Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation

        7 Cauac, 7 Chen, 9 Eb        

Selamat Jarin! We arrive, again, with more interesting information. As you know by now, we are in the midst of important negotiations with your worldly cabals. These Beings continue to address us in several different ways. The major group is still cooperating with our basic desires concerning your awakening. However, despite initial setbacks in the last few weeks, the second, smaller group remains as obstinate as ever. Therefore, we have been compelled to initiate a number of specific actions to frankly illustrate our major concerns. These activities have sent them a clear message that their stubbornness is doomed to failure. In the last few days, they have agreed, only halfheartedly, to our demands. Accordingly, we have dispatched our representatives to formally oversee the implementation of these agreements. To aid us, various members of your Ascended Master Sisterhoods and Brotherhoods have gladly sent the spiritual protection our personnel need to perform their duties swiftly and safely.

      In addition, we have begun to establish more advanced bases in areas of your globe where the underground cities of Agartha are located. We intend to use these bases as centers to begin more comprehensive contact with certain individuals and groups. A major part of this strategy involves ending, in due time, your government's cover-up of our existence. Here, you must also understand that we have contacted, either directly or indirectly, certain major religious and non-governmental organizations. We are setting the stage for all of you to learn more about our benevolence and our agenda. This agenda focuses on making you fully conscious and, simultaneously, on admitting you, after our first contact, as full-fledged members of the Galactic Federation of Light. As part of this operation, we are pledged to having you understand that your recent history abounds with episodes of covert cooperation between your world's governments and various then-dark off-world civilizations.

      This history is important. With it, you can better understand how a wealth of advanced off-world technology was given to your world. Moreover, you will begin to comprehend why most of these technologies were kept from you. Only certain carefully screened items, such as solid-state electronics, have been allowed to surface in the past few decades. Others, considered disruptive to your cabals' dark agendas, were either barred from public exposure or employed to indirectly control you. Your secret rulers were determined to establish the means to save themselves from your growing consciousness and to continue a path destined, eventually, to destroy your planet's ecosystem. This process almost succeeded. Only the fateful intervention of your local Spiritual Hierarchy has saved you from this outcome. Their great Love permitted the galactic Spiritual Hierarchy to end your former quarantine and allow the Galactic Federation of Light to mount a first contact with your world. This process was carried out in conjunction with an Ascension process over numerous millennia.

      The integration of your physical and spiritual bodies has not occurred in a vacuum. Remember that the degree of 'Free Will' that you are allowed depends upon your level of consciousness. Further understand, dear Lights, that much of what happens to you is profoundly resolved by the spiritual Life contracts to which you formally agreed before incarnation. The web (or 'matrix'), which was established collectively in your reality, expanded these diverse elements. It forges your most vital core perceptions. Two elements - your local Spiritual Hierarchy and your worldly cabals - oversee the process. The cabals are the final remnant of certain dark forces formally led by the Anunnaki. In this regard, be advised that the dark side is presently crumbling. The Anunnaki changed sides and became the Annanuki. They are now working to aid your move toward full consciousness and the Light. What remain, dear Lights, are a number of worldly cabals, to which we have referred in recent messages.

      As you can see, the process unfolding before you has finally reached some important milestones. We sincerely intend to see that what this process needs to keep moving forward is duly provided. You must know, dear Friends, that patience and fortitude are, indeed, a virtue. Moreover, know that due diligence in carrying out certain prescribed activities has become an important part of these proceedings. The divine plan has set up a certain timetable for us to follow. We have gone about our business with these factors in mind. Let us assure you that we are determined to see that what is presently required occurs. Accordingly, we are now moving forward on certain matters that, shortly, will be vital to actions that you are most ready to undertake. Although we will not name them directly, be advised that both Heaven and we, ourselves, will perform the 'miracle' that you now require.

      Furthermore, we are moving forward on a number of different fronts. Our fleets have been advised to continue to monitor closely the condition of your ecosystem. At present, your Northern and Southern Hemispheres are experiencing severe weather, which will continue for quite some time. However, at an appropriate point, we are preparing to adjust your upper atmosphere. This benign process is designed to limit the severity of weather that you can expect in another year's time. We are awaiting certain agreements that concern secret technologies used by your governments. When these are fully implemented, we will be able to lessen the degree of disruption that these technologies, so far, have created. Therefore, we ask you to continue your amazing work. Your global rituals have greatly helped our efforts to stabilize Mother Earth.

      Our fleets are also watching over your solar system, especially your Sun. Your Lord Sun is a great Lady, who has watched over her children for a very long time. She has observed the devastating effects of galactic war upon them and has dearly longed for them to return to their pristine state. Her greatest glory will lie in seeing her trans-Martian prodigal daughter returned to life, an act that will come to pass once your world and you are fully transformed. Your glorious destiny is to oversee your Sun and her wonderful daughters. As their divine caretakers, you will sustain them; in doing so, you will acquire a great deal of wisdom. This marvelous wisdom, eventually, will permit you to perform the 'miracles' that are your collective destiny. Thus, you will be the divine instruments that reunite Heaven and physicality.

      Finally, we are scrutinizing your progress. Your local Spiritual Hierarchy is working busily to transform each of you into fully conscious Beings. Heaven has assisted them in accomplishing this. Consequently, successful and complex movement toward your full consciousness is inevitable. As you move in this direction, you are 'awakening'. Each part of the process has been set up in prescribed stages. Some of you have been the first great 'wave' that has endured much for a long time. This process is brought about so that, at the right moment, you may act as earthly overseers for the rest of humanity. It is an enormous responsibility. Because of it, you are more prepared than most for what is about to happen. Therefore, dear Lights, be ready for certain instructions that will be given to you at the appropriate time.

      In this message, we have discussed a timetable that is in effect for your transformation. We ask that you use your wonderful ritual and growing discernment of events around you to better understand how your transformation is altering untold layers of Heaven and physicality. You are the brave warriors of the Light who are helping us to carry out the sacred edicts of the divine plan. We now take our leave. We graciously salute you, dear Ones. Know that Heaven's Abundance is now upon you. Amen. Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)

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