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Preview: Mega Man Zero

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Zero finally stars in his own game in the Mega Man universe!

Battling in the Desert. Two headed dragon robot! Ahhh!

Last updated: 01/29/2002

After two successful Mega Man related RPGs on the GBA in Japan, you'd expect Capcom to just keep churning em out. Fortunately for those of us who are still pining for some action in our Mega Man universe, Capcom hasn't let us down in the least bit.

Even better yet, instead of just porting an existing console Mega Man game to the GBA, they've branched out into an entirely new sub-series based off the Mega Man X universe. Enter Mega Man Zero.

GameSpot was fortunate enough to have a reporter on hand to witness Capcom's unveling of Mega Man Zero at the 15th Next Generation World Hobby Fair. While there, they were able to confirm that Zero is indeed the focus of the game and that X will not be a playable character in the game. Of course, Capcom has good reason to do such a thing...

Spoiler Alert (highlight the text if you wish to soil your eyes)

"Mega Man Zero takes place 100 years later than the Mega Man X games, and both X and Zero are known as legendary repliroids. But the situation takes a turn for the worse, as X seemingly becomes evil and enslaves the world."

Spoiler end

Zero will have his saber as always, but will also have a few new weapons including the Mega Buster, a shield boomerang, and a triple rod. Apparently, the more you use a weapon, the more powerful it becomes. GameSpot has also discovered that the early stages of the game will be spent protecting a young scientist by the name of Shelly.

Although it should be noted that it may be subject to change before its final release, the button configuration of the unfinished game is as follows:

A - Jump
B - Primary Weapon
R - Secondary Weapon
L - Dash

As of now, this is all the information we have. Check out GameSpot's article for in-game screenshots and movies.

Andres Rojas, Staff Writer

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