Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation

September 16, 2000 (9 Kan, 12 Zip, 9 Eb)

Greetings! We come again, with much to tell you. Your reality, dear Friends, has changed. Right now, you are adrift in transitional times. Many things are about to become more evident to you. One of these is a greater knowledge of your space kin. At present, we sit unobtrusively above you. Vast fleets remain largely unseen while, each day, we converse with your covert rulers. These dark Beings understand that their cover-up of our existence cannot continue much longer. Gradually, they are making preparations to reveal us to you. They realize that a complex scenario, involving all of us, is fully underway. Long ago, the Spiritual Hierarchy of our galaxy decreed that a divine intervention was required to restore your realm to its fully conscious ways. This process began in earnest, after the tragic fall of the Atlanteans. Since then, it has been conducted, for the most part, by the Angelic components of your local Spiritual Hierarchy. Finally, nearly a decade ago, the time arrived to fully involve us. Consequently, we have eagerly proceeded, based upon those guidelines that Spirit has given us.

      These plans have in them your first contact with us. This moment is fast approaching. The exact nature of its timing is dependent upon a number of factors. Among the most important is the setting of an energy for contact. Currently, many 'starseeds', most of whom are quite young, have been birthed on your world. They have come to help your planet in its swift transition to a new reality and a new set of core perceptions. Some of the older 'starseeds' have a wholly relevant mission - to restore you to full consciousness. We are most fond of this operation. Think of it! You are moving a world's population into a new setting. You have been accomplishing this, with limited resources, and, seemingly, no support. In actual fact, you are close to a vast quantity of heavenly resources. Moreover, you have the full support of the highest reaches of Heaven. Every day, new Legions of powerful Light Beings arrive from A-E-O-N and firmly strengthen the hand that you have been dealt. Indeed, those presently in power comprehend that their heinous plans can no longer be undertaken. You have achieved a partial victory. More is soon to come!

      We are moving you into a special position that involves the utilization of your ever-growing global networks of Light. At present, these networks are barely connected. Each of you has linked only minimally with each other. Most of you do not know of the other's existence. You merely assume that a vast milieu is 'out there'. In fact, that assumption is correct. However, you must act upon it. Make it a point to connect your various components. Comprehend that in numbers, there is power. Realize that the great power found in your global meditation exercises is quite real. Now, it must be expanded. Moreover, the divisions that exist between the spiritual community and those who seek knowledge of us need to be healed. In actuality, Spirit has always guided those in the Light to each other. In this regard, fear of off-worlders who come to you in the Light must be dissipated. Support groups are required to bridge these difficulties. You must prepare to unite these communities. Our part in this process will be to make ourselves more known to those who seek us.

      This process is a complex one. It requires that your age-old xenophobia about 'outsiders' be changed. You, dear Friends, are our ancient kin. We belong together. We have been apart for too long. You have created an environment in which your fear of outsiders has steadily increased. Mass media and your global entertainment industry have inflamed this neurosis. Much needs to be corrected. We have only a short time in which to do so. Accordingly, we ask that you perceive the importance of getting the message out as soon as possible. In reality, many elements that can make your mission much easier have begun to appear. Bear in mind that opposition to your message is not as great as it was, only a few short years ago. Every day, more Beings on your world are awakening, seeking some truths about us. This growing quest is a tremendous advantage, because it heightens your credibility and intensifies your access to the public. In this environment, it is imperative that you discern how best to accomplish this project.

      Remember that many individuals involved in hindering our appearance have recently had a change of heart. In addition, understand that a number of needed resources are close to appearing before you. Also be aware that a divine process to accelerate your spiritual growth is underway. All of these things are coming forth in a divine scenario. Such workings happen only as the divine plan so decrees. Its timings occur almost magically, and in a way that leads you, synergistically, to another necessary element. We say this so that you understand 'the big picture' in which everything happens. It is vital that you realize how this timing operates. Do not force it. Simply let go of your presumptions. Become more intuitive. Discern how best to proceed. In this way, possible disappointments can be minimized. Bear in mind that what you do has the full force of Heaven behind it.

      As you go forward, Heaven and the Galactic Federation of Light are forging the means for your success. The crucial element is your continued focus upon transforming your society and yourselves. To this end, we collectively have done much to aid you. Your solar system is changing, your planet is changing and, most of all, you are changing. You, dear Friends, are the crux of all this transformation. See your reality as an illusion. Like some virtual reality, its environment and the rules that govern it can be altered. In this instance, the 'changer' is the shared perceptions that produced this reality. They even have the power to make you feel that all is the same, although it is quite different. Together with Spirit, we are modifying this belief. Beings of great spiritual Light have informed you briefly of these things in many past messages.

      As you transform, many processes kick in. Each is designed to make it easier for you to understand. You perceive that these changes are swift and inevitable. There is no turning back. There is only 'forward', into the great Light. This path is growing more traveled every day. Even those in denial sense its power and their repudiation has become quite unreasonable. This has given you the foundation for forging a pathway to your success. The old logic has become more difficult to enforce. The growing cracks in this logic leave room for new possibilities. You represent these new possibilities. Understand this and properly prepare yourself. Much is very near to happening. These numerous events will provide further proof of what you espouse. Gather your courage and be ready to act when you discern that the proper time has, at last, arrived.

      Before you lies a period primed for great change. We have expended much effort to prepare for it. It has created an environment ripe for your success. We ask that you realize this, and act. This operation demands proper timing on your part. Do not rush forward, blindly. Learn to discern. Learn how to determine what is appropriate, and when. This process takes a bit of hard experience to learn. Many of you have acquired this. Take others aside and teach them its subtleties. Once learned, it is a wisdom that can greatly aid your efforts. Be aware that what you are doing can encounter resistance. Discover how best to counter those who unwittingly oppose you. Observe, and see how easy it can be to disarm their ill-conceived beliefs. In all cases, understand that Heaven is behind you. Its support is very subtle and extremely powerful.

      Today, we have discussed changes occurring around you. We have asked you to take action. This action is meant to unify your now-divided spiritual and extraterrestrial communities. Much needs to be done. Proper action can lead to your immediate success. Know that we are working together with Heaven to ensure this success. We now take our leave. We bless you and thank you for your work. Together, the supply of Heaven and your own abilities will produce a glorious new reality. Amen. Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)

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