Jodee and Jeremy are rising stars from Sacramento, CA who performed a line dance routine at the event. View a clip of their talent. Interested in seeing demo's of the dances we learned and highlights of Crush Country? CJ our event video-ographer.
Line Dance Fun 2002 Doris Volz , California

2002 Crush Country Fall Fling Line Dance Report

Schedule of dances taught at JP Potter's first Crush Country Fall Fling.

Liquid sunshine SPLISH SPLASH' ed all over Crush Country second weekend in November, 2002 but didn't damper the tacky tourist themed Friday nite line dance social! AND THEY DANCED kicked off 'The Next Generation In Line Dance Events' ~ 200 dancers grooved to the beat on an elevated platform beneath a mirrored and crystal chandeliered ceiling in the 12th floor ballroom ...panoramic views of Ventura surf/surfers and surrounding foggy hillsides were visible as line dance instructors entertained & taught us the hottest line dances being done in The States, UK and Austrailia. 
Marion shows off colorful socks that beautifully compliment her earrings & visor ...the big yellow sign designates that she is part of Lou Ann's 5 6 7 8 tour group. Doug & Jackie were with the same tour ...He tried his best to expose more leg as 'older' guys often do in too short shorts; Jackie couldn't look tacky if she tried! JP stands beside Bracken who chose a pink flamingo to top her flower laden bonnet and JP also stands beside Max and Doris seen in hot pink and pearls. Bob is wearing his ball cap backwards and Trish looked too stylish in lime green straw.
On Saturday nite, Lou Ann dressed to the nines and wanted a photo next to Max who always looks glam!  To their left: Michele, Terri & Steve; to their right: Jodee, Patrick and Bracken; above: John, Marques, Jodee & Jeremy; below: Hannah, Aggie and Ruie.  NOTE: Terri's dress was actually a fabulous shade of purple covered entirely with sequins, my camera obviously was blinded by all that glitter! AND John's sleeveless patterned shirt w/sheer black overlay and fishnet back looked so great on him ...a new 'cool' trend I hope!

Dances that I recognized to fill the floor in open dancing & at the socials: Splish Splash, And They Danced, Circle of Light, What A Night, Candlelight, Everlast, A New Day Has Come, Body In Motion, American Pop, Jacaranda, Midnight Rendezvous, Sugar, Sugar, Dreams to Share, Deja Vu, Seal Our Fate, Tiggeriffic, I Said I Love You, Feel The Rush, West Texas Waltz, Livin' It Up, @ The Hop, Cowgirls and Switches, Shakira, I've Got You, S.X.E, Some Girls, Honey What?! City Limits, Do Your Thing, Hombre, Now or Never, Chomping At The Bit, Queen Of My Heart, She Bangs, Mony, Mony, Kick N' Drag, Evergreen and we danced Unchained with Phyllis as a tribute to Dan ...

The capacity Friday evening social turned into party central as soon as the showcase (demos of all dances to be taught) ended ...Event instructors donned mis-matched clothes & hats and blended in to dance with the rest of us. We dancers really appreciate our local instructors but hats off to Crush Country instructors Max Perry, Kathy Hunyadi, John Robinson, Doug and Jackie Miranda who travel the world full time to share their talent and their love of dance just to make line dance festivals fun for us!
Two simultaneous workshops were available all 3 days. It was a great idea to let those of us in the small bay view lounge end our lesson in the ballroom. We followed the instructor to the larger floor, a quick walk through of the steps and then music ...such a consideration. Also, a great idea to video in the ballroom; we were able to see the walk through of the dance workshops we might have missed.

Something I noticed every time the elevators opened on the 12th floor, the atmosphere was so ENTHUSIASTIC, no amount of asking (for video consideration) ever completely hushed us. The laughter/chatter level seemed high except when we watched the entertainment ....that is a GOOD thing!! The 3 hour dinner break on Saturday gave EVERYONE enough time to happy hour, eat, nap, shower and dress! The Saturday nite entertainment & glitz n' glamour social was capacity. 

The event was totally organized, step sheets were available or in our packets, we danced on wood floors, all vendors were clearly in our view and a bar was set up in our ballroom on Saturday nite ....after a few rounds of Jose Cuervo or Corona some of us were jumping and showing off moves never seen before!

I always have a huge expectation to learn & dance within a crowd of excitement, to be exposed to interesting dances by top notch instructors and to mix with old friends & meet some new ones. I HAD A PERFECT TIME. 
JP ...I personally believe that behind every successful man stands a great woman had at least 2 highly visible ones to call upon! 
Lou Ann Schemmel, the "experienced" one ...she knows music, all the new dances, every instructor ...and she constantly watched the crowd when you needed a break! The absolute second she noticed a wane late Saturday nite she knew everyone had to get up off their chairs ...She and Mr. Gene Morrill stepped to the stage and he re-energized the crowd with a teach of Judy McDonald's Yabba Dabba Do. We continued til the Midnight hour ...the last requests ...Jive Walkin' so we could dance a last dance with John and Larger Than Life for all the rest of us ...that John, he knew Simon's dance perfectly!
Bracken was your 'encouraging one'...she was everywhere you needed her to be & she knew how to soothe you through your very funny roast. We laughed as hard as you did ...the funny photos, dancin' and fun makin' was all in jest. Your truth was told in a flattering way, at 17 you were our rising star, at 21 you have arrived. 
JP Potter's First Fall Fling was truly a Full Fledged Affair. The Next Fling happens Nov 14-16 2003 at the Ventura Beach Marriott ...JP says the Marriott ballroom is 3 times as large ...wooo whoo!

2002 Line Dance Fun - Doris Volz
Crush Country Fall Fling  Line Dance Festival Report