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After decades of research, Austrian inventor and naturalist Johann Grander, has succeeded in imprinting natural and vital electromagnetic energies into water. Johann is not a formally trained scientist. His approach to repairing water is based on his observation of nature. In his words,"water is sometimes called the 'earth s blood', and water in its natural state is energized by three types of magnetic energy." Material Magnetism: This is the conventional north/south pole energy Gravitational Magnetism: This type of magnetism is commonly referred to as gravity. Planetary Magnetism: This is the highest degree of magnetism. It maintains the order of the universe and is responsible for all life in it."

"If mankind perceived the Earth to be a living being it would not treat it in the manner it does. After decades of research and overcoming many major obstacles, I am very thankful to say it is now possible replace natural living energy back into water that has been damaged by industrial chemicals, electrical disturbances, satellites, high pressures and many other negative influences.

Our water revitalization process works under the principle of implosion. This process concentrates the natural energies and transmits them onto the piped water. The results are a healthy, energized and alive water.

The effective operating principal of the "Grander Water" system is the implosion of electromagnetic and subtle energy fields emanating from the device (which does not use magnets or require electricity) with those of the water that is to be treated. The interacting causes a restructuring of the physical and energetic properties of the water and is referred to as revitalization. It is like a tuning fork which causes one to resonate similar to the other when in close proximity. Water, which is subject to such an influence, undergoes a change in its structural composition. There are some indicators that are suggesting a change in chemical structure as well, especially when time is factored into the regeneration process. Some of the changes seen thus far are outlined as followed:
There is a reduction in surface tension of the water as a result of the tight molecular packing. Total amount of solids suspended by the water is increased. This prevents the build up of calcium deposits in many areas, and will remove scale deposits from the inside of pipes, water heater, heat exchanger, air conditioners, refrigeration units, dishwashers, cooling towers, boilers, sewage plants, steam plants, etc. This extends the life of machinery and parts considerably.

We have reports of increased plant growth biomass, and a decrease in the germination time of seeds. Natural fertilizers effectiveness is increased, allowing a shift away from the need for chemical fertilizers.

There is altered antibacterial behavior seen in the treated water. The significantly increased aerobic bacteria has a tremendous effect on biodegradability in septic tanks and grease traps. The "Grander Water" system provides an environment unsuitable for harmful bacteria such a E-Coli and Coliform.

Revitalized water assists in the precipitation of chemical toxins and heavy metals from the body. It suspends these substances in the treated water such that they pass through the body. Regulation of self from not self is more effective.

We see that the electromagnetic frequencies from chemical toxins and heavy metal that were present, although chemically removed through filtration, remain in the 'memory' of water as an electromagnetic oscillation. The "Grander Water" process removes these negative oscillations.

It is well known that certain frequencies have a damaging effect on life, and that they are transferable. They are deconstructing in effect on the ordered semblance of natural waveform balance. It is this constructive harmonic nestedness of the electromagnetic landscape which is an aspect of living quality water, which is the water one would expect flowing out of an unpolluted spring (however, in today's state of affairs one would be hard pressed to find a pristine, completely unpolluted water source). A great benefit to all occurs when alive water is returned to the streams, rivers, lakes, and aquifers. The transference of this positive electromagnetic information acts as a catalyst to repair the damaged environment into which the enlivened water enters. The implications of this technology are far reaching and just now starting to unfold.

It is important to remember that these devices are not filters. There is nothing to replace. They do not require maintenance as they do not have any moving parts, nor do they require the addition of any chemicals or salts. Once the unit is installed it will function as described without maintenance. Prototypes have been in operation for over fourteen years without any sign of degradation in the quality of water that these devices produce or the effects that they generate, however exposure to x-rays will compensate the effectiveness of the devices. Many factories employing theses devices are saving considerable amount of money on chemicals, cleaning labor time, energy, etc., as well as a host of qualitative benefits.

The Grander process has succeeded in improving the structure of water in such a way that the vital oscillations were increasingly absorbed from their natural environment, and released again, for which a patent was filed. The water to be treated is channeled (without coming into direct contact) along a concentrated fluid that has been treated with specific naturally occurring high frequency fields. This fluid serves as an organization template for the water structuring. Thus, the oscillatory composition of the water is harmonized and the water becomes more and more of a mediator for natural oscillation energy which life needs just as much as it needs sunshine. For this reason the inventor uses the expression water activation for this type of water treatment. The water structure modified by water activation is scientifically proven and reproducible (modified form of the minerals; reduced tendency of the treated water to calcify). Based on the excellent results of the new technology, the water activation devices bear the TUV/GS mark of conformity (a European equivalent to UL).

The subject liquid/water to be treated is channeled in an optimized direction of flow along metal, hollow cylinders containing Grander's water concentrate (obtained from one of the world's largest fresh water underground aquifers high in the Austrian Alps, dated at 5000 years old, and enhanced by means of an electromagnetic process). As the subject water moves through the unit, the laminar (rectilinear) flow is divided into individual, turbulently moving partial streams which, with intensive intermixing, improves the mean retention of the bio-magnetic fields sourced by the water concentrate. As a result, an optimal interaction is achieved between the special fluid and the liquid to be treated. This process allows the tuning fork effect to occur (one vibrating tuning fork sharing its vibration when brought into proximity to a second tuning fork), changing the liquids specific set of waveform characteristics. The Grander Water acts as a template for relational and organizational structure. This arrangement is surrounded by a magnetic steel jacket whose magnetic field is conducive to the above mentioned interaction and thus contributes to a further increase in efficiency.

Electromagnetic energies, it has been proposed, are the building blocks of the atoms. It is the interchange of these fields which is only possible due to the existence of string relationships known as the Fibonacci series. It is the only relationship of numbers that allows a recursive embedded, or fractal, possibility to exist. It is the only phased or nested possibility of both a mulitplicative and additive structure that coheres simultaneously. The series has been found in the relationship of codons of DNA; the structures of plant growth; planetary movement; and the shape of shells, horns, etc. It is this relationship between electromagnetic waveform and pattern that appears to be the basis for the ordering of life. Even the correlation of numerical quantities associated with the electrons in their orbital shells share this common thread.

Polluted water acts as a carrier of damaging frequencies (e.g. the signature waveform of lead or exposure to radiation). Our bodies spend enormous amounts of energy compensating for the presence of polluted water's discordant harmonics. The Grander Water System works on these energetic and structural levels, conserving the body's energy that would have been spent assimilating municipal water's disorganized structure into the body's cellular water's super-orderly structure.

The approach to the discovery of this technology came about through the critical observance of forces in nature. Much study has centered it's focus on centrifugal forces and a fractionating science to move and change matter. The centripetal, implosive forces of nature are just now beginning to be understood.

We know, via quantum physics, that matter is composed of energy. The most recent work of respected theorists points to a holographic model in which chaos is seen as an illusion, for there is unseen order that underlies the way in which the building blocks of atoms are arranged. This order is seen manifest as the circular spiraling motions of the whirlpools in the seemingly overwhelming chaos of river turbulence. Foundations of these theories visualize the construct of matter through the nesting of waveforms (energy). Electromagnetic energies are explained and understood through the concepts of the waveform. The electromagnetic vibrations are the cause of the formation of an electromagnetic field with a defined frequency, phase and direction. Waveforms can be a seeming infinite number of sizes and periods called wavelengths.

Water emits oscillations that are measurable from zero through Megahertz. This frequency spectrum is also a physical copy of the geometrical structure of water, and changes itself in a characteristic manner over a period of several life processes. One can spectroscopically read the life processes of water. Thus differs the photon (light quantum) spectrum of poisoned water very clearly from the spectrum of living quality water.

The resonance properties of water change as soon as it comes in contact with heavy metals such as lead, cadmium, etc. Everything that water comes in contact with is remembered through the storing of these frequencies, which seem to be transferred to the water upon contact. Even after double distillation, the information left by pollutants, being the transferable electromagnetic vibrations, can be detected in the water molecules through photon spectral analysis.

The Grander Water systems work to alter and wipe out this nefarious information while introducing a vibratory spectrum that synchronizes with the frequencies found in nature. The understanding of sinusoidal mathematics and the ability of waves to nest or form harmonics seems paramount to a complete understanding of this. A standing waveform nesting with another wave is said to be in phase. The points of interaction are known as nodes. This can be seen in water, which is the closest manifestation of waveform in the world of matter. The share, or phase, is called crystalline-liquid, since it possesses a very high relationship to the crystal formation process. Whereas the energetic bonds in the normal-liquid non-orderly state are very weak, the intermolecular forces in the crystalline-liquid part have considerable energies. They lead to combination of several hundred water molecules.

These intermolecular bonds are called the hydrogen bonds (or bridges). The occur in extremely polar molecules such a water. The combination of several such bonds result in an infinite great number of possible shapes of the crystalline-liquid phase of water, rightly called a very complex lattice system. This lattice system has as many vibrations as a harp and produces a great number of its own frequencies. It is the varying way in which water relates or bonds to itself that creates water's pleomorphic nature.

Grander appliances change the macromolecular structure of water resulting in a reduction of hydrogen bridge points. The smaller molecular clusters, instead of being held together in arbitrarily larger clusters, are now available for use and further organization by living systems. The water trimer, composed of three water monomers, is such an example. The intermolecular vibrations produce an exact oblate symmetric rotor pattern (toroid) in the spectrum as a result of a "flipping", the rotating of one water monomer about its donated hydrogen bond. When this flipping operation is repeated 6 times in succession, the principal axis of inertia complete a full 360ΓΈ rotation. This happens as each water acts as donor and receptor in a synchronous balance. It has been shown that renowned spring waters have smaller clustering than tap water.

It is water's ability to differentiate (or sort) itself from not self that permeates all living systems ability to maintain a balanced, stable state. Some recent theories would have this unfolding out of a state termed the implicate order. It has been demonstrated that this ability in water is enhanced after revitalization. It is the loss of this ability that is seen as a possible result from the problems associated with pollution. A condition that essentially leads to the confusion of what is self and what is not. A doorway is opened to the eventual corruption of a living system. This effect in water could be possible because of the alteration of the water's resonance (permanent coefficient of Spin Spin coupling integration). It has been shown that when these resonances are in proper balance, possibly enhanced states, that creative processes such as the germination of a seed occur at an increased rate with a more highly developed crystalline structure.

The effects of "Grander Water" exposure have been shown to promote better general health and well being, or even a disappearance of symptoms. The body is 2/3 water. The brain consists of 80% water. This suggests that water plays a possible larger role in the function of living systems, and is reflected in recent writings considering water the platform and director of a natural energy sphere. The ability of a cell to maintain structure is possible only when the water composing the cell parts consist of a certain relationship of frequencies that allow the cell wall to maintain a relatively static nature. It is this folded, interlaced quality that some researchers believe is paramount in the functioning of memory. Linguistics shows us that the ancient root for the word for water is 'Mem', furthermore hinting at such a correlation.

The Grander Water is making in roads in the expanding research of electromagnetism related to health and well being. The body's bioelectric balance can now be measured with the aid of a computer, specific hardware and software. Sending a defined waveform through a defined electrical meridian, the signal is analyzed and then related graphically to an optimum balance. When the Grander Water is brought into close proximity of a subject, the test results show significant, if not complete tendencies of the bioelectric reading, to be of a balanced state. These confirmations are opening up new avenues of exploration into the mind, body, energy, and matter equation.

<<< A filtration process is used to filter bacteria by pore opening size. In an attempt to make the filtration method more effective, the bacteria culture was placed in Grander-Wasser-Konzentrat. The symmetrical distribution of growth was unexpected. The rising sun of the east would have been at the top. It demonstrates that the intermolecular forces of water are influenced by energy fields, such as the earth's magnetic alignment and the gravitational field associated with planetary rotation. The Grander Water created an environment where the molecules grew in a higher energy state of order.

This material is excerpted from "Structural elements desireable in water," copyright Kirk Evans 1997.

Modern interpretation by Dr. Ludwig

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