This interview was done for IMHOTEP #2, and was done Autumn '95...

A meeting with NETHOR, student of astrology and occult sciences, as well as manager and spokesman of GAAHL's 'TRELLDOM', is now about to begin.

This meeting is divided into four parts, in order:
- A biography of TRELLDOM
- An article written by NETHOR, named AN ERA OF MAGIC
- The interview with NETHOR and his thoughts upon TRELLDOM and various subjects
- A poem by NETHOR



As the first star opened it's twinkling eye above the east horizon, Gaahl had already been up for ages. And during this time, he had in solitude in the great woods of his birthland, written innumerable pages in what is known as the Book of Fate.
These philosophical poems of destiny he later wished to honour the now populated world to behold, and found the perfect way to reach them. He chose that of music, the most extreme music. In the chronological age of 1993, he gathered some promising young musicians to fulfil his great work.
Their efforts were shared with the world the year after, as they together under the name TRELLDOM (naturally supervised by Gaahl) released a studiorecorded demo called 'Disappearing of the Moon'. As this release contained no written lyrics, the audience craved to see his writings, not only hear them, yet most of them were quite pleased with what they heard.
Gaahl, thinking the world not yet ready nor worthy the request, decided to please only a limited number of humans of his own tongue. And so he released what is today referred to often as 'the best', 'legendaric' and 'brilliant' as well as several other flattering adjectives, namely TRELLDOM' debut CD 'Til Evighet', which contained two full poems in writing.
This fresh release happened in 1995, through the well-known label of Metalion, Head Not Found, in the autumn. It is melodic, yet hateful and brutal music, labelled as 'Black metal' because of it' destructive, evil spirit. This dark album helps bring about the fulfilment of man' unavoidable, painful fate, which will be uplit only by Gaahl' sinister grin. It is released under the management of Nethor, who also takes care of the band-contact and sales. It must then by now be clear that TRELLDOM is not even close to what is normally thought of when referring to a band, which it is not. It is the musical part of Gaahl' work, and so there exists no bandmembers, only Gaahl himself, Nethor, and numerous skilful, silent helpers.
When time is right, more of Gaahl' writing will be beheld to the world. To mention one, be it the soon to come TRELLDOM T-shirt, but await also the final release of his unfinishable book, for it will happen.


From an astrological point of view, we have now entered a new era of spiritual enlightment. This era, called Age of Aquarius, is the rebirth of common mans interest for the occult sciences, as man now realizes that he is really a spiritual force locked within this temple of flesh. Hence today' rapid increase of satanists and occultists, healers, fortune-tellers and astrologers all over the world, as most people who are up to date with the news have noticed. Many of these freshly recruited so-called satanists have in reality nothing to do with a maleficent movement such as satanism is, but have ended up there in their quest for the esoteric wisdom that can free the soul. However, anyone who truly possess the purest and deepest desire to uncover the True wisdom will eventually tread the right path (often with the guidance of a guru/master).
As indicated, vain curiosity or thoughtless urge for belonging to an occult movement or scene is by far a way to even get near to the esoteric keys. Individuals belonging to latter description often end up in great social tragedy, due to their unreflecting confusion.
For those being convicted that they truly possess a slight fragment of the True wisdom in their conscious mind, and wish to uncover the rest that lies hidden and forgotten, there are several ways to climb the ladder leading to the final unity of soul, spirit and flesh. For in order to attain magical powers, one must first become one with oneself.
Another name for this 'ladder', is the Tree of life, the Sepiroth. The famous Hermetic order of the Golden Dawn believes that by meditating over the cards of the Major Arcana of Tarot, one can gradually reach higher levels (spiritually) of the 10 levels and 22 paths of the Sepiroth, as each card represents one path. The highest level represents everlasting force of the creation, where man finally 'becomes' God and is one with all.
The so far most original and artistically performed Tarot deck is edited by Aleister Crowley. It is the Book of Thoth, and is an excellent manual for better self insight. The chabbalistic, hebraic system which the Golden Dawn combined with the Tarot, is according to the great, old grimories said to be essential for achieving magical results.
According to the book of Abra-Melin the mage, the True, Divine Wisdom lies in the fear of God and Justice alone. This True Wisdom gives the keys to the Sacred Magic which, in fact, has a lot in common with the Qabalah.
Furthermore, Abra-Melin says that from the Divine Mystery are derived three kinds of Qabalah; The Mixed Qabalah, the True Wisdom and the True Sacred Magic. The last of the true chabbalists in Jerusalem are now said to be gone. And along with them in their graves, they took the most important and powerful tool in the Qabalah; the humble respect for God. Today' chabbalists often do not see themselves as humble servants of God, but as magicians striving for power. (Abra-Melin defines such as sorcerers).
The Qabalah can be used for evil purpose, says Abra-Melin, but warns the reader that such acts often fail or cause great danger to the magician. This is also seen in the Grimoire of Honorius, which is also called the Book of Death because of its fatal effect upon evil-minded persons trying to use it. The Sacred Magic of Abra-Melin and the rites of Honorius are herewith not the most attracting methods for sorcerers.......
One thing that is extremely important in both white and black magic is the physical and mental state, as well as the time and convenience, of the person planning to perform such operations. The body must be strong and clean, preferably between 25-50 years old, and free of weakening diseases. Long preparation through meditation and other mental exercises to overcome all fears and weak-spots is also essential. A sorcerer being weak of mind is likely to be attacked and destroyed by the forces evoked. One must achieve complete control over one' thoughts and moods, and not possess one shred of doubt whatsoever. Invocations can be very dangerous to an open mind.
To gain control over one' emotional urges and instincts one must deny the will of the flesh and the heart, and follow the will of the spirit. The Malleus Maleficarum says that women are more likely to be possessed by demons than men, because of their lacking willpower and insatiable fleshy lust.
The common advice for achieving a pure and strong will, that is not stained with feeble depression or loneliness, is to abandon one' home and premises for a period of several months and go to live in solitude in the high hills. This is of course an excellent mental exercise, which purpose is to become one with nature again, as man once was ages ago. One must try to uncover and become one with the hidden and forgotten knowledge which every man truly possesses, as the art of learning is nothing but remembering.
The double millennium of Aquarius is likely to behold the end of a feeble world, and the birth of a new enlightened one. Crowley intended to greet the New Age with a certain ritual in the Scottish highlands at the turn of the former century, but he resigned from it of unknown reasons.
Soon a new century will turn, granting maturity upon the spawn of the New Era. From a Crowley point of view, it is the Era of Aiwass, the coming of Chaos. Defenders of the light will naturally claim the opposite.
Anyway, to attain magical power, remember to let love, hate and desire fill the chalice of your soul. Don't let this tremendous energy spill and corrupt in the world of flesh. For through right way of thinking and meditation this energy will be able to elevate thee to the highest throne in the world of magic. Feel the power of the hearts' many desires, acknowledge it and seal it safely behind the wisdom of your spirit.
Sow the lusts of the flesh; reap the will of the soul.
Such is step one...


From this article of NETHOR we now moves into the interview from the actual person.
As said before, he is the spokesman and manager of the 'project-band' named GAAHL' TRELLDOM.

Box 471,
6801 FORDE,

IM: TRELLDOM! I find this name unusual. What is the meaning of this name? Does the name have something to do with 'slaves' (treller) that rich farmers used several hundred years ago? What is a TRELL?
NETHOR: Such is the meaning, and such is the case! It' the Norwegian word for enslavement, and enslaved are the musicians under the kind tyranny of Gaahl. Gaahl is the farmlord, and I am his independent ally who takes care of business and bandcontact, knowing his mind well.
A trell is, to us, a musician, a good one preferably. They contribute a lot to the music (of course), but slaves are soulless, and so they are not representative for what TRELLDOM represents. I and Gaahl are.

IM: The demo, DISAPPEARING OF THE BURNING MOON, is now a year old. Do you still sell it? Is it representative for TRELLDOM today? How has the response been?
NETHOR: As long as I possess the mastercopy of the demo, it will certainly be for sale. It' not quite representative for TRELLDOM now, if compared to the debut CD 'TIL EVIGHET', but it' quite special I think. Some complained about the deep death-vocals on it, and liked the rest, but I think those windy growls are unique.
We've sold about 1000 copies of it, and some praise it above all others. Actually, there' not been a single sheer disappointment that has reached our ears.

IM: This demo is not Black metal, if we put our ears to the music! Why did it turn out like it did? Why did you not go for the common Black metal sound? Weren't you afraid that you would be disliked if you didn't use the Norwegian sound, like f.ex. DARK THRONE and IMMORTAL?
NETHOR: Black metal is not only sound (shrieking vocals and boring drums), it is the spirit of the music. TRELLDOM is, and has always been true Black metal, represented by Gaahl and myself.
The first song on the demo is the ultimate Black metal song, and although the others may sound like Death metal, they are not. Lyrics darken the spirit far more than vocals.
When it comes to 'ordinary' Norwegian Black metal bands, we don't take them too seriously, especially not those originated around the Oslo-area! It' too much Americanized, and you can tell by their showbiz-attitude and endless crave for attention (media). Why make something that is made before?

IM: Media! What is you thought when you think about media in general? What are positive about media, f.ex. TV? Most often we claim that TV makes you stupid (Neil Postman), but can't we use TV to make us wiser and smarter, f.ex. by watching the news and think about the subjects they inform us about?
NETHOR: When I was young (8 or 9), I learned English quite well by watching TV and listening to music while comprehending the lyrics.
It depends on what your relationship to TV (media) is, if it is for the mindless entertainment, or keen interest in a subject that concerns you.
An enormous amount of important knowledge and information are displayed in media' every day, so it' good to pay it some attention once in a while. But 'real' life-experience is naturally more important. It' often good to see one of the great old classics when reading history at school, for example.
Personally I don't ever watch TV any longer, as there is no electricity in my deserted cottage where I now live.

IM: In Norway, we did two years ago get another TV channel, TV2! ¼ of the population are able to receive many foreign TV channels! Do you like this development? Do you think TV gets too much power? MTV, does it produce stupid kids who believe that MTV is the Truth, if you know what I mean? And finally, what do you think when politic debate programs turns out to be pure entertainment?
NETHOR: Naturally, it makes me quite upset and frustrated when seeing the effect it produces on the world around me, especially none-knowledge channels like MTV.
I think it is very demolishing for people' spiritual enlightenment and ability to reach the level of Higher Wisdom. That is partly why I separate myself from such negative influence, and choose to live alone in the good mercy of nature.
I see a world of decreasing common sense, and as I am not the kind of person who wants to save the world by preaching the loudest, I withdraw from it for quite egoistic intentions.

IM: In Norway, we have the biggest Black metal scene in our world! Why, in your opinion? If Varg Vikernes had avoided the media publicity he reached for, do you think our scene would have been more strong? Fewer, but stronger bands? In Norway, most people have small materialistic problems, but why do so many youngster (14-20 years) claim that they 'hate' so much? Where does this 'hate' have its origin? Do they really know what 'hate' is?
NETHOR: I think Mr. Vikernes contributed a lot in making Black metal look like a trend, and in the beginning, when all the freshly recruited Black metal teenager-bands started popping up, his image and music were for many the basic source of inspiration. I am quite certain that the same would have happened, if it had not been him, as there is always someone who has to put their nose out too far.
As long as people claim attention for what they do, even though they ARE special or not, a sincere underground scene is impossible to achieve.
I don't believe youths 'hate' more today than they did earlier. There has always been something in society, the family, at work etc. that has caused people to 'hate. Nowadays it is more trendy to tell the world of one' hate, mainly because of the similar attitude that people copy from American movies. They want to hate, and it seems like they think it makes them more immune and stronger. Personally, I believe true hate derives from true love, one cannot exist without the other. Hate lies in the heart, not the tongue.
Silence is golden.

IM: You are about to release a full-length album! Why did you choose HEAD NOT FOUND and why did Metalion choose you? Your album will be named TIL EVIGHET! Tell us about your aim with this album! Why did you choose TIL EVIGHET as the title of your album?
NETHOR: It is released finally...
I wanted TRELLDOM to be represented by a sound Norwegian label, and so I wrote to Metalion (and sent him the demo) and although the demo itself wasn't enough, he was interested. And when he received some tracks from TIL EVIGHET, there was no longer any doubt in his mind, he told me, so we signed.
I am sure TRELLDOM has great salespotensiale, and Metalion agrees...
A lot of new, brilliant TRELLDOM material had been completed a while ago, and in order to not loose any of it (the guitarist was summoned by the military), we rushed to a studio and recorded it. The 'trells' returned to their normal lives, while Gaahl and I held the only mastertape of the best TRELLDOM recordings in our hands.
It was so good, the title just simply had to be 'FOR ETERNITY' (TIL EVIGHET), as this album represented all that ever had been, and all that ever will be within Black metal.

IM: Your music is now more in the vein of Black metal! I am thinking of sound and voice! Are you afraid that people would accuse you of being trendy? You also write songs in both English and Norwegian. Howcome? Do you feel that your music is original and has anything new to offer the world? Why should we buy your album? (Because it is great, of course - IM)
NETHOR: The new album IS Black metal. The spirit of TRELLDOM is not and will never be trendy, feeble are the tongues that might dare utter so - they know us not.
Gaahl writes all TRELLDOM lyrics, and if he has a good idea for a Norwegian poem, he writes it. Likewise the English poems. He doesn't write 'lyrics', but poems. If one should seem to fit the music, he uses it for such.
Both the sound of TRELLDOM' music, and especially the lyrics - are original. What we have to offer the world, is an insight in our world of philosophy. The album will be a strong contribution to help you regain contact with your spirit, by becoming one with its lyrics and mood. THAT' worth a few dollars...

IM: I've heard the music of your new album. It sounds promising! But why do you only print two of the lyrics? Why not the English lyrics and in this way make the foreign listeners knowing what you stands for? What do the lyrics deal with?
NETHOR: Sounds promising...?! It is a guide to the true path of the Promised Land (not America) which is neverending... (-the path).
We first planned to print all the lyrics, but Gaahl changed his mind. He wants to 'save' them for a book of poems which he will publish when enough is written. What language they're in is not so important, because you know - all great written work is sooner or later translated into every language. That' not our job. We're not here to preach.

IM: Sannhet, Smerte og Død! What is a 'Fimbul vinter'? How does Gaahl explain that Sannhet, Smerte og Død (Truth, Pain and Dead) are everything? What does this song deal about?
NETHOR: A Fimbul Winter is one of the warning signs of Ragnarok (Armageddon), which consists of three winters in row, with no summer in between.
This poem tells of how he sacrifices himself to himself, and lasts through the greatest disaster of the Earth, to finally recollect himself with the wisdom of a world that died.
By hanging lonely in the leafless tree, he gathers all powers and knowledge of the dying world around him. By becoming one with the nightly frost his living shadow is unharmed by the dreadful winter.
That is how I interpret it, but I'm sure it gives room for different associations.

IM: You, Nethor, seems to have views upon people in general! What do you think of our society and the development within it? Are we far too stressed in general? Time, do we spend too little time upon ourselves and the development of our ego? Do we care too much about 'things' instead of humans?
NETHOR: As I mentioned earlier, I have now separated myself from most of the negative influences of the world around me, in order to stress down and live a more spiritual life.
I think society has always been too demanding and stressful to people, it allows no room for personal growth and self-realisation. We live too much in the eyes of others, and this competitive lifestyle is very fatal upon our inner sources of energy. The reason why we have such great care for 'dead' things, is that they cannot betray or let us down. The moral spine and true hearty feelings among common people is simply lacking.
By first developing and cleansing our own strong personality, we will be more able to take care of those who are important to us. I possess no cosmic love, as for me blood is thicker than water. And when glancing upon the world, I must admit I care not much for it.... feeble human race!

IM: Ask me two questions. Ask about anything!
NETHOR: I: In mythology it is told that in the beginning where was only chaos. Then great effort brought Order to Chaos, from which the world was created. These days Death/Black metallers pray for the return of Chaos. Is it not effort in what they do, trying to bring Chaos into this world of Order? What is most likely to be the true face of chaos; the world as it is today, or the goal of the disciplined efforts of 'satanists'?? (Remember that when Chaos ruled, there was harmony and quiet seas.)
IM: Firstly I have to tell you that I would very much like to read about Babylonian and Sumerian mythology, but unfortunately I don't prioritise this before the mag. will be released. You see, I spend much time on layout, the writing of the interview and such, so...
Is Chaos evil? It depends on how to define evil. Is it evil when people slag each other? Is it evil when the christians are exterminated? When is Chaos evil, and what kind of evil Chaos is it that 'satanists' want to achieve?
I think that the Earth today is in Chaos, but not like when Chaos ruled. Today, disharmony rules. Wars, starvation, murdering... You can see this especially in Africa, but is for sure present in Europe and the World we live in generally. So, when I think of Chaos, I think of the world as it is today.
When I think of evil, I do not think of evil like in the christian matter, I think of evil of the man himself. We have both good and evil inside us, and it seems like the evil side of man is dominating of the world today.
So, why try to bring Chaos into the World of today, when the world is Chaos?
'Return of Chaos' I will forward the question to the readers: What kind of Chaos is it that many of 'you' want to return?

II: Do you believe magical powers can be obtained trough right way of living, or are they given at birth? (Like f.ex. the 3rd eye, strong intuition, divination, the mental power to affect others mind etc.)
IM: I have not been in touch with magical powers that I know of. But, I will not deny that this exists.
You know, the Moon is a kind of magical. Let us take the menstruation for the females. It is arriving in the same cycles as the Moon is showed upon us. It is full-Moon every 28 day, and that is also the cycles for the menstrual situation for the common female.
Also, the Moon affects water, as everybody hopefully knows. We humans consist of about 70% water. This means that it is quite certain that the Moon affects us in one or another way. If I would call this a magical event, I don't know, but interesting is it though. The Moon is interesting.
If magical powers really exist, I think some of it is given at birth. If you call strong intuition for a magical power, I will definitely say that magical powers are given at birth. I think strong intuition is given at birth, just like with animals. You know, we humans are nothing but animals with a larger brain than the other animals.
I think that f.ex. the mental power to affect other minds is something we can learn. F.ex. hypnosis is a kind of way to affect other minds, and I don't think that everybody knows how to hypnose others. So, my conclusion is that magical powers can be obtained through the right way of living. But, in the end, a lot depends on how you will define magical powers.
I will also say that scientists only know about 10% of how our brain is working. What is within the rest 90%? Maybe we all have magical powers available, but we are not able to use it. And those who live the 'right' way might discover some of these magical powers, f.ex. by meditation and learning to know oneself.
Interesting is it, I would say!!!!!!

IM: I always ask about religion. Much can be said about christendom, mostly negative aspects! Do you find anything positive within the Bible and its words? What about the Ten Commandments? What do think about christians and christianity in general?
NETHOR: I do find that some of the commandments appeal to me, especially when it comes down to marriage and the relationship between man and woman. I am quite old fashion, I believe in eternal feelings and respect for other' properties, be they whatever.
The most important key to the wisdom of the bible, lies in christ' speech in the great hill (bergpreikna). This is what always ends up wrongly interpreted and misused.
The reason why I abhore christianity, is because it has never practised what it has preached. It forces obedience upon the people, and twists the religious message into its own advantage. The greed for power and wealth, overcomes the heart' wishes of paradise on Earth. That fake smiling christian face that tempts you with promises of true friendship, love and unity, makes me HATE. Those who have eyes that see and ears that hear, knows of christianity' falsehood.

IM: In Norway, islam is increasing. What do think of this and the immigration of muslims? Do you think we will ever become a one cultural group of people, muslims and Norwegians? Do you think it is OK that they follows the laws of their own religion when they come to Norge? I mean, f.ex. in swimming in school little girls have to shower alone because they can not be naked together with other people! Should we respect their demands?
NETHOR: I think all should live where they belong, and muslims don't belong in Norway, and Norwegians don't belong in India (neither do the British!!). The colonization in the 15th century and up till today, is the main cause of racial problems. But if muslims should come here, I think, in order to avoid problems, that they should fit to our habits. And likewise with any other foreigner visiting or settling in a different country. But I fear muslims can cause much trouble to us, because of their stubbornness and fanatic religious temper. So - begone!

IM: Gaahl writes all the lyrics of TRELLDOM! What is he inspired by and how does he bring forth these influences into his song-writing? Is Mother Nature important to you and Gaahl? In what way?
NETHOR: We are both a part of nature, and we consider ourselves one with it. His inspiration is often enlightened after a little trip into the forest, yes. Most all of his poems mention something about different elements of nature. I feel nature (untouched) is the gate to my inner world, the gate to the Rainbow-bridge of eternity. Many of my poems also deal much with the ever-old wisdom of Nature.
Gaahl sometimes, like myself, writes a poem consisting of words scribbled down in long lines like a page-long sentence. After senseless inspiration like this, it usually takes a day or two before it is all given structure and coherence.
Nature is the ocean of wisdom and harmony, where I wash off all stress and annoying thoughts.

IM: A lot of bands write about the elder gods of Norway, like Odin, Loke, ect. What do you think of this? Is this Black metal, or whatever they call it?
About this, now comes an unusual question: ENSLAVED is a Viking metal band! They have played the Freezing Moon by MAYHEM live. The Freezing Moon is a Black metal song! When ENSLAVED play this song, is it a Black metal song or a Viking metal song? Do you see what I mean!

NETHOR: Ancient Norse religion is very similar in its structure to almost all other old religions. There is good versus evil, tales of the FLOOD and of the end of the world, as well as the beginning.
Black metal deals with the 'evil' side of religion. The part that wishes to destroy the world, and rebuild a new, obedient community. I think that as long as the message is the same, it is all Black metal.
I don't know the lyrics of any 'viking metal' bands, but I would say that those with hateful, destructive lyrics (support Loke ect.) can be considered Black metal. The others... be what they will! In my opinion they are not.
I don't listen to such bands, and I don't like ENSLAVED too much either...
Concerning your question about the song The Freezing Moon, - it is a 'Cover Song', see? The spirit of the song isn't changed just because someone else sings it.

IM: End this interview by writing about your thoughts upon self-confidence and why we should be conscious and aware of what we are!
NETHOR: I will only refer to my article on the New Era, where I deal with this subject. To live your life for others, is worse that not living at all. Cleanse your mind in the ocean of reason.
And me, what am I...?

- In my kingdom of night
beginning of time never was,
and never will be.
For I was there
and forever am.

Our meeting with NETHOR, the spokesman of TRELLDOM, is now to be finished.
Thanx for your interesting thoughts, NETHOR, and thank you for the poems you have sent to me.
This meeting is ended by the words of himself:
'All that is left of Eternity for me, is memories...'


Floating on a black sea
drink the poisoned water.
Drowning, leaving life
Senses fading, emotions dying
I Enter a void,
a void filled with voices.
Seal the blackened surface
no return.
Fumbling in emptiness,
learn to enjoy it' infinity,
becoming part of it
joining evil voices
inhaling the powers divine.
Can never again taste
the sweet pain of death.
My paragon realm
among shapeless ones.
So cold,
So dark,
So endless

Poem by NETHOR '92.


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