Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation

        2 Ahau, 8 Yax, 9 Eb        

Selamat Jarin!! We come today with more interesting information for you. Presently, we are in a period in which the key agreements that we have concluded with your worldly cabals are being carried out. These agreements are integral to your continuing development. We intend that resources negotiated on your behalf will allow you to move ever forward in forging a new global society. Soon, this now-coalescing society will make formal open contact with the First Contact Team of the Galactic Federation of Light. We have informed your worldly cabals that they must fully comply with the accepted time frame. To ensure that they adhere to this schedule, we have sent a number of our liaison teams and a large contingent of our fleet's defence ships to previously agreed-upon destinations to oversee operations. We intend, dear Hearts, to complete these complex tasks cleanly and efficiently. We know what the divine plan has decreed and what Lord Surea has asked of us all.

      Understand, dear Lights, that our forces are dedicated to carrying out our sacred and complex mission, which will bring you swiftly to full consciousness and help you to forge a galactic society that can complete the responsibilities that the divine plan has assigned you. To this end, we have arrived in great numbers on your shores. We will not leave until this mission is completed. A major part of our task is to fulfill an open first contact with you. This requires that you first comprehend our existence as an enlightened, highly sentient and benevolent organization. You are now evolving exponentially toward your destiny. However, at the appropriate moment, you will require our direct assistance. This wondrous time draws ever nearer. The coming time is crucial to your development and requires that you possess demonstrable resources and learn unerring truths. Together, they will allow you to better understand what is expected of you. They will, moreover, enable you to realize your true significance in the unfolding of physical Creation.

      We are destined to carry out these sacred duties together. Most of you, however, remain either uncertain or uninformed of your sacred tasks. You know that a great destiny awaits you and that your world is rapidly changing. Nonetheless, because you cannot distinguish this outcome as positive or negative, your hesitation has made you prey to the cabals that control you. Only thanks to our firm insistence and the full weight of Heaven have these cabals reluctantly agreed to our terms. We ask that you understand these facts. Remain fully focused upon your inevitable success and carry out the tasks that can quickly lead to the reordering of your global society. We ask further that you take these vast resources and use them to establish a network of interlocking organizations. With them, the Light can change your world in an instant. Remember that what is unfolding now has a deeper purpose that will help you to understand that you are powerful Beings of the Light. You are about to learn how to apply this knowledge in a positive way so that you may lead physical Creation toward its divine destiny.

      The technologies that await you will solve your present energy crisis, restore your planet's ecology and provide you the means to end, at last, your present dependency on farming and pollution-causing manufacturing. You will produce a society whose technology gives you the food, clothing and shelter you need, safely and efficiently. Think of it! A society built on abundance, harmony and the Truth, that has made the formal connection with its spiritual and space brethren! This society is not some far-fetched dream, but rather the existence into which you are swiftly evolving. We are simply the final catalyst in the procedure. Together, Heaven and you are accomplishing most of this amazing work. Never lose sight, dear Hearts, of the truly remarkable and difficult feats you are achieving, despite the intense interference of a number of very powerful cabals. In the end, however, you will triumph and, in grace, forgive the many obstacles spread in your path.

      You are about to create several truly unique financial institutions that will soon enable the emergence of many wondrous technologies. As you bring them online, remember your responsibilities to each other. Form organizations that can quickly distribute these gifts throughout your world. Invest in networks that can communicate global knowledge of them. Create a new mass media dedicated not to perpetuating a violent, restrictive global culture, but to forging harmony and broadcasting abundance. Use these new technologies wisely to dramatically alter your communications and permit common access to them. In this grid of freely available knowledge, personal sovereignty and mutual respect, a new global society that honors the knowledge and ways of your indigenous ones can be born. They are a marvelous source for what is expected of you.

      The purpose of your next stage of development is to share and to learn that you are not alone. You are also about to discover how truly connected you are to each other and to all of physical Creation. We have told you these things many times before. We know how disappointing it has been for you who wait to see those who have restricted you and feel that nothing is appreciably different. They have willingly transmitted this view to you through mass entertainment, which emphasizes your divisions and limitations. However, a divine time is now approaching when you will witness change. At that moment, your world will undergo the summons of new ways and circumstances. This moment is presently manifesting before you. Its appearance means that you are about to encounter a whole list of new responsibilities.

      In this message, we have emphasized our diligence in ensuring that you promptly receive the resources you need. We give you this pledge as part of our sacred mission to transform your global society. Our mission contains several important phases, each of which must be completed at a particular time. In this, we have formally pledged ourselves to Heaven. Heaven, in turn, has charged us with the responsibility to carry out a series of precise tasks. In order to accomplish them, we have met, from time to time, with the formal global economic and political bodies that are in charge of specific key resources. We have carried out these negotiations so that we can accomplish our objectives. It is truly unfortunate that we have had to use a number of key agreements to cajole the few cabals that disregarded their fellows into compliance.

      As you can see, this process has resulted in a number of layered agreements that we have negotiated to allow you to obtain and utilize certain key resources. The next step is critical. Keep in mind, dear Hearts, the old phrase. "To whom much is provided, much also is expected." You are receiving a great blessing from Heaven because you understand the true enormity of what is required of you. Surrounding you is a new perception that calls upon those who are willing to act as its midwives. These marvelous Beings can expect Heaven to shower them with ever-greater gifts and progressively more responsibilities. We know the immensity of your Hearts and your true capabilities. In the time to come, your great gifts and magnificent destiny will manifest before you!

      Today, we have discussed events that are very close to being revealed. We ask that you use your great talents to aid us in manifesting these resources. Further, we request that you pledge yourselves to the fulfillment of your grand destiny. Know that you are very close to some unutterably wondrous events! We now take our leave. Blessings to you all! Believe, dear Lights, that the abundance of Heaven is yours, indeed! Amen. Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)

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