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carrots:  some days are rather crunchy.  you can sink your teeth into them.
eggs:  some days i feel fragile.
lemon:  some days just plain suck.
garlic:  some days stink but are good for you.
apple:  some days are sweet and just plain fine.
tea bag:  things are brewing

3.21.99 -- an apple day

happy spring!

to celebrate, i made up a new recipe.

happy spring salad

3 cups of cooked whole grain
(i used a mixture of hulled barley, rye berries, and kamut)
sliced carrots (thin)
sliced green onions or spring onions
(i used two bunches! because i like them!)

parsley pesto
a big bunch of italian (flat leaf) parsley
4 cloves garlic
juice from 3 lemons
hot red pepper flakes
2 tablespoons of olive oil

directions: make the parsley paste while the grain is cooking. i used a food processor to combine all the ingredients for the paste, but it's not necessary. chop the parsley and garlic very fine.

when the grain is cooked, put it in a big bowl, and toss it with the parsley pesto. while that's steaming up nice in the bowl, cook a big bag of peas and slice the carrots and onions. when the peas are done (just a couple of minutes!) toss them into the bowl of grain and then throw in the carrots and onions. mix it all up, but try not to break the peas! let sit or eat right away!

- - - - -

i've been busy for the last week or so, sorting through some of my invisible things. i told graham salisbury that i think i've been spring cleaning my mind and spirit. scouring powder is rather rough on tender feelings, but the end result -- i hope -- will feel fresh and clean. starting to feel that spatious feeling again.

took dog to ocean again yesterday. there was a sun in the sky! can you believe it? crazy daffodiles blooming in the strangest places on the drive over, too. guess i'm not alone in needing to work some happy magic this time of the year.

let me know if you like the salad.

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