Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation

       12 Ik, 5 Mol, 10 Caban        

Greetings! We come before you again, dear Hearts! In our last message, we entered into a debate concerning the deep connection between your rising level of consciousness and comparable changes now occurring in your solar system. These changes are part of the vast inter-dimensional process that is unfolding physical Creation. Having mentioned this in the last update, we will now further expand upon it. As you know, your solar system, as one of many third-dimensional realities that exist in physicality, exhibits a particular set of phenomena. When such a reality is moved into another mode, that reality needs to extensively adjust its appearance and its underlying 'rules of engagement'. Most dramatic of these will be the change in your worlds, from having two surface poles to possessing an external (Earth's former 'South Pole') and an internal pole that will be located at the planet's core (its former 'North Pole'). In a similar way, this process is also affecting your Sun. In order for this to happen, a vast series of very extreme activities must first take place. These activities are evident in changes displayed by your Sun and her many daughter-worlds.

      To understand what is transpiring, dear Ones, look first at the core of general agreement that is holding this reality together. Throughout the past few millennia, the divine plan has subtly modified this consensus by causing your reality's 'rules of engagement' to be altered over a specific period of time. One major side-effect is the current rise in consciousness that you are experiencing. Recently, this has affected your planet by raising her magnetic resonating rate and weakening the strength of her magnetic field. This, in turn, has been one of the major reasons for an increase in the number of higher-magnitude earthquakes and major volcanic eruptions. On the Sun, this has led to an unprecedented sunspot cycle. These events are precursors to changes in your Sun's magnetic poles. Your solar scientists have noticed an unusual amount of activity at six key points. These are the solar magnetic poles, the areas some 19.5 degrees latitude from each pole, the solar equatorial region and the areas some 19.5 degrees north and south of the solar equator. Similar regions can be found on the Sun's many daughter-worlds.

      In order to better grasp these events, envision your Sun and her daughter-worlds as energy shapes that resemble three intertwined 64-sided polygons and encompass a total of 172 sides. The critical intersection points are at vortexes found at the six locations that we have just mentioned. Normally, these vortexes are found some 19.5 degrees from each other along the same degree of longitude. The energies that exit, enter and maintain this shape at these points are highly intensified. In turn, minor axis points are found on latitude lines either 19.5 or 22 degrees from these major points. Together, this system performs in much the same way as your body's meridian system, which balances and sustains your magnetic and electrical processes. In the midst of these three interconnected polygons lies a central point or 'core'. This point 'drives' the configuration. To do so efficiently, it needs to interact continually at the highest possible levels and thus needs an inner and an outer pole. These 'opposite' poles repel each other, driving the system at maximum efficiency.

     Your present reality uses a three-step system that is highly inefficient and tends, eventually, to slow down and even stop. This system involves two outer poles and a third, inner one at its core. The central pole is neutral. Again, this system is highly inefficient but it allows your world and this solar system to work at much lower levels of base frequency. It was formerly needed to sustain you. Now, your spiritual and physical bodies are integrating and your base frequency is rising, allowing your reality to alter itself. It is moving toward a system whose on-going operation is much more productive. This involves moving the North Pole inward, uniting it with your central core. Subsequently, your South Pole needs to be spread across the world. For this to be accomplished, your present magnetic field needs to be weakened, and its usual 'flipping' cycle of North to South Pole and vice versa, altered. To do this, the Sun is using its increased intensity as a conduit for change.

      The spewing of vast amounts of highly charged matter into the solar system is blocking the usual signals for a planetary polar 'flip'. The device causing this is located in Mother Earth's upper atmosphere, where a large increase in electrically charged solar particles is interrupting the normal interaction between a weakening magnetic field and the usual, smaller increase in solar particles. At a critical point, a particular type of negatively charged solar particles interferes with your planet's magnetic flow and eventually causes its cyclic polar 'flip'. Then, the new arrangement increases the strength of the geomagnetic field. Gradually, it wears down and the cycle repeats. Since a great number of positively- and negatively-charged solar particles are entering your upper atmosphere, the system is overwhelmed. This causes it to begin to default to its natural mode (the so-called 'mono-polar' model), a process that is now under way.

      Owing to the fact that this default mode is currently in effect, the potentially disastrous polar 'flip' anticipated by your experts was avoided. Instead, we are quickly approaching a return to a more normal condition. This procedure has created great chaos in your solar system. As you approach the point for your own movement into full consciousness, the reality that surrounds you is about to make its own last series of changes, which will include alterations to the surface design of your planet. Two new continents will appear in your seas. The ice caps at your poles will disappear. The Pacific Ocean will break into three new seas and the Atlantic will add two more. Surface climate will become semi-tropical, year-round. A firmament of two distinct layers will form in your atmosphere.

      Earth changes will also include the 'fall' of many mountain ranges. New inland seas will arise, replacing the Rocky Mountains of North America and the Himalayas of Asia. The Sahara Desert will again become a grand extension of the Atlantic Ocean. The deserts of Asia Minor will once more become lush meadows and forests, filled with strings of lakes and intersecting rivers. Australia will bloom from shore to shore with unsurpassed beauty and illimitable and unparalleled species of flora and fauna. Africa's unbounded tropics will change into meadows, semi-tropical forests and a new mountain range near its very center. Europe will revert to immense lush forests, interspersed by occasional meadows. New forests will arise in Asia and South America, and the Andes will transform into a broad, sweeping plain at the edge of the sea.

      This 'new Earth' is the one that existed when you first colonized Mother Earth nearly two million years ago. It is a realm filled with magic and infinite potential. The ecosystem of this realm is very different from that which currently surrounds you; its one similarity is the abundance of its life, infinite in size, shape and form. Each species of animal and of plant compliments each other, to create a unique and wonderful balance. Your task will be to maintain this wondrous realm, as you experience a burgeoning of new knowledge. From it will emerge wisdom that you will use in unfolding this aspect of physicality and in preparing it for its union with Heaven. Although much still lies ahead for you, dear Hearts, we remain totally confident of your success and of your ability to accomplish the mission that Heaven so graciously has bestowed upon you.

      Today, we have discussed the changes that are converging on your realm. They are the steps that Heaven requires to create a new reality and transform you into fully conscious Beings. This process is now nearing the point at which this transformation will be complete. We ask you to maintain your focus and remain committed to your inevitable success. We now take our leave. Blessings, dear Hearts! Know that the never-ending Abundance and Prosperity of Heaven is yours! Amen. Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! Be in Joy!)

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