss The Girl

JP Potter - 2003 Crush Country Fall Fling - Nov 14-16
Candlelight, D�ja Vu, Everlast,
Crush, Bye, Bye, Bye, I've Got You

Neil Hale Anton, Anton, Jukebox Blues, Last knight's Waltz, Cruisin, A Fanfare To Brittany, Linda Lu, Un Deux Trois Waltz Mixer, Hot Tamales, Cha Cha Lengua, Mamboria , Whole Lotta Peppas, Storybook Endings, One Toke Over The Line, Prancin' Pony, New Things West, Mustang Sally, Running Bear, Front Row Attitude, Ribbon Of Highway, Gimme Back My Bullets, Cruise Control, Diamonds Are Forever, Wavy Gravy, Cowboy Hand Jive, Country Chorus Lines, The Beaujolais Waltz, Bayou Blaster, Arumba, Stoke Up The Jams, Here Comes The Cowgirls

Terry Hogan (Terry Hogan's line dance Journey w/video clip) - West Texas Waltz, One Song, Stumblin' & Fallin', Blame It On Mexico, Head Over Heels, Ready To Fly, Pink Toenails, Don't Ask, Too Much Fun, Who I Am, Two Shades of Blue, Alright Already, Alligator Shoes, Think Quick, Cuban Heels, Them's The Rules, Along For The Ride, Straighten Up & Fly Right, Completely, Border Crossing, Too Good To Be True, Time Warp Two Step, Change Of Heart, Tequila Blues, Fatal Attraction, Sweet Temptation, Riding The Rails, Live It Up, Flying Leap, Dance With Me, Here's Hoping, Last Laugh, Monkey Business, Dance, Promises, Moonstruck, Soft Lights & Music, Gone Squirrelly, Ten Rounds, Black & White Cha Cha, Paint The Town, New Western Waltz, Your Love Amazes Me, Zydeco Rhythm, Walking The Floor

Carmel & Ernie Hutchinson @The Hop, Rolling Mist, Things'll Be All Right, music for Jose & Rosie Jose & Rosie, Smoke Rings, Real Fine Day, Rhythm & Blues, I Love You, You & Me, Pony Shuffle, music for Husbands and Wives Husbands and Wives, Wasn't That A Party, Best Friends, America, Jive Talkin', Spirit In The Sky, Do The Walk, Runaway, Canada Dry, Dance Away The Night, Hesitation Waltz, C'est La Vie, Every Step You Take, Hotel California, Tequila Time, The Darlene, The Cowboy Cumbia, Louisiana Bound, Under My Skin, Rose Colored Glasses, Carmel Cha Cha, Hold On, Makin' Lotsa Noise, I Can Help, Hooked On Love, I Ain't Missin' You, Let It Be, Happy Together, No Way (Pedro), Time In A Bottle, Let's Talk, It Never Rains, Days of Ameria, Livin' It Up, Don't Want Much, This Is A Song, Take It To The Limit, Train In Vain , Same Ol' Love, Never Been This Far, This Way

Evelyn Khinoo Saturday Matinee, The Lady & Me, Silk & Satin, Blue Ribbons, That's My Hat, Down by the Riverside, Going, Going, Gone, Attitude, Mambo Across Texas, Saturday Matinee, Claxton Stomp & Go, That Night In Tennessee, Jump Start, Take A Look, If My Friends Could See Me Now, No Thanks I'll Walk, Picture Perfect..Rollerblade, Maverick Waltz, What's The Hurry, It Feels So Right, Black & White Rag

Chris Kumre Rednex Stomp Perhaps, Dimelo, Hillbilly Hip Hop, Some Hot Stuff, Mystic Mambo, Scooby Snax, Cherokee Boogie, Count Me In, Shake It

Peter Metelnick Destination:Dancefloor, And They Danced, Back At Ya, Body In Motion, Passport To Party, Feet Don't Fail Me Now, Be Mine Tonight, Lucky Charm, Rainbow 66, On The Straight & Narrow 

Mike Sliter Dream Catcher, Blue Monday, Dancin' Moon , Cajun Girls & Gumbo, San Antone Rose, Livin' Together, Shouldn't Be Doin' This, Roll Of The Dice, I Won't Forget, Heartbreak Radio, Evelyn, Over The Dam, I'm Dancin', Walk This Way, My Angel Eyes

Simon Ward Like It or Lump It, A New Day Has Come, Shakira, Better Man, Larger Than Life, God Bless The Child, Go With The Flow, Shimmy Shack, Phoneaphobia, Get Over It, Titanic, Powerade, Breathless, Bootylicious , Sweet Revenge, Groove With Me, Misery, Determination

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