The Priestess

The 13th Path



The letter C
The Order: 3 The Value: 2
The Title: Priestess of the Silver Star
The Intelligence: Uniting

The 13th Path connects the 1st Path Kether - the Crown with the 6th Path Tiphareth - Beauty upon the Qabalistic Tree of Life. It is attributed the Hebrew letter Gimel, valued at 3, which means Camel. The Astrological sign is that of the Moon.

Meditations upon the shape of the letter C:

The crescent Moon, possibly waning.
An empty cup or bowl, perhaps on its side.
Two curved horns.
Serpent preparing to bite its tail.
An opening in the circle.
An open mouth.
The thumb and forefinger, ready to grasp.
The Roman Numeral 100.


The Line

Symbol of the 2nd Path, Chockmah - Wisdom, as well as the 13th Path, Gimel - The Priestess.

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