Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation

April 18, 2000 (2 Ix, 7 Kank'in, 8 Manik)

Greetings! We come before you with many interesting things to tell you. Last time, we talked very briefly about your Sun and how it affects Mother Earth. Today, we intend to focus first upon your beloved and most beautiful home-world. Like most planets of her design, Earth is very fragile. The great variety of life that now teems upon it could be very easily extinguished if it suddenly encountered a massive enough catastrophe. Among others, these potential dangers include the impact of a very large meteor, a massive solar storm emanating from your Sun, or even a rapid climatic change created by your society's continued carelessness. These are events that your scientists know about and have continually forecast to an incredulous public. Yet, they have been strangely ignored, viewed by most of you as only some odd predictors of doom. While we are able to prevent these things from happening, we deeply wish that you would look at them more closely and see how fragile your present environment really is. In effect, it is as if your comfort zone were only as thick as the average coin.

      This comparison is really not all that far off the mark for, in fact, it is actually much thinner. This narrow percentage is what separates most planets in your galaxy from being arid and lifeless, or livable and filled with some form of exotic flora and fauna. This process is made more rare by the vast amount of water contained upon your planet's surface. You have a most unique environment. It is extremely beautiful and worth being protected. Indeed, its true value is beyond reproach. It is your most precious and valuable resource. Protect it, dear Ones; treat it as you would one of your most precious possessions. To constantly defile it is to show your great contempt for the Sacred and your unreasoned hatred for the Just. This procedure of which you are a part is raising your awareness of Spirit. In doing so, it is also preparing you to accept your numerous responsibilities as the primary caretaker for Mother Earth. In this part of your tasks, you need to learn how life is connected and how air, water and earth have formed all you see before you. It is a most profound mystery that greatly warrants your interest.

      Your planet drifts amidst a vast sea that the many forms of energies streaming forth from your Sun have formed. Mother Earth embraces these energies lovingly. Like her siblings, she receives her daily nourishment gladly from her most caring parent, the Sun. With it, she creates the complex processes that daily sustain a great variety of physical life upon her surface. This life and its many forms are her grandest treasure. Originally, you came from many different places in this galaxy and from other dimensions to honor her. This great honoring is based upon an acceptance of your responsibilities and the fact that you are only her welcomed guests. You do not own any part of her. You, dear Ones, are not her lord and must not have the presumption to think so. Around you is great beauty. Around you is a most fragile lady who needs and welcomes dearly your assistance. Some of you have greatly heeded this call and have taken the time required to educate others fully in these sacred matters. Others have continued upon their strange and unnecessary ways and still defile their guesthouse.

      As you begin to learn that you are not alone, you also learn that you are a part of the energies that have co-created your reality. This place is your playground, as well as your school. Here, you learn about physicality and get to act out those roles that you have mutually assigned yourselves. In addition, it is a place that you have both the authority and the ability to change. All of this is under the supervision of the many great Life-streams that constitute the multitudinous Orders of Heaven. Dear Ones, never, ever forget that you are truly physical Angels. You have come here to fulfill a divine mission and to compassionately aid this planet and yourselves in the accomplishment of an immense transformation - that greatly promises to alter the very course of physicality forever. Surrounding your essence exist the many energies that this grand mission has forged. They sit; ever ready to powerfully assist you in the successful completion of what you have come here so magnificently to do.

      As you become more able to look beyond those beliefs that frame your present existence, you begin to see their great folly. A massive reordering of how you see your reality is about to occur. It is even more revolutionary than the events that surrounded the sudden rise of Europe's 'Age of Discovery' and its subsequent period of massive global colonization. This time is one from which you are not that far removed. Yet, you see it all in quite a different light. Similarly, what is happening now will greatly shake your perceptions of reality. In fact, its rough but rather sharp edges are only starting to vastly alter your global society. This rise of an 'electronic consciousness' is only but the barest of beginnings. Accompanying it is a space age that is intended to alter hugely how you look at yourselves. This process is being mirrored by your entertainment industry, which is barely commencing its movement from a portrayal of your fears regarding this new reality to a more realistic depiction of what it actually represents.

      This perception of your reality is something that you need to look at more deeply. Since childhood, you have limited yourselves greatly and used your collective energies to constrain each other. This process can be seen as a grand game where each of you helps to decide its many rules and has the power to constantly reorder how its numerous players enter the game. This creativity is how you have spent your days. You are both one of the stressed pawns and one of the game's grandest strategists. This duality has become so schizophrenic for you that you have totally lost track of which role you are playing, and when. This has caused great confusion to reign among you and has given rise to a very rapid increase in many forms of quite heinous social pathologies. These many growing dysfunctions are causing you to misunderstand what is actually happening to you.

      Your planet and your world are changing. A period of change possesses a threshold of time when a great confusion holds sway. Until your fundamental beliefs alter fully, this rising tide of change will sweep you along. Now, this most complicated process is seemingly tearing your world apart. In truth, it is simply allowing you to hear the blaring beat of its new drum and to learn the folly of following the old one. Out of this growing wisdom comes the means to construct anew. It is a process that we in Heaven have accelerated constantly. We are determined to guide you swiftly to your destiny. Our mission here is quickly nearing its grand success. The next part of this process is one to which you really need to pay much more attention.

      The things that are planned are intended to put this complex puzzle together. Ahead are events that, in their own way, are meant to form the final borders of this heavenly design. With it, you finally will be able to sense the great order that is coming. This order is providing for your rapid return to full consciousness. Additionally, it forges the new environment that you will then require. Hence, we are now doing those things that set you into the procedures that assure your ultimate success. Constantly bear in mind, dear Ones, that your grand game is being changed, and being changed for the better. This series of final events in your great transformation are the ones potentially scariest to you. Hence, remain centered and all will pass gently around you.

      Today, we have discussed change and its many consequences. Dear Ones, these things can create both the events and the unique circumstances that provide a great test and a welcome relief for you. In their own way, they can serve you and give you the knowledge needed to co-create your glorious new reality. We now take our leave. Know that Heaven joyously gives you both its great Power and its grand Supply to assist you in creating your coming new reality. Amen. Selamat Ja! (Be in Joy!)

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