Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation

June 6, 2000 (12 Akbal, 16 Pax, 8 Manik)

Greetings! We come today with many interesting things to discuss. Dear Ones, your world is transforming. We have described this process to you in each of our messages. In addition, we have given you some news about how we are assisting you through these most exciting times. Bear in mind that your process is a complex one that is proceeding concurrently in many different dimensions and a myriad of realities. As we have continually said, you are enormous Beings of Light. View yourself in this perspective. Understand how your changing grandly affects the other aspects of your Being. You do not yet fully comprehend this multidimensional ability. Still, it exists and you need to discover how it operates. Here, your state of limited consciousness and the self-denial that has been taught you since childhood can make this hard to accept. Nonetheless, visualize it and start a process whereby you can communicate with who you truly are. Understand that all life essences, or Spirit, are merely creative aspects of the Creator's divine plan.

      When you look at this marvelous Creation, you see a great work. It is extremely complicated, yet its basic framework is wondrously simple. Its divine lattice structure is based upon interlocking vortices that are clustered around the divine seed, a massive singularity. You are a part of all this. Dear Hearts, you exist in the magnificent Light of A-E-O-N and in the countless dimensions that form Heaven and have forged all of physicality. In each aspect, you have left an essential part of yourselves, which is connected to a number of collectives. Initially, it forms that magnificent Being that is you. Next, it produces the many Life-streams of Heaven and is connected, in turn, to the myriad of Orders that carry out the sacred edicts of the Creator's divine plan. Think of the beauty and the elegance of what the Creator has divinely wrought. Mother/Father God asks you simply to do your part in this grand blueprint. This role is immense and has a seemingly endless number of characters to orchestrate simultaneously. Still, it is, indeed, something that you do successfully in every instance of your existence.

      As you put yourself in your true perspective, you can realize that you have a significant part to play in the unfolding of this Creation. Furthermore, you can begin to see why you have come to this place of limitation and sorrow. You have come to give it your abundance and to plant in it your joy. Along the way, you experienced the nature of this reality. You have seen its penury and experienced its drama. You have even lost sight temporarily of who you truly are. None of this stopped you. You have trudged on through this reality's mire and begun its transformation. This process has allowed you quite recently to start to decipher the foggy images of your True Self and to initiate a process that can bring it into crystal clarity. This procedure has left you with a great deal of knowledge that you have forged into a wondrous wisdom. We in Heaven have graciously acquired this wisdom from you. In exchange, we have sent you ours, as well as a vast legion of Spiritual Beings to assist you in your sacred mission. In this, know that we are fully committed to helping you to complete successfully what you have started.

      In each segment of you is this divine dualism of an individuated and a collective self. In most cases, the difference remains quite hazy. Only in the physical realms is this process greatly delineated. In the physical, the nature of self can be explored fully. Here, the grand illusions of the physical can create intentional worlds that appear to have great substance. To a fully conscious Being, physicality appears like a virtual reality. It can be easily shaped, given certain fundamental 'rules', and a number of desired outcomes can be simulated. Here also, the collective serves an important role. It becomes the ultimate referee, assuring that a number of different scenarios can be successfully and simultaneously played out. This process has a limitless number of derivations. Moreover, it creates a physical order that, in a strange way, mirrors the structure of Heaven. Hence, physicality can be truly seen as a shadow world where Light and dark can exist and where a meaningful part of this Creation can be thoughtfully revealed.

      As you can see, you are a complex Being of Light with a divine purpose. It has caused you to be scattered throughout Creation. In this, you successfully carry out the work of Creation and faithfully represent the intention of a gracious and ever-Loving Creator. Your grand mission has been divided into a plethora of projects that contain a myriad of possibilities. These conventions have produced a vast quantity of information that has been distilled into wonderful bodies of wisdom. You use these tools to aid the divine plan. Your assistance has made it possible to unfold Creation and to permit Mother/Father God's great thoughts to be manifested. Each of you has worked with the other to make this great wheel of Creation turn as intended. Now, you have directed your great talents toward this important aspect of physical Creation. As always, you have shown it the great determination and skill that you naturally possess.

      The work in this particular aspect of physicality has some great challenges. You know this, and now perhaps you better understand who you are and why you have come here. You can see that much needs still to be accomplished. You comprehend the importance of your role. We in Heaven also have a part to play: to guide, advise and transform you. We are determined to play out this sacred role successfully. We know that as you grow, you will become more appreciative of what we are doing. In addition, we have brought with us your galactic kin. Many are fully conscious Beings of the Light. They come in gratitude for all that you are doing. Others are Beings who, like you, are growing in consciousness, seeking the best path to the Light. They see you as a divine disciple who is showing them how best to join their quest to yours.

      Your place in physicality has a unique destiny. We have discussed it with you many times. When you look at the grand picture of Creation, you can see how your realm fits into this grand design. It is the centerpiece of physicality, the near equivalent of the massive singularity that sits at the core of Creation. Consequently, it has undergone a grand drama. Your world has been moved through many types of dominant life forms. Mother Earth has set a large series of precedents, containing one of the most varied collections of plant and animal life found in any part of physical Creation. Earth is noted for its great beauty and behind it all lie these divine prophecies. They are the reason for what is now revealing itself to you. These sacred words are the reason you are about to experience a most magnificent transformation.

      Your coming transformation marvelously sets the stage for the next part of the Creator's cosmic drama. In it, you can employ your sacred place in Creation, as well as those great abilities that you possess. Your coming role will bring Creation a great wisdom. This Light will shine, showing the path that Creation will follow. It is this illumination that the dark was permitted to cover for numerous millennia. Now, the moment has finally arrived for us all to remove the sheath and prepare Creation for its next scenes in Mother/Father God's grand drama. Here, dear Ones, you become able to direct us all and to allow the wonders of A-E-O-N to pervade every part of physicality. In this, you will allow physicality to merge with Heaven and Creation to take on a vast body of wisdom. Using it, the final intention of Mother/Father God can at last be revealed.

      Today, we have spoken about the nature of Creation and some of the reasons behind your transformation. We ask you, dear Hearts, to look inside and to discern the immensity of who you really you. Begin to converse with your True Self (your 'I Am Presence'). Start to see yourselves within this great Light. Understand how powerful you are, and how unstoppable a force you represent collectively. We now take our leave. Bless you all. Know that the Power and Supply of Heaven and your grand abilities make your new reality inevitable. Amen. Selamat Ja! (Be in Joy!)

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