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In my book, I identify a number of "apex publications" for each medium covered. Apex publications are the ones at the top of the information pyramid. They summarize their subject in a potent way and/or link you to the best resources in the field. Jamming attempts to be an apex publication for all forms of DIY media. Here are some of the best resources listed in the book. [This list was updated on June 6, 2001, so the URLs should be current, at least to that date.]



DIY Search A Web index of indie media: zines, e-zines, web sites, music, small businesses, etc.

Culture Jamming: Hacking, Slashing, and Sniping in the Empire of Signs Mark Dery, Open Magazine Pamphlet Series, PO Box 2726, Westfield, NJ 07091 ($4 plus $1 shipping) Cultural critic Mark Dery's concise, lucid, and entertaining survey of today's more noteworthy media hoaxters, "subvertisers," billboard bandits, posterers, and fringe media-makers on the Net. This pamphlet has become a sort of culture jammer's manifesto.

Disinformation Think of Disinformation as the Yahoo! of the fringe/underground culture. They review and link to hundreds of sites covering conspiracy theories, paranoids, psychic tomfoolery, Nazism, UFOs, narcopolitics (illegal drugs, Prozac, tobacco, the CIA/cocaine connection), brainwashing, end of the world news, kook sciences, and just about anything else that's off the radar of the mainstream.



Chip Rowe's Zine and E-zine Resource Guide
An awesome site with lots of material on zine and e-zine publishing.

Factsheet Five The website companion to the indispensable "guide to the zine publishing revolution." [Cobweb Site]

Small Publishing Co-Op
1521 S.E. Palm Court Stuart, FL 34994, (561) 287-8117
A publishing co-op that prints small magazines, zines, newsletters and comic books.

Alt.Zines newsgroup



An amazing resource for basement musicians and teeny labels. Also contains the latest version of Simple Machine's An Introductory Mechanics Guide to Putting Out Records, Cassettes and CDs.

A website, email and print zine devoted to DIY music and cassette networking. Daily DIY reports, reviews, calls for participation and lots more.

Kathode Ray Music
"Kathode Ray Music is a promotion and marketing organization dedicated to exposing the music of unsigned and upcoming bands We offer a wide variety of services for the independent music community including radio promotion options, a music business forum, music publishing, an online store, and 1000's of links to industry resources!


Disc-based Multimedia

CD-ROM Information Center A major resource and link list to all aspects of CD-ROM technology and manufacture.

Eastgate Systems These folks were hypermedia way before the Web came along. They are still the best source for disk-based hypermedia and hypertext tools and products.


Public Access TV/Film/Video

Alliance for Community Media The Alliance for Community Media, the national organization for public access centers and PEG stations, uses its website to keep in touch with members/supporters, to raise public awareness on access issues and to sell books, tapes and magazines.

Free Speech TV FSTV offers a great example of what a public access organization can do with a website. FSTV has recently announced DIY-TV (Do It Yourself Television), its attempt at providing free access to multimedia publishing. It's making its server and bandwidth available at no charge to amateur videomakers who want to do RealVideo netcasts.

Paper Tiger Television/Deep Dish Paper Tiger is a public access TV show and activist organization that has offices in New York and San Francisco. The site has essays on the history, philosophy and working approach behind Paper Tiger, a few how-to articles and some resource listings. PTTV is also connected to Deep Dish, the first national public access satellite network that distributes grassroots TV programming to cable access stations, media arts centers and home satellite dish owners.

Small Movies
This site is hands-down the most useful for small-guage filmmakers. It contains lots of how-to info, a directory of labs that handle 8mm processing, and excerpts from B&T Litlle Film Notebook and the now-defunct small guage film zine Celluloidal.

RES: The Magazine of Digital Filmmaking
Jonathan Wells and co., who put together ResFest, have now put together a magazine dedicated to desktop filmmaking. The premier issue has how-tos, equipment reviews and profiles. The website doesn't have much yet, but keep your eyes on it. Subscriptions to RES are $14.85/6 issues and can be ordered through the mail (info on the website).


Fringe Radio (pirate, shortwave, monitoring)

Pirate Radio Central
Tons of news, how-tos, pirate chats, black books, and a massive fringe radio link list.

Free Radio Berkeley
Steve Dunifer of FRB is a legend in the micro-broadcasting community. For years, he and his cohorts have broadcast their alternative radio program in open defiance of the FCC. Dunifer and FRB have tangled with the FCC in court and are always in the micro-brodcasting spotlight. A good place to go for the latest info on micro legal and activism news FRB sells transmitter kits, too.

Hobby Broadcasting
Andrew Yoder is another legend in the hobby radio world and this is the site for his fine zine Hobby Broadcasting. There are some articles online, resources, sub info, etc. If you're into micro-broadcasting or pirate listening, support this great mag by subscribing!

Alt.Radio.Pirate newsgroup
Alt.Radio.Scanner newsgroup
Alt.Radio.Shortwave newsgroup


Media Pranks and Art Hacks

A well-done site on culture jamming, radical theory and activism. Some cool fake ads, newspaper articles and flyers.

Adbusters The Canadian-based magazine and activist organization that critiques the media through essays and spoof advertising. Using these anti-ads (which they call "subvertising"), they make fun of cigarette , car, clothing and liquor ads and other forms of commercial propaganda.

Goy Division
An audio prank comedy group that targets fundamentalist and right wing radio talk shows. Their Web site has a number of essays and comedy pieces along with examples of their call-in pranks that can be listened to with the TrueSpeech audio player. The site also has a useful guide on how to get onto a radio call-in show and stay on long enough to deliver your message. [Corrected URL]

Guerrilla Girls A group of women artists and arts professionals who make posters and pull pranks about discrimination. Think of them as feminist counterparts to Robin Hood, Batman, and the Lone Ranger.

Happy Mutant Handbook: Mischievous Fun for Higher Primates Branwyn, Frauenfelder, Kreth, Sinclair, eds. Riverhead Books, 1995, 205 pages, $15 Shameless Plug Alert: I co-authored this book. Profiles of posterist Robbie Conal, media hoaxster Joey Skaggs, found footage filmmaker Craig Baldwin, the Cacophony Society, and The Billboard Liberation Front. "The Urban Absurdist Survival Kit" provides original artwork for stickers, coupons, and other signage that can be color photocopied and cut out.

Joey Skaggs
Prolific media hoaxster Joey Skaggs' new website. Read about such hoaxes as The Cathouse for Dogs, The Celebrity Sperm Bank, The Fat Squad, Metamorphosis - The Cockroach Vitamin Pill, and other media swindles. There's not a lot of material here now, but hopefully the webmaster (Skaggs?) will continue to work on it.

Tabloid Trash
A cool webzine dedicated to mail art, email art, eraser carving, and other forms of correspondence/mail art. There are scanned images of eraser carvings, an email art gallery, a how-to section on eraser carving, and links to other mail artists web sites. [Cobweb Site]

Culture Jammer's Encyclopedia
A huge treasure trove of information, articles, and reports of media pranks and practical jokes. UFO hoaxes, prank callers to TV shows and email to corporations, P.T. Branum, phony virus scares, the Grunge Lexicon prank, Joey Skaggs, Crop Circles, Yippie actions... it's all here.

Alt.Shenanigans newsgroup


Net Publishing and Sociomedia

The Virtual Community: Homesteading on the Electronic Frontier Howard Rheingold, HarperPerennial, 1994, 316 pgs, $13.00 Internet pioneer Howard Rheingold has always had an uncanny ability to be at the right place at the right time and to record the experience in simple yet potent language. This indespensible book looks down The Well, his (and my) virtual home, the history of the Net and Usenet, fantasy worlds online (MUDs), IRC, virtual communities in Japan and France, the birth of the EFF, online activism and more.

Webmonkey Run by Wired Ventures (who publish the print magazine Wired and the web pubs HotWired and Wired News), Webmonkey offers advice and tutorials for Web publishers. It covers HTML, Java, and other deep geek aspects of the Web. One of the coolest things at Webmonkey is a tune-up page that checks your browsers and plug-ins and makes sure that you have all the latest versions and that everything is configured correctly.

John Labovitz's E-Zine-List This list is a directory of electronic zines around the world, accessible via the Web, Gopher, FTP, email, and other services. The list is updated approximately monthly and currently contains some 1,867 zines. [Cobweb Site]

Chip Rowe's Zine and E-zine Resource Guide Chip Rowe, editor of the ultra-cool print and ezine Chip's Closet Cleaner, maintains this zine/ezine introduction and starter kit. There are several useful articles on ezine publishing and oodles of links to essential resources. Linked information covers: creating an ezine, authoring software, publishing, and distribution. Includes a link to Submit It!, a one stop form page that allows you to register your Web zine with a number of the top Web indexes. If you're just venturing into the world of ezines, check this site out.

Alt.Zines newsgroup The main Usenet hangout for both print and ezine publishers. Participants post solicitations for material, announcements of new issue releases, tips, hard knocks, and zine gossip.

Alt.Ezines newsgroup Similar to the alt.zines group, but specifically focused on e-zines. Almost no traffic.


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