Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation

April 25, 2000 (9 Imix, 14 Kank'in, 8 Manik)

Greetings! We come with some more interesting information. In previous messages, we have described what is currently happening to you. We have shown you that your galaxy, as well as your solar system, is changing. In addition, we have categorized the complex transformational process that presently engulfs you. These things are all part of a much greater process - the unfolding of physical Creation. Long ago, your ancestors were thrown into a state of limited consciousness. However, they retained something that is quite unique and quite amazing - their individual and collective Lightbodies. In spite of all the horrible things cast in their direction, they were still physical Angels. They were yet connected to both the realms of Spirit and the realms of physicality. This duality is both your greatest gift and your greatest challenge. It is what has separated you from most of the sentient denizens who occupy this Milky Way Galaxy. It is also what gives you the ability to fulfill your grand destiny. Keep this in mind as you go through your many changes each day.

      Your present reality is merely a glimmering of what physicality actually represents. Its depth and its breadth are truly immense. Your scientific knowledge is still in its early infancy. However, many highly secretive orders throughout your globe have hidden away a knowledge and a technology far superior to what you now know. It contains the legacy of lost Lemurian and ancient Atlantean Orders. Added to these things is the strange information that your secret cabals have gleaned from many highly advanced off-world star-nations. All of this needs to be put before you, dear Children. However, your many covert worldly rulers sit in daily fear of losing their grip upon you. They quake at your magnificence and fear the effect of this brilliance upon their various dark schemes. So, they delay and attempt to discover possible loopholes in their promises to us. Such reneging is no longer a viable option. Heaven permitted their great power to stay in place for only a certain period of your time. Remember always that you are indeed Children of the Light; hence, you are truly under our divine protection.

      The process currently underway is designed to liberate you from your present limiting reality. Heaven also plans to permit you to fully regain a knowledge of who you really are. Part of this process continues to be our education of your worldly covert rulers on their responsibilities. Bear in mind that any Being now incarnated upon your world is part of the same collective. You breathe the same air, drink the same water and eat the same food. What is different is the position in which you have been put. As your society grows in awareness, it reaches a point where it is either enlightened or forced by its many choices to repeat its old dark cycles. Your reality has now reached this point. However, this time, only one fork in the path is acceptable to Heaven. This fork is the roadway that leads you to your glorious enlightenment. To ensure that this choice is elected, we have come to this land from A-E-O-N and formally authorized a divine intervention into your society's present evolution. This intervention was aided marvelously by the many powerful decrees that Lord Surea issued to us.

      This intervention has come to you in two distinct forms. First, there is a purely Spiritual intervention. It is this one about which we have recently been informing you. It is making possible the alteration of your RNA/DNA and permitting the integration of your physical and Light bodies. We have monitored very closely these numerous changes in your very presence in physicality. Your many inner divine councils dearly Love you. They sincerely desire that your transformations be as smooth as possible. The second aspect is the various fleets of the Galactic Federation that are now poised above you. They are entirely under our divine supervision. Their only intent is to move you swiftly into full consciousness. Yet, we do not wish to unleash them until the right divine moment. Until then, we will continue to use our persuasive and educative strategies upon your numerous secret cabals. We carefully intend them to produce a certain effect within a designated timeline.

      Keep in mind that you are living within a specially created timeline decreed by the divine plan. Dear Ones, it is our duty to carry this out. We are completely dedicated to seeing that your collective opts for this outcome. To insure that this occurs properly, we also have the great fleets of the Galactic Federation at our disposal. When a certain series of numerous upcoming events have been played out, we will then permit them to enter your sacred realm. This, they will do in great numbers. One way or the other and at a selected time, they will come to complete their sacred mission of first contact. This mission is one that dovetails with yours. It is the way you will quickly expand your knowledge and become more informed concerning your now lost history. In addition, the sacred societies of your inner Earth and those secret groups who are guarding a special sacred knowledge are pledged to come forth and reveal themselves to you.

      Surrounding all of these events, there stand the sacred, powerful energies of Heaven. These energies are meant to enlighten and protect you. Fear not, and be in full faith that you are to be delivered from any type of continued bondage! Much has been said about how you are growing. To us, you are all the very sweet blooms of a most fragrant and ever-blossoming rose. This rose's essence is casting out the darkness of doubt, inner fear and denial in you. It is replacing these limiting feelings by manifesting great abundance, inner courage and a grand acceptance of Heaven's divine will. Breathe it in and know that you are not alone! Heaven has sent all of us to complete our glorious mission and complete it, we shall! This present period is meant to be a transition into the realm that you are fated, by the holy Will of the Creator, to occupy.

      The beauty and magnificence of your new realm cannot be understated. It exists to allow you to do all that you came here to accomplish. This present time is when you are to receive some final tests and achieve some great rewards. Needless to say, these things and the actions that they signify are quite precious to us. In them, you will obtain much knowledge about who you really are. Additionally, they will show those who secretly rule you how powerful are your alliances and how mighty you truly are. Dear Ones, you have a destiny. It cannot be denied. It was set dutifully into motion when this Creation was first spawned. Now, at last, you are ready to assume your great mantle and take on the myriad responsibilities that they carry. It is this grand destiny that we have come to gratefully carry out with you.

      All that we say to you, dear Ones, is filled with our Love and our great respect for you. We are very proud of you, and wish you only the best. Long have we waited for this blessed moment. You are nearing the end of your path through the wilderness of limited consciousness. Rejoice in what is happening and be most thankful and ever gracious for what you are about to receive. Ahead of you lies the final segment of your journey back to the Light. This part is filled with grand tests and great challenges. They can test the mettle of your heart and show you how related you really are to one another. Still, know that about and around, there sits Spirit. Its strong sword is ever ready to protect you and its sacred guidance ever-present to direct you. Together, we are ready to go forth and to complete all that we have come here to accomplish! Go in Love and in Peace.

      Today, we have talked frankly about some coming events. Let them be ones that lead you to your destination. Be able to state to your progeny that you were part of a grand revolution of Spirit that freed your world and allowed it to achieve its grand fate. We now take our leave. We bless you all, dear Ones! Go forth with your great abilities and the Power and Supply of Heaven. Build your glorious new reality. In all of this, know that you are not alone, for Heaven walks freely with you! Amen. Selamat Ja! (Be in Joy!)

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