The Oversized Clogs

My first experience with clog was sort of crazy. This fall a local radio station sponsored a free outdoor rock concert. I went with about 20 of my friends. On the grass in front of the stage we had an area covered with about 8 blankets. Because the field was a little damp and muddy, no shoes were allowed on the blanket. Everybody was eith in their socks or barefoot.
During a break between bands, I decided to take a walk. Instead of digging for my flats which were under a monstrous pile of jackets, Istepped into a pair of clogs that were near the edge of the blanket where I was. These clogs were about 3 sizes too big. I decided they were be ok for my walk. Before I had gone too far from the blanket the clogs, which were too big had slipped off a few times. Everytime I tried to step over somebody`s blanket aclog would slip off. After a few more slips I took the clogs off and stepped from blanket to blanket so that my tights would not get wet and muddy.
Once I was past the blanket area I put the over sized clogs back on. Even on the flat ground around the blanket area I could not keep the clogs from slipping off. By this time I realized that my only choice was to take the clogs off and carry them. I thought that I could step around the wet and muddy places on the sidewalk. In reality it took only a few steps before my tights were wet and muddy.
By the time I got back to the area where the blankets were my tights were so wet and muddy that it did not matter. Instead of stepping from blanket to blanket I just walked accross the damp grass back to my blanket. After I got back to the blanket it took a while for my tights to dry. Some of my friends who had worn heavy socks had actually walked around with out putting on their shoes. After the number of beers they had drank I supposed that they did not realize that their socks were wet.
A few weeks later my girl friend persuaded me to buy a pair of clogs. I did and supposedly they are the right size. However,even these have a tendency to slip off when I wear pantyhose or tights. I like the way they look and feel. If occassionally I have one slip off and have to walk around in my tights to retrieve it, I guess this is ok.

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