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Channel 4 to show dogs licking people's bottoms

Channel 4 is to broadcast a programme in which participants will smear their backsides with dog food and encourage dogs to lick it off.

The People's Book Of Records will be shown on the channel next year.

Competitors will smear food on their bare buttocks in an attempt to entice a dog to participate in the record-setting challenge.

Other challenges will include setting a record for the length of time a person can stare at a dog's bottom without blinking, or how far away contestants can be heard singing Mike and The Mechanics hit, The Living Years.

In the pilot episode, people were challenged to see how many sausages they could bang on a table in the time it took a man in the same room to have his penis pierced.

The show's executive producer, Phil Gilheany, has defended the show, telling the Media Guardian it is "quite innocent fun".

"There are lots of quite weird, slightly strange challenges but hopefully it'll be quite a witty show," he said.

"Once the show goes out, we hope people will want to come on and beat records they've seen set the previous week," Gilheany said.

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