Friday, October 25

5:30 pm
Opening night reception
(reservations required, call 861-4445)

7:00 pm
Dir. F.W. Murnau, 1922, (Germany)
To kick off the festival, we present Murnau's restored Nosferatu with live musical accompaniment. This classic German tale of vampires stands as a hallmark of horror cinema to this day.

To present the film as it might have been seen when it was first released, live accompaniment will be provided under the baton of James Rohr who has been active in the Boston music scene for over 10 years. He has written music for several area filmmakers and is in the process of composing a score for a film directed by Mark Rigby. Since forming "day job records" in 1996, he has produced three CDs with his acclaimed free improvisational piano trio, "dull thud," with Curt Newton on drums and Nate McBride on bass. His most recent group is a noir lounge country/blues/groove ensemble featuring Rick McLaughlin (either orchestra) and Mike Connors (combustible edison).

9:15 pm
Short: Little Ricky
Dir. Michael Condro. (USA)
Little Ricky is the story of an eight-year-old boy who gets even with his grandmother and uncle for the murder and consumption of his cousin Kyle. After years of abuse, Ricky has no other alternative but to kill or be killed. Sometimes you have to fight for your right to live.

Feature: Tomorrow by Midnight (East Coast Premiere!)
Dir. Rolfe Kanefsky (USA)
Join us for the east coast premiere of this hip and cool comedy thriller! Four friends arrive at the video store to make a last minute selection right before closing. But what was supposed to be a quick and easy selection turns into something more when guns, hostages and movie trivia turn a regular night at the video store upside down.

11:30 pm
Feature: Robotrix

Dir. Luk Kim Ming. (Japan)
The son a wealthy sheik is kidnapped by a life-like android with the brain of a mad scientist. The police find that they are no match for the power of this crazed android. They join forces with a doctor who brings Selina, a murdered female cop, back to life in the form of a new powerful android. Together they all fight to reunite the sheik with his son.

Saturday, October 26 (back to top)

5:00 pm
Feature: Anacardium
Dir. Scott Thomas. (USA)
Revenge, torture and murder. A psychological thriller about two men and a women whose lives take an incredibly bizarre turn during the course of one evening.

7:00 pm
Short: First Night Shift
Dir. Hubert Cheng. (USA)
It's a young womanís first night as a security guard at a large department store. As the night proceeds we find that she is not alone. Something in the store is slowly tormenting her. The woman fights to keep her mind focused but finds out some fights canít be won.

Short: The Snowman
Dir. Rene Dupre & Jim Lindstedt. (USA)
In the splendor of the snow covered wood, a lonely boy and girl bring a snowman to life with disastrous results. This short takes a walk on the campsite of horror complete with blood, gore, the occult, a fight between good and evil, sex and dolls.

Short: Separation Anxiety
Dir. Guido Santi. (USA)
Two teens grope each other on the couch. Just as they are about to consummate their relationship, mom walks in the door. What she sees upsets her...what the audience sees is a total shock!

Short: Marcilla
Dir. Jenelle Troxell. (USA)
Based on the novel about Marcilla the vampire, this silent black and white film does the story justice.

Short: Copycat
Dir. Christian Davis. (USA)
A man sits in a dark room, profiling a serial killer, trying to "get inside his head." How and why are revealed in the final seconds of this tense and moody short film.

Short: Abaddon
Dir. Pamela Theodotou. (USA)
Abaddon is the story of John, a musician and a heroin addict, in the last hour of his life. After taking a deadly hit of Heroin, John meets his false muse, Heroine, in a nightmarish hallucination which will lead to his death. John is then visited by another spirit, Suriel, an angel of compassion also known as the angel of death. The two struggle for John's mind and soul asking him to decide between two worlds, one that ends in oblivion and the other in illumination.

Short: Desert People
Dir. (USA)
A young girl continues to see images of men in a desert and in her everyday surroundings. Is she losing her grip on reality, or are these men part of her reality? Find out in this experimental short film.

Filmmakers will be in attendance

9:15 pm
Feature: Troma Film's Citizen Toxie.
Dir. Lloyd Kaufman. (USA)
The long awaited fourth installment in the infamous Toxic Avenger Series. Here Troma pays homage to one the greatest films ever made, Citizen Kane. The triumphant return of Toxie after a 10-year hiatus is guaranteed not to disappoint. Don’t miss this one kids!

11:30 pm
Short: Daughter
Dir. Eduardo Rodriguez. (USA)
Shae Powell a successful, single mom wakes up rattled from a horrible dream. Shaken, Shae goes to check on her young daughter, Sophie. Everything appears to be in order. She is about to return to bed when she hears water running in the bathroom. She can’t get in because the door is locked. Shae should pray that it stays locked.

Feature: Riki-Oh (aka The Story of Ricky)
Dir. Nam Nai Choi. (Japan)
When mild mannered Riki takes revenge on the drug pushing thugs who killed his girlfriend, he is sentenced to a maximum-security prison. Riki soon learns how the prison is run by an evil warden and his Gang of Four, a group of powerful fighters that use brutal tactics to maintain order in the prison. When Riki sees the brutality first hand, he fights back and becomes a savoir to the other inmates. Riki fiercely battles his way through each enemy before he finally comes to face the evil warden. This cult classic is known amongst many, but should be known by all. Riki-Oh is the ultimate in on screen violence and gore.

Sunday, October 27 (back to top)

3:00 pm

Short: A Final Wish
Dir. Ose Oyamendan. (USA)
After losing her life in a fit of rage and jealousy, Patti returns to life for one final wish.

Feature: All the Love You Cannes
Dir. Lloyd Kaufman. (USA)
It’s 2001. What happens when the Troma team head over seas to France for the Cannes Film Festival? Find out in this Troma edumentary as Lloyd Kaufman gives us budget tips and shows us how to get a film bought. See the Troma Team spread their own form of bloody mayhem and mischief on the streets of France. They were not allowed back this year, come find out why.

Film entry winners will be announced.

5:15 pm
Short: The Terror of the Invisible Man
Dir. Adam Roffman & Wayne Kimball. (USA)
A vindictive homicidal scientist discovers the formula for invisibility and sets out to take his revenge upon his peers at the local community college who mocked him. He soon discovers it takes more than madness to be a mad genius.

Short: Off
Dir. Tyler Polhemus. (USA)
Daphne, seventeen and deaf, gets her first taste of responsibility when her parents let her run their bait and tackle shop alone for a day. Unfortunately, one customer is a violent psychopath hunting for his next victim.

Short: Surface Calm
Dir. Mike Miley. (USA)
After her husband leaves her alone for a business trip, Ellen Perry, a nervous housewife, tries to keep herself occupied. But no amount of vacuuming or scrubbing can fill the emptiness that surrounds her as she slowly loses her grip on reality. When her husband returns, Ellen learns that his presence is no longer enough to keep her mind from unraveling.

Short: Anna's Room
Dir. Patrick Boyton. (USA)
Seeking an escape from the control of her overprotective father, sixteen-year-old Anna is lured into the world of a mysterious stranger. As she becomes entangled in a web of seduction and deceit, Anna discovers that nothing is as it appears, and danger is right around the corner.

Short: Monkey Trap
Dir. Greg Nunes. (UK)
Vincent Adams runs into a confession box one Sunday morning after escaping from a deadly game called Kujudo. He tells the priest about the game, which involves four friends and a box of dares each player has to perform. They began as harmless dares, but soon transform a pleasant dinner party into a night were no dare was considered out of bounds. The rule was to win whatever the cost whatever the dare.

Feature: The Human BEEing
Dir. Tony Shea. (USA)
A homage to 1950s B-horror movies, The Human BEEing tells the terrifying tale of a greedy boss and a mad scientist who conspire to turn their office of typists’ office into worker bees. A fantastic tribute to the genre rich with humor and terror!

8:00 pm
Annual Exotic Fashion Show sponsored by FNX Radio and Miko Exotic Wear