The Table Support

When I was a kid, we used to spend the vacations at a seaside hotel. One evening the hotel restaurant was almost full and we were late for dinner, so we were seated at the same table as another family. The table was standing in a part of the restaurant, which had a natural stone floor. As we sat down, we noticed that the table was unstable. First we tried to move it around a few inches in each direction on the uneven floor, to see if we could stabilize it, and then we started looking around for something, which we could use as a support under one leg of the table. All the things we tried turned out to be too thin, but then the girl in the other family said "Maybe we can use one of my clogs." I looked at her clogs. They were black and she was wearing them barefoot. When she took one of them off, I saw that it was worn-down and that the rubber soles were gone. She tried to fit the heel of the clog under one leg of the table. "It's too thick," her father said. "Too bad. It was a good idea." "I'll try the other one," the girl said. "It's more worn-down." The other clog fit perfectly and finally the table was stable. "We were lucky that you had worn your clog down so well," her father said jokingly, and we all agreed to that. For the rest of the dinner she sat there with one clogged and one naked foot. They finished eating, while we were still waiting for the dessert, and apologized for leaving the table. Then the girl apologized for not leaving our table support behind, took her clog out from under the leg of the table, and put it on. As she left, she made a wonderful noise, dragging her clogs on the stone floor. In that moment I wished that I had had those clogs. They were just the perfect clogs for a kid to drag around barefoot in the summer.

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