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Welcome to this crappy page where you can download lots of information about PC hardware.

If you're looking for information regarding jumper settings, BIOS settings, board layout, and other technical details about some really odd hardware that you have that fell out of the sky and is called "StarBright Video Card" or something like that, you might be helped by the Total Hardware 1999 collection of computer hardware settings.

Please note the date -- 1999. Therefore, if you've lost the manual for your nVidia GF4 or your P4 3.14159GHz and you need to know what JP15 does, I'm sorry, this won't be of any help to you. On the other hand, if your dad's friend's boss's uncle gave you some old 286 from his basement that he couldn't get to work, you might have some luck. In general, the information here will only be useful if you have older hardware and no manual and you need to get the jumpers in the right order. Either way, have a look around. It might be interesting.

***UPDATE [11/30/02]***
Another link added today. This one is from Dataspace Systems. I received mail from one of their employees saying that the Total Hardware 1999 collection had helped them out when working with a customer. In return, they provided space for a mirror. They were not required to do this (no one is) but it was such a nice gesture that I thought I'd write about it here. Other places like www.eztechstuff.com, www.pley.org, and www.van-diepen.com have done similar things. So, if you're at a company that finds this collection helpful and you'd like to do something in return (remember: you don't HAVE to, it's just a nice thing to do) and you've got the webspace available, put up a mirror.

(Actually, I could use a mirror of th99.tar.bz2 or th99.rar moreso than the uncompressed-with-images version, but those are good, too! ;-))

Also, I've prepared a new directory for my TotalHardware 1999 page at http://www.osuweb.net/~ahaning/totalhardware99/ which should make it easier for me to organize the stuff in my account. The old links will work for now, but please update them and make the new ones accordingly. After a while, I'll remove the old page, and make the old files links to the new ones. Then, when everyone's forgotten about the old links, I'll remove the old files, and things will be all good.

Thanks all!