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September 19, 2002

Truth is cubic?

Before becoming the first human to comprehend Nature’s Harmonic Simultaneous 4-Day Time Cube, Gene Ray was a self-described “master electrician, inventor and inquisitive thinker.” Today he calls himself “The Wisest Human to ever live on Earth.”

Ray, 75, says he has discovered “absolute, unrefutable proof of four simultaneous 24-hour days within a single rotation of Earth.” He has dedicated the past 20 years of his life to furthering the Time Cube philosophy. He’s invested an estimated $250,000 in his mission and claims to have received death threats from NASA.

Ray’s Web site features a 6,200-word invective starting with the words “Tis time to kill any educator who does not teach Cubicism against cubelessness.” The diatribe is peppered with equally controversial statements, including “YOU were educated EVIL,” “Evil is cubeless. God is cubeless,” “All Clock Faces Are Wrong,” “I think Cubic, I am Wisest. You think self, you are evil,” and “USA on a path to cannibalism.”

Despite Ray’s efforts, academia and the media ignore his findings. Last January, however, students from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology hosted Ray as a speaker. His Web site advertised the event, offering $10,000 to any professor who could disprove Time Cube. The site also said, “Your god is invited to attend, and a chair will be prepared.” No professors came forward to accept Ray’s challenge. A chair labeled “Your God” remained empty. The offer still stands.

Ray (pictured at right) granted The Phoenix a phone interview from his home in Cummings, GA.

The Phoenix: What is Time Cube?

Gene Ray: Time Cube equates the four corners of a classroom to the corners of the Earth. Educators teach one corner of knowledge instead of dividing the hemispheres into four corners like a pie. All further divisions have to be made in corners. Four is the largest and smallest number in the universe.

The sun shines midday at one point, and it simultaneously creates an opposite corner point, what we call midnight. Earth — most academics refer to it as a circle, but it’s actually a solid sphere. It has a four-corner quadrant, and it rotates around four different corners itself. Each corner is its own separate world with its own separate day. We teach only one corner. That’s what we’re doing wrong, primarily.

It’s like when a baby is born, because the mother evolves. The mother and baby are the same age, they’re only opposite corners. There’s no grandparent until the baby is born. We don’t recognize human metamorphosis. Adults are not born; they only come from the baby. If you don’t recognize four corners, you only recognize changing of the baby. You’re just a big baby.

We are personified pyramid forms. You’re only one corner of who you think you are. Four lines go down the corner stone [of the pyramid]. Your arms and legs represent those long lines going down. Three dimensions don’t account for that. 3-D is erroneous. All our math is erroneous.

Time Cube is the greatest social discovery of humanity, but it’s forbidden knowledge. It’s deliberately held knowledge, because Time Cube would contradict knowledge. It would place academia in a single corner.

All creations are corners. When the mother and father join hands, they create corners of son and daughter. Corners of summer and winter join together create minor corners of spring and fall. Thousands of people understand it.

We’ve been taught negative knowledge. For people to comprehend Time Cube, they have to be deprogrammed from what they’re taught, so they can understand.

How did you discover Time Cube?

I’ve always given my mother credit for my birth rather than Jesus or God or something of that nature. God has nothing to do with it.

I tell scientists how a lowly earthworm has comprehended Time Cube. You divide the hemisphere into four corners, and each has a separate day. There’s a black race day, an Indian race day, a white race day, and an Asian race day. Midday goes 45 degrees to both sides, halfway to midnight.

The nation of America is a fictitious nation, because it’s based on Word. All Word is counterfeit and fictitious. Word is a more efficient form of mind enslavement than the whip or shackle. If you get rid of Word, everybody can do independent thinking.

The Self is the lowest form of humanity because it cannot procreate alone. It’s the village that’s the true perpetual body. It’s like a flock of birds: each bird contributes to the mass energy and spirit. It’s the flocks that are the true bodies of creation.

Time Cube is a creation of that body. It’s what everything is created by. The way the earth is tilted is an imperfection, and that’s what life is based on. If there were a perfect axis, there’d be no seasons, no life. The earth rotates, and each season has its own separate year on the axis of the sun. One perfect axis is like a straight line on a heart monitor. It means death.

I got off track of your question somewhere. You can go from the North Pole to the South Pole in zero time. Did you know that? Time in New York City is slower than time in Miami, Fla. The Earth is spinning faster in Miami than it would be in New York because it’s a shorter distance to the equator. Everything we’ve been taught is erroneous.

How does Time Cube disprove God?

The Bible said God created Earth on the first day. I have proof of four different days in one day. I’ve proven four first days. Greenwich time is erroneous. There are four simultaneous days on Earth.

Man invented Word, so he had to invent God. In [the] beginning there was Word. That’s all God is, is a word. Judaism is Word. I have a book that talks about God, but it’s represented so you cannot speak it: KWKH or something of that nature. Four letters — you can’t speak it. In truth, you can’t speak truth because it’s four corners.

You can take human mind and put in tiger body, and the mind has to conform to the tiger body. If you put a God in a human body, then it has to conform to the limitation of human body. No man can build the earth. God is in our image. Man is acting like God, but he’s not, he’s only a corner. God has no grandparents or grandchildren. The principle of God is contradicted in the principle of life on earth, because he’s only one corner.

I hate to say evil things. I’m a good guy. I’ve been baptized, born again, all that.

Is Time Cube at all like Taoism?

Yin and yang is not cubic. Time Cube has masculine and feminine — the two major opposites, like the two hemispheres. Yin and yang does not have that.

What obstacles have you encountered while trying to spread knowledge of Time Cube?

In South Florida they told me that if I came down there again or sent another fax, they’d put me in jail. Newspapers won’t print [anything about Time Cube] for a million dollars. No academic institution has allowed students to debate it. My brothers and sisters have some of the highest academic degrees in Alabama, but they don’t want to know what I know.

I had to get nasty on the Web site because educators refuse to allow students to debate Time Cube. I can’t throw rocks at them, so the only way I can accuse them is in a nasty way. I have to do this so they’ll stop ignoring it. They’d be exposed, all educators. I get e-mail from kids all the time. Some were suspended for looking at my Web site at school.

[Time Cube] is coming and it will be recognized someday, because you cannot disprove it. I’ve got a clear plastic cube with the earth in it. It’s got the earth’s four corners. That cannot be disproved.

Students have to rise up and demand that Time Cube be debated. MIT is talking about it. They may take it over and support it and keep it going. I get a lot of email from students saying I should be elected president of their student body, and that they’d fight the police [if necessary]. But the school threatens to kick them out. Students at MIT debated Time Cube, but it was not supported or endorsed by the institution. Physics majors want a Time Cube debate at Cornell.

I’ve also sent stuff to Stephen Hawking in England, but they all ignore it. They teach linear time. Time is not linear; it’s cubic. Academia does not want it. Professors run and hide. I can call them the worst names in the book, and they run and hide. They cannot challenge me. They cannot accept the challenge because they would lose. I could break the plate glass windows of a newspaper building, and I guarantee they wouldn’t take me to court, because [Time Cube] cannot come out [in the media].

How will Time Cube help people?

We’re destroying everything. One day we’re going to wake up without water. All the nuclear waste put in one dump could blow the nation half apart. We don’t consider those things. Humans are still in state of ignorance. The world is a creation different than what we’re taught. We have to change the teachers. Teachers change for money, not to help kids. Language is like a Trojan horse with deadly deceits in it. All Word is counterfeit.

There’s a link on my Web site to a story about some Europeans who went to Easter Island. They cut down a tall tree to make long boats to catch porpoises. They moved icons. All the birds left, and the people ate all the chickens, then they started practicing cannibalism. We’re going the same way. We’re cutting down forests, plundering resources. We’re on the same path to cannibalism.

You’ve got two cubes in a crapshoot. That’s what life is about. You don’t know who you’re going to meet. It’s all a crapshoot. I call it LET, Location Exposure Time. It disproves religion and academia: the sense that everything has an opposite, so you can counterbalance it and destroy it.

Kate Duffy is responsible for this interview. You know her. She’s the sophomore with pink hair. If you’re a minor celebrity, she just might interview you, too.


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