The loss of his leadership has been incalculable.  Thus far no one has come close to taking his place. 

If somehow he were able to communicate with us today, what would he say?  I look to his dream of America "where people are judged not on the color of their skin, but by the content of their character" and pose the following questions:

Would he praise Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas for his achievement? 

Would he praise Secretary of State Colin Powell for his distinguished military career, championing of volunteerism and statesmanship?

Would he praise Dr. Condoleezza Rice, the most important, most intelligent and most accomplished woman in Washington, DC?  (No, it's not Hillary!).

Would he praise Representative J. C. Watts, a leader in the U. S. Congress?

Would he praise Dr. Alan Keyes, Harvard Ph. D., UN Ambassador, presidential candidate, author and commentator?

Would he scold Rev. Jesse Jackson for his corporate extortion, his two-faced morality and lifetime dedicated to helping blacks but only enriching himself, his family and friends?

Would he scold Rev. Al Sharpton whose mere presence puts the race card into play?

Would he exhort blacks to stop abusing drugs and alcohol?

Would he encourage blacks to look to themselves to take an active and contributory role in America and free themselves from the slavery of government social programs?