Enigmatron is a new VSTi based on the Mysteron concept, but taking it much, much further. The current version can be downloaded here (Windows only - Mac port coming soon).

"The ENIGMATRON is a solo/lead synth based on the concept of our MYSTERON "theremin emulator". ENIGMATRON uses the principle of continuous synthesis to generate smooth, gliding lead/solo sounds and ambiences.

ENIGMATRON extends the MYSTERON concept in two significant ways:- onboard effects / signal processors, and onboard modulation
generators / LFOs. It will, in future, also provide the capability for external modulation sources (pitch bend, MIDI CCs) to be mapped as modulators."

Discuss Enigmatron in our forum here.


skunkworks now open for business!


This is where we keep all the plug-ins and other tools that are either free, in public beta, long in years, or otherwise not quite in keeping with the slick commercial image ;-) of the rest of the site.

Everything here is a free download; that which is marked "beta" may expire at some point. If you find it useful, let us know by email or in the forums.

This area of the site is updated regularly, so do check back soon.


Simple VST Host


Simple VST Host is a (currently free, and in beta) VST effect and instrument host for Windows, with very low-latency ASIO support.

SVH allows you to host up to 16 instruments and plugs, it's arranged as four channel strips with four insert points on each.

Download build 14 here.

Discuss it here.


Snippet and Stuttter


These two plugs were developed as "proof-of-concept" early prototypes for some of the plugs in Series Two. Snippet is a MIDI-controlled pseudogranular resynthesizer; Stuttter is a sampler/remixer/chopper plug-in that actually samples (as opposed to a mere sample player).

Snippet, Mac OS / Mac OS X
Stuttter, Mac OS / Mac OS X
Snippet, Windows
Stuttter, Windows

See the included README files for more info; discuss these plugs here.




Mysteron is a VST instrument (windows only, sorry mac'ers) inspired by the Theremin. It's not intended to be a faithful or 100% authentic recreation; rather, it aims to capture the spirit of the beast in VSTi form.

The Mysteron control engine was later used in the "Mysterizer" fx plugin included in Steinberg's Cubase VST.

Get it here.

discuss on our forum.


VST Adapter SDE


VST-DX Adapter SDE was originally developed as a big brother to the v1.x/v2.x VST Adapters. It's a plug-in chainer with envelope automation intended for use in "offline" DX applications such as Sonic Foundry's Sound Forge, Syntrillium's Cool Edit Pro, and the destructive-edit DX modes in various other apps such as Cakewalk Pro Audio and SONAR.

It gives you a "Reaktor-like" interface for chaining VST (and DX) plugs, along with an envelope view where you can create split-point envelopes for every parameter of each plug. So you can "draw" filter sweeps on to your WAV file, for example. It also supports additional objects besides the plugs, which allow you to, for example, split the frequency spectrum of your signal and process the high frequencies through one signal chain, the low frequencies through another.

This was originally developed as a commercial product with an RRP around the $100 mark; as we're no longer sure of its viability, we're now giving away the most recent beta for you to comment on.

Get it here, and comment on it here.

Note that this plug was not intended for use in realtime host apps, and may crash your app if you try. Check out TCWorks' Spark FX Machine if you want something similar for realtime use.


DR-002 and DR-005


Our original drum samplers - the DR-002 (Win) and DR-005 (Mac / Win). These are no longer being developed, and are now available for free download:-
DR-002, Windows
DR-005, Mac
DR-005, Windows

These old drum modules are no longer officially supported, please don't email us with tech support questions - however, ask in the forum and we or someone else may be able to help. If the DR-005 asks for a license code, enter:- 5707-7538-4409-6997



Coming soon?









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