The Magus

The 12th Path



The letter B
The Order: 2 The Value: 1
The Title: Magus of Power
The Intelligence: Transparent

The 12th Path connects the 1st Path Kether - the Crown with the 3rd Path Binah - Understanding upon the Qabalistic Tree of Life. The Hebrew letter attributed to this Path is Beth, valued at 1, which means House. The Astrological sign is that of the Planet Mercury. (Please see LIBER A vel FOLLIS .)

Meditations upon the shape of the letter B:

A serpent entwined upon a staff (the caduceus - sacred to Thoth-Hermes or Mercury).
A circle divided by a line and split in two.
Two halves of an egg shell.
Silhouette of a pregnant woman.
Two breasts.
Any divided object.
The number 8.
The symbol for infinity.
The first and second quarters of the Moon.


The Point

Symbol of the 1st Path, Kether - the Crown, as well as the 12th Path, Beth - The Magus.

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