Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation

        12 Oc, 13 Tzec, 10 Caban        

Greetings! We arrive, bringing more subjects to discuss. Presently, several important activities are underway that promise to change your world. However, forces that oppose these noble efforts are making a last determined attempt to stave off the inevitable. Their intransigence makes it necessary for us to give you some valuable information regarding the reality that currently surrounds you. As we have noted in previous messages, Mother Earth desperately wishes to transform herself into a fully conscious realm. This necessity has been postponed only as a result of the progress of our earthly allies. However, the timetable for the completion of these agreements is not endless. It has a strict set of parameters, of which all concerned are most profoundly aware. Our present position is, first, to observe and second, to aid our allies and their cause when required. We keep our final option, direct intervention, open and, when directed by Heaven, we will be prepared to quickly apply it to the present circumstances.

      We say this only to advise all parties on your world of our eagerness to bring this next vital step in our proceedings to a timely close. It is imperative that present difficulties be remedied as they occur and that those most affected by ensuing delays be able to achieve their deserved rewards. Our position remains that your present situation is an anomaly. The activities it has given rise to are meant simply to cover up a massive, final grab for power by a small and highly determined cabal. This group has manufactured an event of immense proportions that is filled with amazing lies and inconceivable misdirection. The fact that it has been allowed to go on for so long is testimony to the extent of their long-standing power. Fortunately, their power is, in fact, an illusion. Many important individuals and influential groups around the globe are establishing the grounds for their rapid dismissal from power. The time approaches for these groups to act. We have every confidence that their success will lead to a transition from the present insanity to the interregnum that is required before formal first contact can be established on a massive scale.

      Owing to a great desire to move these events along as quickly as possible, we have assigned our liaisons and our fleet to a number of vital places around your globe. These activities are intended to fully anticipate any possible reactions and make possible a rapid response. We assure you that our foremost concern remains to carry out a first contact according to the schedule that Heaven has provided us. A crucial point in this timetable is 'Niburu's' crossing of Earth's orbit during the New Year of 12 Manik. Those who continue to covertly rule you are well aware of this portent's significance. They understand its meaning and realize the consequences that it will hold for them. Within the next six months, we will disclose this publicly to you. Until then, let it remain a powerful sign to all parties of the critical agreements that will formally end your present bondage and declare, openly, your transformation into physical Angels. Heaven continues to issue decrees and to state openly that your present tyranny cannot last. It is only the final, dark stage before the Light is revealed, unmistakably, to you.

     We are now participating in operations to which we usually are not privy. The switches in allegiance, the liquid situation by which power is carried out and the changing periods when 'windows for opportunity' exist, are still new to us. We are used to a totally different dynamic. This infighting and pettiness remind us of situations we have encountered during our previous diplomatic interactions with the dark. We find remarkable the degree to which the media obscures both sides' activities and how different is the public 'picture' they present. We understand your concerns and are more aware of how your limited consciousness allows this to occur. Nevertheless, we are using this acquired knowledge to formulate our policy. In these matters, we are relying heavily upon personnel who have volunteered to directly observe you. Their experiences are of great help in our policy determinations. They are increasing our awareness of your present experiences.

      A transient realm is exceedingly unstable and is the most difficult situation in which to dwell. You are extraordinary in having volunteered for this assignment. In addition to your many physical, mental and emotional changes, you are undergoing a vast change in your reality. The way this change is occurring is severely challenging your secret rulers and the basic assumptions inherent in your multitude of global cultures, and is even affecting the adjustment of your basic philosophies of life. Also, you need to resolve crucial questions regarding Heaven's operation of this process and why we are here in such vast numbers. These issues are all fundamental to your definition of yourselves and of your global web of societies. The way you juggle these many tasks brings us all to tears of joy. What a mission you have undertaken! Yet you persist, in full knowledge that your success is assured. Our part in this drama consists of telling you that this time is soon approaching.

      Events now underway are the secret, final acts of a small group of very desperate Beings. They are in desperate fear of the crushing loss of power and wealth that this change entails. For them, it will end a long journey that began in ancient Atlantis many millennia ago. At the same time, it will clearly reveal your great yearning to be free and fully sovereign individuals. These individuals are entirely different from those who still desire to control you. Your destiny and the divine Will of Heaven will prevail. Heaven fully understands what is taking shape. It is part of a necessary process that will allow your society to mature and to transform into a galactic one. There, you will achieve your fullest potential and permit yourselves to become the great creative collective that you are. There, you will swiftly grow into a most amazing galactic society.

      We have experienced this society and look forward to it. In the infinite realms of Heaven, it is a 'done deal'. The stubbornness that you now are encountering is not really perplexing. Consider it from a different perspective. Look upon it as a constant reminder to stay centered and fully committed to your transformation. Our part is to watch this procedure and intervene when conditions deteriorate too badly. That point is approaching. But you are also on the verge of a great break in this deterioration. A reality such as yours seems to embrace this dichotomy vigorously. We are continually amazed at the extent of your endurance. We fully intend to move this current dilemma toward a successful and positive resolution.

      The days to come will continue to be dramatic. Although these events cannot easily be categorized, they are death throes of a group that is resisting all efforts to transform its current dark agendas. There are many ways in which this process may end. Most important is the realization that it has an ending point. We suggest that together, we remain open and fully prepared to accept whatever scenario will assure a positive conclusion. Here, it is important to comprehend that those who wish to successfully bring this event to an end are in a position to do so, and that they have the will to carry this out. Using our shared intentions, let us join together to support them in these endeavors. Be aware, also, that, at the most appropriate time appointed by Heaven, our might will come to provide assistance.

      Today, we have discussed actions that are covertly shaping your current events. In this, we request your patience and the firm conviction in all of you that success is very close. We are on the brink of some truly startling announcements. Knowing this, you will see the beginnings of a new and remarkable reality descending upon you. We now take our leave. Blessings! Know, dear Hearts, that the countless Abundance and Prosperity of Heaven is yours! Amen. Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! Be in Joy!)

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