Andy Clark
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Andy Clark

Director, Cognitive Science Program
Professor of Philosophy

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DPhil, Philosophy, Stirling University, Scotland 1984

Professor of Philosophy, and Director of the Philosophy/Neuroscience/Psychology Program, Washington University, St. Louis, USA 1993 - 2000.
Professor of Philosophy and Cognitive Sciences, University of Sussex, UK 2000 - 2002

Editorial Boards: Cognitive Science, Connection Science (Associate Editor, Philosophy), Minds & Machines, Philosophy and Society, Pragmatics and Cognition, Cognitive Science Quarterly, Behavioral & Brain Sciences (Associate)

Research Interests

I am a philosopher, committed to active participation in the scientific investigation of mind. I started out working on the borderlines of philosophy and evolutionary biology, then moved into artificial intelligence (especially connectionism and artificial neural networks). Most recently, I am interested in robotics, artificial life, embodied cognition and the complex interplay between mind, technology and culture.

Of my own books, my favorite by a long chalk, is Being There, which explores the role of body and world in the act of thinking and reasoning. My current project is a trade book, Natural-Born Cyborgs (Why Minds and Technologies are Made to Merge) due out in 2003 with Oxford University Press. It is about cognitive prostheses and how plastic brains can learn to treat well-designed new tools as if they were parts of the person. Central topics include the sense of presence, the sense of self, perception and action routines, collaborative filtering techniques and distributed cognition.

Representative Publications

Being There: Putting Brain, Body And World Together Again (MIT Press, 1997).

Mindware: An Introduction to the Philosophy of Cognitive Science (Oxford University Press, In Press)

more Publications

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