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The 1965 Survey (from the Wycombiensian)

The following statistics are part of a larger survey into pupil attitudes that was conducted in 1965. It sheds an interesting light on the boys attitude to corporal punishment and gives the only hard figures we have for the extent of canings and slipperings.

It is interesting to note that the prefects seemed to have beaten their peers with some regularity! And what is it about the fourth form!

We can only speculate on these results. It's a fair cop. I dun it! might be the mentality. Or having beaten themselves the boys were happy for others to enjoy the same treatment; or were they looking forward to being at the other end of the cane or slipper at some point in their careers.

These pupils from 1965 may well have achieved that goal, but for several generations of RGS pupils this practice is something they only know about from their parents or the Beano. Corporal punishment was phased out in the early 80's.

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