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FLCL is a collaboration OVA work between GAINAX and Production I.G, produced in 2001. The story is set on a fictitious world about an ordinary boy named "Naota," who is rather bored with his ordinary life in an ordinary city called Mabase. However, one day, he's suddenly encountered by a strange woman named "Haruko" who identifies herself as "alien." Since their encounter, Naota's not-so-exciting life becomes not-so-ordinary anymore.

Directed by :: Kazuya Tsurumaki
Production :: Production I.G / GAINAX
Number of Episodes :: 6
Length :: 30 mins / ep


Subtitled episodes:
Episode 01: Furi Kuri (FLCL)
Episode 02: Fista (Fire Starter)
Episode 03: Maru-Raba (Marquis de Carabas)
Episode 04: Furi Kiri (Full Swing)
Episode 05: Bura-Bure (Brittle Bullet)
Episode 06: Furi Kura (FLCL Climax)

Messages from the Creators(coming soon):

From Kazuya Tsurumaki (Director):

I am quite surprised to hear that "FLCL," which has been criticized as being one of the most incomprehensible shows of all Japanese anime, is being so favorably received by American fans! However, difficulty in comprehension
should not be an important factor in "FLCL." On the contrary, I believe the "rock guitar" vibe playing throughout the show is a shortcut on the road to understanding it. I also feel confident that the English dub version of the show will make it even more comprehensible.

From Hiroki Sato (Producer):

"Do not think. Just feel it!" Do any of you know whose famous line this was? In FLCL, there are stupid puns, minute anal-retentive Otaku-esque information, and gags without a punchline used throughout, and the fans in Japan take all this with glee and anger. I have no idea how the slang expression in the English dub version means, but then again, there are people in Japan who enjoy "South Park" and "Monty Python," so I supposed this won't be much of an issue. Well, enjoy Kazuya Tsurumaki and Yoji Enokido's collaborative work of art where their delusions, desires and reality are blended in. Just kick back and watch it like you would normally do when you watch MTV. Have yourself a can of "Pringles," which would be a bag of "Calbee" if you were to do this in Japan.