Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation

April 11, 2000 (8 Manik, 0 Kank'in, 8 Manik)

Greetings! We come before you today with some new information. As you know, you are in the midst of various adjustments that are setting the stage for a vast influx of new energies. These new energies are accompanied by a great increase in the Legions of Heaven that currently stream from the high realms of A-E-O-N. Together, these events assure you that your coming reality is not very far away. Added to these events is what is happening in your solar system and your galaxy. At present, the grand stellium in Taurus is being formed. This wondrous event can be seen as the key meant to unlock the door of your great destiny. Moreover, it is the occurrence that truly marks a grand moment in your movement toward full consciousness. From this time forth, know that enough Beings on your planet have awakened to justify us in Heaven approving a mass landing immediately if certain other scheduled events do not go as presently planned. You are, indeed, at the point where your success is quite inevitable. The only detail remaining is co-creating with us how you wish your mission to be completed.

      During the course of many generations, you have forged an ethos that has been represented by a plethora of thought-forms. These mental and emotional constructs have created a whole belief system that long enforced the oppressive matrix of your present reality. Now, you have the golden opportunity to allow all of this to be drastically transformed. This activity has been one that we have been involved in together. It has caused us to see how you are transmuting your long-held belief systems and eagerly preparing yourselves for a new one. We have also observed how vastly different each of your approaches has been to this procedure. We have watched you run the emotional gamut and, simultaneously, experience cleansings that have left you physically drained. Yet, in spite of all this, you are still determined to go forth and finish bravely what has been started. We can only commend this inner strength. We thank you sincerely for what you have had to bear so far. However, much remains that requires you to stay steadfast and quite able to endure what is to be placed before you.

      What lies ahead can be compared to being on the edge of a very high cliff. Either you can jump and intend that you land free from harm in the water far below, or you can arrange for a helicopter to take you safely to your destination. This choice is collectively yours. Our position is to have the helicopter ready to assist you, if you so desire. Aiding you in this decision is a group that you know the least about - your secret rulers. Their opinions are added regularly to the grand mix. It is for this reason that we have been so adamant in seeing that their beliefs 'squared' with ours. To this end, we have brought forth an educating process designed solely to swiftly change their ways. Right now, this strategy permits us to move into position certain resources that can make your transition much easier. Dear Ones, it is our purpose in the very near future to employ these many resources, as well as some others, to accelerate our already sped-up timetable. Your society is becoming ready to accept its prophesied change and to move into its new responsibilities. This fact brings us much joy.

      Above you sit the great fleets of the Galactic Federation. They solemnly await our decision to permit them to make a massive first contact with your society. The process of using them as our court of last resort with your many secret rulers, and employing them simultaneously as vital assistants in our transformational process, has put them through many of their own transformations. This first contact has been the most dramatic ever undertaken by the Galactic Federation. During its course, they have grown much and been able to solidify this galaxy in ways never before thought possible. You have been both the subject of their studies and their greatest teachers. This process has permitted us to see how powerful you can be. Dear Ones, do not underestimate your wondrous abilities or lessen in your own eyes your coming capabilities. You are a great people on the verge of a most incredible destiny. It is this destiny that has put you through such great challenges and allowed you to survive successfully.

      This grand change in your consciousness is a most complex process. There are, literally, hundreds of billions of steps needed. Each of these steps is minutely inter-connected on countless levels. Weaving this all together is something that we in Heaven truly enjoy. It has been a marvelous experience to partake in, and to observe, what is happening. You have given us many challenges, including your amazing ability to steadily deny what is occurring. You seem totally oblivious to the miraculous things taking place around you. You even easily ignore what is happening to you. You remain deaf and seemingly blind to all that you feel and hear from your inner councils at the most unusual times. Yet, you have the ability to make great sudden leaps forward, or even to swiftly adjust to great changes in your daily environment. This ability extends even to your many attitudes and your reaction to events put suddenly before you.

      You have altered enormously Heaven's view of physicality. You have garnered much knowledge for us to employ and brought us great joy in your growing wisdom. You can put this wisdom to great use in your coming responsibilities. It is something that prepares you for all possibilities and makes you what you are intended to be - those grand Beings who can alter the very nature of all physicality. It is this metamorphosis that truly has marked you as special. Because of this, you have caught the grand favor of the Supreme Creator and have received from Lord Surea many decrees issued in your favor. In addition, you have obtained the protection of your local heavenly Administration, and we have greatly upgraded even your local Spiritual Hierarchy. In short, Heaven has smiled upon your efforts.

      As you grow in global consciousness, you can begin to see how our efforts are boosted by yours, and vice versa. This project is really a joint effort and its co-creation is our mutual responsibility. We realize that, until recently, only a very few of you realized this fully. Now, this number is geometrically growing and soon, its growth can be exponential. This fact greatly pleases us. It demonstrates how your great potential is swiftly manifesting. You are Beings filled with growing possibilities. You realize how your global society is becoming tied together. You comprehend also how to use this energy to positively change your world. This excites us immensely and enables us to willingly continue to accelerate what we are doing. Many wondrous events are, indeed, taking place just beneath your horizon. They are soon to come into view!

      This world that you are co-creating is to be a marvelous place. Its wonders are something that will be a great surprise to you. Think of it as a gift that you are giving yourselves and all of Creation. This gift can transform your reality and also reveal the next steps in unfolding Creation. This process that we are finishing has the ability to impart more than wisdom to you. It can show you a vital element in how Creation exists and how the Supreme Creator thinks. In opening your great gift, you can unwrap the very essence of the divine plan. You can reunite with the great Oneness that is the Supreme Creator and truly become all that you are meant to be. What a grand gift to have - something leading you back to who you are and allowing you to complete your divine purpose!

      Today, we discussed how your reality is unfolding. You have seen that it is revealing itself at an ever-increasing rate. This process is one that is educating all concerned. We ask that you continue to evolve in your own unique way and make use of all your manifesting abilities in a most positive way. Remember that what is occurring has a divine purpose. It all leads to the forging of your new reality. We now take our leave. We give you great blessings! Know, dear Ones, that your magnificent abilities and the Power and Supply of Heaven can only create a truly golden reality. Amen. Selamat Ja! (Be in Joy!)

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