Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation

        6 Kan, 12 Yax, 9 Eb        

Selamat Jarin!! We come today with more interesting disclosures. We are, at present, in the final stages of our negotiations with your worldly cabals, who are in the process of implementing a number of previous agreements. It is our solemn mission to ensure that those who support the Light complete their assigned tasks within a workable timeframe. Over the past ten days, we have greatly increased our deployment of various types of defense ships in your atmosphere. Our fleet has also used these craft successfully in a number of covert actions. Our liaison teams have increased their general supervision of the special activities that we intend will bring you certain resources in the near future. In this, we must express our satisfaction with the level of determination displayed by the vast majority of your worldly cabals. We are, however, becoming increasingly displeased with those who still wish to obstruct or delay certain key activities. We see a need, once again, to issue them a strong warning. Dear Hearts, continue your worldwide gatherings and add your wondrous energies to ours.

      Heaven has supplied us with a number of new decrees. The grand Orders of Heaven have given us permission to establish the necessary contingencies for any sudden first contact. To this end, at several meetings convened with all the commanders of this most varied fleet, we have established a highly detailed new set of operation orders that will be in full effect by 12:00 hours GMT on 8 Cimi, 14 Yax, 9 Eb. The fleets agreed to unite temporarily under the overall command of the Sirian Defense structure for this sector of the Milky Way Galaxy. Hence, the Sirian Regional Federation Council has issued the prescribed accords, placing the Galactic Federation Commander for this defense sector in charge of carrying out any first contact with your world. He, in turn, has asked that the head of the Sirian Regional Council's S&E; Liaison Board be placed in direct command of the combined fleet. This will be accomplished by the time our new operation orders are in place. We now stand ready to carry out any mission that Heaven assigns.

      We have initiated negotiations with your worldly cabals for a number of reasons. The first is to secure the rapid release of resources originally established for you by your Ascended Masters many centuries ago. The second is to end their official cover-up of our existence. It is vital that you are aware of our presence and of the destiny that lies before you. This leads to our third reason: It is crucial that we set up procedures that will allow you to use your resources to increase your personal sovereignty and freely inform Earth's citizenry of its ongoing ascension procedures. Moreover, you must quickly create institutions that can assist your fellows in transforming more easily into their fully conscious selves. Vast set of new technologies must also be introduced, which, on your world, often produce vigorous opposition and widespread misinformation campaigns. These elements must be fully redressed in order to facilitate the transformation of your global society.

      Our discussions began only after many of your Ascended Masters completed a great deal of personal education. The process now underway in your world is part of the vast unfolding of the divine plan and deeply involves your realm. It must be transformed so that you may use your magnificent talents to advantage. Therefore, we have carried out only the scenarios of which Heaven has approved. Divine intervention involves a vast number of spiritual and physical entities. Each strategy is intended to complete a number of set decrees that were issued us by the divine plan. Following this mandate, we have come to your shores to serve as specially supervised medical teams and careful observers of your Sun's many changes. In this, we have acted only according to the detailed and gracious directives of your local Solar and Planetary Spiritual Hierarchies, which come, in turn, from A-E-O-N and Lord Surea.

      We are being allowed to plan the dates for our coming first contact, which will occur at an appropriate and opportune time. Here, dear Lights, we ask that you continue your global meditations for peace, to which we joyfully add our own energies. We are, moreover, issuing a dire warning to your cabals. Presently, your global society is moving quickly toward a greater degree of harmony, of which we are its necessary guarantors. We are deeply concerned with the proliferation of nuclear weaponry that imperils your globe. We find these devices no longer acceptable. Consequently, we have initiated serious discussions concerning such weapons with your cabals, who recognize the need to discourage their spread. We have also offered, in good faith, to resolutely oversee all agreements banning the use of these weapons.

      Your major and minor political powers continue to develop many chemical and biological weapons. We wish to end this stockpiling and to encourage, instead, the introduction into your world of life-prolonging technologies. The complexities of first contact can demonstrate that your world's bitter divisions are only temporary. Their transformation can encourage your diversity and permit each culture to contribute its unique identity and wisdom to the creation of a global society. This promise originates in your use of several new communication and transportation technologies that will more closely connect your world and allow us in the Galactic Federation of Light to add our many ingredients to the mix.

      Under the divine guidance of Heaven, we are solemnly pledged to protect the coming global society. You, however, are its greatest defenders. Each of you knows, intuitively, that you are on the brink of wondrous events, yet you remain uncertain as to how and when they can possibly occur. You are the catalyst for change. Heaven has come, with your physical brethren, to assist in the birthing of this grand gift. You now need the courage to realize that this blessing is possible, indeed, and that it is your divine destiny. Use these imminent events as a divine portent and then act, globally and decisively. Your worldly cabals are now aware that this sacred process is leading you to your inevitable victory.

      What we describe is part of a greater whole that marks the unfolding of the present Creation. As you prepare for your destiny, go within and learn more about the inner worlds that truly define who you are. You are part of a great inter-connected whole called life, which has come to physicality to acquire knowledge and wisdom. The Creator has given this process to us as a gift, and we are responsible for it. We in the Galactic Federation of Light take this gift very seriously and very joyously. From it, we have derived much wisdom. We now gladly prepare to pass this wisdom on to you. In your care, it will grow and become the instrument that, at last, will unite physicality with Heaven.

      In today's message, we have discussed a great many things. We ask that you use this information as a springboard to your Heart's logic. Look inside at your wonderfulness and discover who you really are. Realize that you are both a marvelous collective and a wondrous individual who travels a sacred path toward full consciousness and a golden new reality. We now take our leave. We graciously bless you, dear Hearts! Know that you are the honored recipients of Heaven's abundance. Amen. Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)

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