32K, Rated R, September 2001
Unfinished. Set post-"Two Fathers." Life in the past tense. Life in the present tense.

157K, Rated R, June 2001
A mytharc casefile set between "Tithonus" and "Two Fathers."

Life in Technicolor Flashback
4K, Rated PG-13, March 2001
Krycek during "Ascension."

15K, Rated NC-17, February 2001
Scully in mourning during Season 8.

May Morning
2K, Rated G, February 2001
Mulder during "The Gift." A poem about what-if.

8K, Rated PG, December 2000
Mulder and Scully. Sleep, warmth, trust.

A Collection of Remains
16K, Rated PG, September 2000
Mulder and Scully post-"Amor Fati." What does it all mean?

Come With the Wind
Rated NC-17, July 2000
Mulder/Scully, but it's known to cause hysterical laughter.

God's Breath
293K, Rated R, July 2000
Scully during a what-if Season Six. Religion, family, first love, current love.

7K, Rated PG, June 2000
"One Breath." Scully in the white light.

Loss of Yesterday
12K, Rated PG, February 2000
Mulder and Scully between "Firewalker" and "Irresistible." Back to work.

Seven Days
32K, Rated PG-13, December 1999
Mulder and his mother observe Thanksgiving and other special days.

The Quiet Edges
10K, Rated PG, September 1999
Mulder muses on rain and Scully, and there's a kitchen scene and an office scene.

Longer Gone
30K, Rated R, August 1999
Samantha looks for Mulder. Memory, identity, and madness.

A Murder in April
10K, Rated PG-13, August 1999
"Paper Clip." One woman's death.

33K, Rated PG, August 1999
Mulder after "Biogenesis." Takes place in the universe of Bridge.

Lights Go Out
132K, Rated NC-17, July 1999
Scully and Krycek take a road trip when colonization hits.

Six for Gold
12K, Rated NC-17, June 1999
Mulder and Scully have some pretty straightforward sex.

Defensive Posture
31K, Rated PG-13, June 1999br> Mulder and Scully face a reassignment and a reassessment.

One Life
68K, Rated NC-17, February 1999
Things change for the partners when Scully gets abducted again.

Works and Days
38K, Rated PG, January 1999
Mulder, Scully, and Charles. New Year's resolutions.

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