Ace of Swords

Root of the Powers of Air



The letter X
The Order: 25 The Value: 23
The Title: Root of the Powers of Air

The Ace of Swords represents the Element of Air and is attributed to the third Qabalistic World, Yetzirah - Active Formation, of the Qabalistic Tree of Life. The Hebrew letter attribute is Vau/final, valued at 700. The ace of Swords is also attributed the Hebrew letter Vau of the YHVH formula, the Tetragrammaton. The Astrological assignment is the Elemental Tattwa of Air, Vayu, positioned over the Alchemical Element of Earth.

Meditations upon the shape of the letter X:

The crossing of swords, as in a military wedding.
The Cross.
The Hexagram.
The sign of Osiris risen (arms crossed over chest).
Osiris's rod and flail.
The four Elements.
The four corners of a square.
The four directions of space.
Two or four lines.
Four or five points.
The ordeal 'x'.
The geomantic Conjunctio - Union.
The Roman numeral 10.

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