Ace of Wands

Root of the Powers of Fire



The letter W
The Order: 23 The Value: 22
The Title: Root of the Powers of Fire

The Ace of Wands represents the Element of Fire, and the Yod of the YHVH formula or Tetragrammaton. It is attributed to the first Qabalistic World, Atziluth - The Emanation of Archetypes, upon the Qabalistic Tree of Life. The Hebrew letter attribute is Daleth/final, valued at 500. The Astrological assignment is the Elemental Tattwa of Fire, Tejas, positioned over the Alchemical Earth.

Meditations upon the shape of the letter W:

The Hebrew letter Shin, symbol of the Trinity in Manifestation, the Triple Flame or Trishula.
The unicursal Hexagram.
A Triangle and its mirror image.
The two lower points of the Pentagram aright.
Four lines.
Six points.
Sharp waves, i.e. vibration or violent motion (see M).
Cracks in the Earth, i.e. the Geological forces of Fire.
A diamond broken in half.

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