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FORTUNE Magazine
April 15, 2002
See below for the entire contents of the current issue of FORTUNE. Articles are linked as published. Other stories are available through our archive or by searching our site.


The 2002 Fortune 500
Wal-Mart Rocks
Now that Wal-Mart is America's largest corporation, the service economy wears the crown.
by Cait Murphy

Exxon's African Adventure
How to build a $3.5 billion pipeline--with the "help" of NGOs, the World Bank, and yes, chicken sacrifices.
by Jerry Useem

J.P. Morgan Chase
Risky Business
J.P. Morgan Chase took a big hit in the recession. It took an even bigger hit on Enron. The deeper problem, though, goes further back.
by Shawn Tully

Pat Russo's Lucent Vision
The new CEO must turn Lucent around in the midst of a brutal storm. Can she deliver?
by Stephanie N. Mehta

Duke Energy
The Un-Enron
Duke Energy used to hate explaining why it wasn't more like its Houston rival. Not anymore.
by Nelson D. Schwartz

Biotech's New Colossus
Move over, Big Pharma. Superstar Amgen boasts better growth.
by David Stipp

The Socialite Scientist
Bristol-Myers wasn't expecting a fiasco when it made a deal with biotech Imclone. But socialite scientist Sam Waksal was more than Bristol bargained for.
by Andy Serwer

Dick Grasso
The Man Who Saved the New York Stock Exchange
The Big Board is where the Fortune 500 reside. Two years ago it was in trouble. Then Dick Grasso got serious.
by Fred Vogelstein

The Morning After
The Profit Plunge
It was a record drop for the 500.
by Ann Harrington

The Revenue Games People (Like Enron) Play
Got energy trading contracts?
by Carol J. Loomis

The List
The 2002 FORTUNE 500 Complete List

Definitions and Explanations
The Economy
The Economy Under Pressure
Fourteen top CEOs gauge the year ahead.

Privacy/Joseph Bernardino
by Julie Schlosser/Janice Revell

After the Accolades, Now What?
Only the opening skirmishes have been fought in Carly Fiorina's war to merge Hewlett-Packard and Compaq.
by David Kirkpatrick

O.J. Simpson: Math Whiz
Check out these accounting watchdogs.
by Janice Revell

Layoff Count
by Ellen Florian

Not on the Mend
This is still "recession light."
by Julie Schlosser

Birnbaum on Washington
Congress to the IRS: You're a Bunch of Wimps!
Lawmakers want back the tougher IRS--the one that seizes 6-year-olds' bank accounts.
by Jeffrey H. Birnbaum

Escotel Mobile Communications
Check this phone bill!
by Rajendra Baipai

Musicians at the Gate
Anyone who makes an MP3 player had better talk to Gracenote.
by Devin Leonard

The Question Authority
He Ranks and Files
A chat with Sid Cato, the Mr. Blackwell of annual reports.
by Julie Schlosser

Certified Divorce Planners
Now you can divorce just like the stars do.
by Suzanne Koudsi

Swapping Swampland
Steve Morgan has some swampland to sell you.
by Katherine Ellison

Media Giants Cry "Gimme Shelter"
These are pioneers in bus-shelter advertising.
by Justin Fox

Great Questions of Our Age
Why Is Tax Day April 15?
Was it just by chance?
by Jessica Sung

If Other Magazines Ran 500 Lists ...
by Tim Carvell

Not So Fast
This Tax Won't Die--But Should
The alternative minimum tax is bungled and wrong-headed. It should have been repealed long ago.
by Rob Norton

Value Driven
Losing the Good Fight
Another batch of lawmakers wants to overhaul stock-option accounting. Good plan. Too bad it's doomed.
by Geoffrey Colvin
Industrial Management & Technology
The Smart Car Is Looking More So
Instead of giving up, as some industry gossips predicted, DaimlerChrysler is betting heavily on a tiny car built in an innovative French factory.
by Philip Siekman

eMotion Imports a Smart Idea

Togetherness in Automaking

GM Rethinks the Car--Completely
GM doesn't merely want to build a clean, green car. It aims to make one that you'll actually want to buy.
by Stuart F. Brown

Putting Fuel Cells to the Test
You won't be able to buy one, but the first of a new generation of hydrogen cars from Japan will soon be on the road.
by Stuart F. Brown

GM's Skateboard Vision
The FORTUNE 500 Stocks
Big-League Bets
Investing in the stocks of Fortune 500 companies still makes sense. You just have to be extremely picky.
by David Stires

Shopping Tips
The High Price of Being No. 1
Discount retailer Wal-Mart is no bargain.
by Brian O'Keefe

A Really Big Bounce!
IKON Office Solutions was the top-performing stock on the Fortune 500--even though revenues fell 3% and earnings dropped 48%.
by Janice Revell

How Auto Stocks Maneuvered Their Way to the Top
Five of the ten top-performing stocks on this year's list hail from the auto industry.
by Brian O'Keefe

?Como Se Dice Must-See TV?
Latino media conglomerate Univision benefits from the ad industry's desire for its hot demographic.
by John Simons

Cash Cowering
These Telecoms Have Money to Burn--Yours
Will the cash run out?
by Stephanie N. Mehta

Know Your Rights
Avoiding the Next Enron
Have you exercised your inspection rights?
by Catherine Reese

Against the Grain
Lies, Damn Lies--And Stocks
High stock prices don't guarantee a company's health. Here's how to spot the cheats.
by Herb Greenberg
Alsop on Infotech
The Rules of Venture Capital
To succeed, VCs need a combination of judgment and luck. But there's a right way and a wrong way to do it.
by Stewart Alsop

Peter Lewis on Technology
Snap Decision
From tiny point-and-shooters to the big shots, new digital cameras are chipping away at film--and prices are right on the button.
by Peter Lewis

And the Winners Are...
The best digital cameras.
by Peter Lewis

Photoshop Gets a Facelift
A redo for OS X, and more.
by Peter Lewis
"It's a Living Hell"
Whistleblowing makes for great TV. But the aftereffects can be brutal.
by Cora Daniels

Before You Blow the Whistle

Ask Annie
Will Flex Hours Get Me Fired?
"As a mom who works at home two days a week and who leaves at five to relieve the babysitter the other three days, I feel vulnerable."
by Anne Fisher

B-School Students and Work
MBA Dream Jobs May Be Just That
In our annual survey of where B-school students would like to work, the real question is, Is anybody hiring?
by Matthew Boyle
At Last
Cast Away
Kiss that sun-dappled stream goodbye. Fly-fishing, the most Zen of endeavors, is going aggro--it's a brave new world of rocking boats, sharks, and wide-open sea.
by David Stires

I Remember My Teacher

The Lobbyist
One Aldwych

The Mayo Clinic Doctor
A Woman's Greatest Fear
About 75% of breast cancers occur in women who are not obviously at risk.
by Donald D. Hensrud, M.D.

The Driver's Seat
Seven and the Dwarf
With its new 7 Series, BMW takes the driving experience to the max--and then, with the Mini Cooper, it goes in the other direction entirely.
by Alex Taylor III

The Power-Breakfast Scramble
Too much self-promotion?
by Julie Schlosser

Lost Rock & Roll Masterpieces, Volume 17
Booker T & the MG's.
by Gregory Curtis

Keep Your Eye on the Blinking Red Ball
The new Mattel Classic Baseball.
by Julie Schlosser

The Playlist
Wilco: Yankee Hotel Foxtrot
Plus: The Funky 16 Corners, Patti Smith, Dirty Dozen Brass Band, and ..And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead
by Julie Schlosser
Letters to FORTUNE
White-Collar Crime

Editor's Desk
What a Year 2001 Was
by Rik Kirkland, Managing Editor

While You Were Out
The Auditor
A 500 poem.
by Stanley Bing
International First
Privacy/North Korea
by Julie Schlosser/Gina Chon

Ringing Up Profits
At PCCW, Everything Old Is New Again
PCCW's strategy comes at a cost: mass layoffs and angry workers.
by Charles S. Lee

Auf wiedersehen, Germany Inc.
Bring On the Foreigners
Leo Kirch, a consummate insider, is on the way out.
by John Blau

Making Spam Pay
Daum Communications is ready to lick what it sees as a big problem: free e-mail.
by Gina Chon

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