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I have experimented with bondage quite a bit in my life, and have always felt disappointed about it in one aspect: I just don't look as good in ropes and duct tape as the bondage models you find online.  No matter how I am bound, I always look more like a piece of furniture someone just bought from Ikea and mounted to the roof of their car than some lithe, well defined internet bondage model.  In a vain hope of living vicariously through one such person, I talked to Sara Nychols of about life as bondage diva.  This interview was conducted via email in November 2002.

Obvious Question #1: Is it safe to assume you're not tied up right now? 

No, it is not safe to assume that!!!!!

2. How does being bound make you feel emotionally? 

Emotionally it makes me feel sexy and vulnerable. When I am bound, I think of a million different scenarios of how I could be taken advantage of.... that, believe it or not, excites me.

3. Is there one aspect of it you prefer: being bound, struggling, being released, etc.? 

I prefer the "being bound" stage. I feel like I turn into an entirely different person. My mind takes over.

4. Could you describe your ideal bondage scenario?

Hmmmm, I guess being tied up naked spread eagled to a 
bed with multiple onlookers. Maybe add a blindfold so I don't know what is going on around me. :)

5. Do you ever enjoy tying up another person, or do you just like being the one tied up? 

Sometimes I enjoy tying others up, but I am a sub at heart. 

6. How is bondage different for you now than before you began your site? 

It is more exciting. I feel like I have experienced so much in the past three and a half years.... and it keeps getting more exciting by the minute! I am learning and experiencing new things all the time. It's great!

7. Have you had any trouble finding partners (who aren't stalkers) that share your interests? 

Absolutely not. For the most part, everyone I have met in this industry is absolutely wonderful. They all tend to look out for me which is a great feeling. I have made some very dear friends that I will cherish forever.

8. Your first bondage experience when you were ten years old on a school bus playing "doctor" with a friend. Had you had 
any bondage-type fantasies before that, or did that experience open a brand new door for you? 

Well, that experience definitely opened a door for me.... but unfortunately it was not until more than a decade later that I realized what my childhood actions meant in the grand scheme of things. 

9. When you were learning about bondage, where did you go for information? 

Well, to start out it was just all "learned behavior". I played the way I wanted to - my rendition of bondage. Then Martin came along and enforced my play habits and added some of his own. 

10. Where do you get all those cool ropes? 

Well, I get some of the colored rope from American Science and 
Surplus and the thicker colored rope from The Ravenesque (Lady Karena). I love using colored rope. Sometimes that's all you need to have your art stand out a bit!

11. Was your friend/photographer Martin already knowledgeable about bondage, or did you have to…um…(here it comes)…show him the ropes? 

Oh all means Martin showed me the ropes (so to speak! :)) I knew about and practiced bondage, but he really introduced me to more aspects of it via the internet. Lorelei (Bedroom Bondage) was his idol long before I came into the picture.

12. You once spent a night tied up, blindfolded, and gagged in bed. Was that hard to do? Did you ever get scared? Were you stiff afterwards? Please describe it.

No, No, and Yes. All I can say is that it was an incredible experience. To think of myself bound and vulnerable for such a long period of time still sends chills up my spine. So no, it was not hard. No I never got scared... I trust Martin completely, which is a huge aspect of bondage. He was rarely out of earshot of me and checked on me often (and snapped those pics of me while doing so).... so I was never scared. But yes I was a bit stiff in the morning. "Suffer for your art"..... I love it!!!

13. In your private life, do you still practice bondage, or do the shoots you do for your website satisfy those urges?

Oh absolutely not..... if all we did was to take pics for the website I think bondage would get a little routine and annoying. We make sure that we play outside of the website realm. Keeps us interested. 

14. What made you decide to do a website? 

Well, we had a whole bunch of pictures... talked to lots of people 
online about how disappointed they were that they didn't have anyone to tie up, and decided that I really, really wanted share what we do with them. It was my hope that they would be able to experience bondage through my art. Also, it fed very nicely into my exhibitionist side!! :)

15. While most of your fans share your passion for consensual "bedroom"-style bondage, do you often hear from people with less-than-friendly or unhealthy attitudes about it?

From my vanilla friends (who by the way have no idea that I do this) I hear negative things about bondage. Bondage is still quite a taboo among those who do not understand it. 

From my bondage friends... I never hear any "not-so-friendly" or "unhealthy attitudes" about it. If you are into it, you understand and love it. If not, well that's your loss. 

16. Let's get technical: what's your favorite bondage gear, blindfold, gag, etc.? 

My favorite bondage gear.....jeez, that's like asking a chef what their favorite kitchen gadget is!!!! Let's put it this way, there is not much I DONT like. ;)

17. You've worked with Lorelei from Bedroom Bondage, and Delirium and Ginger from Twisted Smile among others. Is there a strong online community for bondage "divas"? Do you get along with each other, or is it competitive at all?

I do like this question. I would have to say that I have never encountered any competitiveness since we have been online. Ok, well first of all, here's the thing: Nobody competes with Lorelei. It's just not possible. She is simply the best. Hands down. So as for other competitions.... well, maybe I am naive but I have never felt competitive edge from any other bondage model that I have worked with. I simply have my site on the web for my own satisfaction. When it starts becoming more than a hobby, I believe I will discontinue doing it. As I said before, everyone I have met so far has been extremely nice. 

18. What's the best thing to come from doing your website? 

Lifelong friendships that I cherish and will make sure I continue even after my site is long gone. 

Check out Sara Nychols's site by clicking on the link below!