Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation

        5 Oc, 18 Chen, 9 Eb        

Selamat Jarin! Today we arrive, with more interesting news for you. We remain in the midst of discussions with your various worldly cabals. These talks are now aimed at finalizing certain agenda points. They include a number of specific subjects, the most important being to provide you with a series of significant resources. To this end, we have initiated a strategy whose sole purpose is to ensure that the most headstrong of the cabals yield to our demands. Hence, we have moved to veto the items that are delaying the operation. We are also proceeding, on a global scale, with actions that are carefully designed to restructure your restrictive financial system. In the coming moments, blessed Lights, it is important that you be given full opportunity to create a great many new organizations and networks. Their main purpose revolves around your increasing need to quickly educate your populace about its true future and about what they need to accomplish now. By doing so, you will be setting the stage for our appearance upon your shores.

      The preparation process is now our main objective. We realize that your next steps forward require our direct guidance. Thus, because we will need to manifest ourselves before you, you will first have to expand many of your spiritual and religious concepts to involve us in a positive way. Your vast xenophobia must be transformed into a more inclusive belief. You need to better understand your true origins and your place in Creation. Fortunately, some of your major religious organizations appreciate the need for these changes, and have sincerely welcomed our initial contacts. We are greatly encouraged by their fundamental desire to resolve potential problems. Further, they have indicated that they are now preparing proposals to submit to us on these matters. If they continue in the vein of our ongoing discussions, then truly momentous decisions are not very far away. They show that, along with alterations to the global 'cover-up' of our existence, we will soon be able to make ourselves and our intentions known to you.

      Our primary aim remains to restore you to full consciousness. This process will allow you to carry out the duties that the Spiritual Hierarchy and the divine plan have assigned to you. A major part of this involves a massive first contact, in which you will meet your spiritual and space families. It is an exceedingly complex operation that entails a number of very different activities. Many of them require that you be given the opportunity to establish a new type of society, which will be the transition between your present and your future. In order for you to create it, your clandestine rulers must substantially change the ways they control you. As we said in our last message, they need to shift from the role of controllers to one of nurturers. To you, this may seem easy. To them, it is not. It requires them to better communicate their methods of operation and agree to more openly guide your lives. It also implies that, eventually, they must revise your history to more accurately disclose their past influence.

      As these things occur, it is incumbent on you to carefully consider your new responsibilities. You are on the verge of resources that, traditionally, you have considered a sign of power, and that you have never really possessed in your distant or recent past. That you have been given them means that you are now able to go forth and fulfill your dreams. Therefore, dear Lights, look within and understand how essential it is that you not stumble. Instead, learn to what extent your true desires can greatly assist in unfolding this Creation. Unite and form organizations and networks that will swiftly transform your present society. With grace and wisdom, help those in your world who possess the means to introduce radical new technologies and important new scientific concepts. Use your resources to gently educate and reform your world. Assist those who wish to prepare your world to release its xenophobia and its major fears. Work intently to make your world a better place.

      This process means that our first contact with your world grows closer with each passing day. This brings us great joy. It also gives us a great responsibility that, ultimately, we are meant to share with you. Until then, our mission is to assure you of your resources and to give you the proper guidance. This process is not ours alone, but is also the divine mission of your Spiritual Hierarchy. Your Ascended Masters, as well as the great Orders of Heaven in this galaxy and in A-E-O-N, have worked decisively to ensure your success. They have shown your worldly cabals the errors of their former ways. These mighty representatives of Heaven have set the stage for the issue of your much-needed resources - their compassionate gift to you. They ask you not to judge your former masters. Instead, learn that all things have their place and that Heaven is the only judge of these karmas.

      Heaven knows your importance in the changing of physicality. You possess the ability to unite the diverse parts of physicality. Your first step is to solidify this galaxy. You are the focal point, permitting us to end countless galactic wars and helping to forge an intergalactic union for this part of physical Creation. This process has allowed many others from inter-dimensional and various other realities to join together. This coming together has intensified as you have approached the momentous next step in your transformational procedures. Hence, a vast number of souls watch your progress with great interest. We wish to congratulate you and to extend our help to you. You are not alone. You, dear blessed Lights, have the potential to succeed and to carry out what Heaven has so graciously asked of you.

      This potential propels your transformation, which the remaining few who oppose you wish to prevent. The darkness is approaching the end of its capability, and you are destined to transform it into a most positive force. Ultimately, this combined power will reunite Heaven and physicality. For this reason, this dark potential was given its due and provided with a timeframe in which to carry out its many deeds. Now, the time has arrived for its appointed conclusion. It is a moment in time when you must let go and follow the dictates of the divine plan. Some of you are more stubborn and do not yet wish to yield. As we mentioned earlier, we will show these people that their only choice is to let go. They must understand our concern and determination in ensuring your mission's success.

      As you can see, the next step in your process is to be a major one, filled with many amazing surprises and wondrous discoveries. Each will permit you to grow into the destiny that has brought you to these shores. For many millennia, you have struggled toward the Light. That struggle was difficult. Now, you reach the exciting time. You are to grab a 'golden ring' and achieve truly marvelous results. One of the most important is our joint meeting, which will thrust a series of vastly important responsibilities before you. It signals that you are quite close to full consciousness. Once you achieve this objective, you become who you really are - powerful physical Angels of the Light. Then, you will be ready to carry out your sacred destiny.

      In today's message, we have briefly discussed what is unfolding and where you are going. We ask that you continue to look within to intuitively discover your true desires. Know that, with Heaven, you are about to manifest what you desire. This process will begin a most miraculous period in your history. We now take our leave. Bless you All! Know that Heaven's great Abundance in all measures and in all ways is yours! Amen. Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)

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