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Revision 5: 
Production from 1997/10 up to 2000/03 (upto 24 months ...) 
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To improve sales demand a visual facelift was done including 3 new modern colours (never before available). Not much was done to the handling other than improved high-speed aerodynamics (via a very small change - a pair of cheap plastic air deflectors!). The idea of subtle styling went completely out of the window.  1998 specification face-lifted MR2`s are not for shy introvert types. The car has very much of a loud and 'look-at-me' presence. A radical new rear spoiler gives the car a very loud 'I`m around' look that truly gets you noticed! - many more people turn around and stare - whether they stare in disgust or simply admiration is open to debate, but they surely do stare! 
The rear spoiler coupled with the fresh styled modern 5 spoke alloy wheels design (sadly still only 15" in size) has significantly enhanced the appearance of the 1998+ cars. It is quite surprising just how much of a visual impact the new wheels and spoiler have on the car. Considering the shape is now celebrating a decade of production it still looks fresh, seductive and modern. Some people have been buying 1998 cars just for these cosmetic changes alone.

The 'loud' look is currently a very trendy thing. Manufacturers all seem to be producing 'Look-At-Me' styled cars - this can certainly be seen on a lot of new sports cars like the Nissan Skyline GT-R and Subaru Impreza's. More than a few people have compared the styling of the new spoiler to that of the Skyline GT-R. All new Japanese sports cars now seem to be coming factory fitted (at least for Japanese markets anyway) with 17" or even 18" alloys, ultra low profile tyres and spoilers with radical styling and driven by 200bhp+ power plants. 

The 1998 MR2 gets pretty close on all fronts. The final revision of the Mk2 MR2 before production of the Mk3 MR2 model concept is here with us from year 2000 and beyond. A low mileage, one owner example of a 1998 MR2 is a very sort after car with a premium price tag. It is pretty obvious that
the original MR2 philosophy of an affordable mid-engine sports car got mixed up somewhere (Perhaps the reason for Toyota`s decision to go back to basics and aim the new MR-S at the cheaper £17/£18k market?). 

Today current MR2 models are aimed at a much higher segment of the market than at the original launch with a new price of almost £25,000 when fully spec'ed up. This has obviously been a factor keeping desire to own one and second hand prices rock solid, despite the amount of imports that
have flooded the market in the last couple of years.
  • Reduction in number of colours to 7 (with 3 new colour choices)  
  • New 15" Alloys Design, 5-Spokes with small chrome look centre cap  
  • New Design Interior Floor Mats 
  • New More Aggressive styled 3-Way Adjustable 'Combat' Spoiler (Skyline GT-R style) 
  • Red stitching in seats, steering wheel and gear knob 
  • Red instrumentation dials 
  • Passenger Side airbag now standard 
  • Addition of front wheel Air Deflectors to improve high speed stability 

Japanese spec cars only get more specs -

  1. 1) Air Conditioning / Climate Control Standard (as usual) 
  2. 2) Normally aspirated engine (3S-GE) gets latest design engine, BEAMS VVT-i  
  3.    (Variable Valve Timing Intelligent) increasing power output to 200bhp! 
  4. 3) Steering wheel now incorporates latest sports steering wheel airbag design, which is  
  5.    much smaller! 
  6. GT-S gets RECARO lightweight Sport seats; 

Oct 1997 -> Nov 1997 - 1997 R reg (not in UK)
Nov 1997 -> Dec 1997 - 1997 R reg (not in UK)
Dec 1997 -> Jan 1998 - 1997 R reg (not in UK)
Jan 1998 -> Aug 1998 - 1998 R reg UK Release of revision 5...
Aug 1998 -> Jan 1999 - 1998 S reg
Jan 1999 -> Feb 1999 - 1999 S reg
Feb 1999 -> Aug 1999 - 1999 T reg
Aug 1998 -> Oct 1999 - 1999 V reg
Oct 1999 -> Mar 2000 - 2000 W reg (rare, only last few late registrations!)


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