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BBC defends September 11 documentary

The BBC is defending its decision to show a controversial documentary about the September 11 terrorist attacks.

It is part of its coverage marking the anniversary of the event.

The film entitled 9/11, sparked strong protests from some victims' families who complained the graphic footage reawakened horrific memories.

It has already been screened in the US.

But a spokesman for the BBC says the documentary, due to be shown on September 11, was not intended to shock or cause offence.

He said: "It is just a reportage. To suggest that it is shocking or controversial is far from the truth."

"I think 'moving' would probably be a better word to use instead of 'shocking'," he added.

He insists the BBC is not setting out to offend people with the documentary, which includes scenes filmed inside the Twin Towers as thousands of people fled for their lives.

The images were captured by two French brothers who were making a film about firefighters when the attacks happened. The brothers followed the firemen they were with inside the towers and continued filming amid the scenes of chaos and terror.

A national memorial service is expected to be held at St Paul's Cathedral, London, on the anniversary of the event.

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