The Logic & Automated Reasoning
Summer School

The Automated Reasoning Group in the Research School of Information Sciences and Engineering at The Australian National University will host the Logic and Automated Reasoning Summer School from the 2nd to the 13th of December 2002. The School will consist of short courses on aspects of pure and applied logic taught by experts from Australia and overseas. In addition to the scheduled courses, time will be set aside each day for practical classes, discussions and software demonstrations.

International Speakers this year:

John Harrison
Intel Corporation
Hillsboro, Oregon
Bernard Nebel
Universitat Freiburg
Toby Walsh
University College, Cork
Edwin Mares
Victoria University, Wellington
New Zealand

A brochure, in pdf format, is available from this site. This contains more detailed information on the school, the courses, and how to register. The course flyer is also available in pdf and postscript formats.


The timetable is now available, as is the seminar list (Updated 9th December 2002).

Pictures of the school from 2002 are available.

The Reception for the school will be held on Sunday the 1st of December from 7:00 PM to 9:30 PM on the second floor of the RSISE building. You can see the RSISE building (building 115) in grid G4 on the map.

Note: The venue for the Logic Summer School is the Physic G6 lecture theatre or the RSISE Seminar Room. Refer to the timetable.



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